CBC’s Frankie Drake Mysteries ends after four seasons

Frankie Drake Mysteries is riding off into the sunset and will not be returning for Season 5.

The news was announced via Instagram on the stars’ Instagram pages on Sunday.

“We wanted to come on and let you guys know that, before it gets out into the world, that we have not be renewed for a Season 5,” Lauren Lee Smith announced. “We are incredibly disappointed, but we felt that it was really important for us to let you guys know. We are so incredibly grateful for the four seasons that we got to do and I know we all loved making this show.”

“I will miss the laughter that we had,” Chantel Riley said. “We laughed a lot, and that’s something I’m grateful for.”

“We’ve all gone through so many different things during these last four years, and we have all been so there for each other … this whole job was such a gift,” Matthews said.

You can watch the full announcement on Instagram.

“We can confirm that Frankie Drake Mysteries will not be continuing beyond this season,” said Christina Jennings, founder, chairman and CEO of Shaftesbury and Frankie Drake Mysteries executive producer. “We would like to thank the incredible cast and crew, and the fans for all of the love and support over the past four years. We are so proud of this show and look forward to sharing the final two episodes.”

Set in 1920s Toronto, Frankie Drake Mysteries follows the city’s only female private detectives, Frankie Drake and Trudy Clarke, as they take on the cases the police don’t want to touch. In a time of change and hopefulness, their gender is their biggest advantage as they defy expectations and rebel against convention. 

Co-created by Carol Hay and Michelle Ricci, Frankie Drake Mysteries stars Lauren Lee Smith as Frankie Drake, Chantel Riley as Trudy Clarke, Rebecca Liddiard as Mary Shaw and Sharron Matthews as Flo Chakowitz.

Frankie Drake Mysteries airs in the UK, Spain, Brazil, Central and Eastern Europe, Finland, Portugal and New Zealand.

Season 4 of Frankie Drake Mysteries wraps up Mondays at 9 p.m. on CBC.


22 thoughts on “CBC’s Frankie Drake Mysteries ends after four seasons”

  1. So sad to see this show end. Where else do you find 4 strong intelligent women characters. Will miss them all.

    1. Yes get rid of it, Kim’s Convenience too. We definitely need more cooking shows and reality shows. CBC eh!

  2. I am so sad to see this show end.Great show…will miss it..!!!!💕.Keep this show and get rid of some of the ridiculous programs that are coming to T.V..😬

  3. Why was this show cancelled??
    It was just as good or better than Murdoch Mysteries, which has been going on forever.. on CBC as well.
    Is it possible the fans can bring it back.. like other shows that have switched networks?

  4. Why???? Such a great show. Loved watching these strong women come together using their intelligence and wit to solve crimes.

  5. This is so disappointing.
    The stories were were expanding for more significant involvement of the characters.
    The characters were really developing – providing more opportunity for the actresses.

    Was looking forward to:
    Frankie’s (Lauren Lee Smith) relationship with her boyfriend and the renter in her building;
    Trudy’s (Chantel Riley) house dreams; Mary (Rebecca Liddiard) growong past being a “morality officer;”
    and Flo’s (Sharron Matthews) educational and relationship pursuits.

    And more shenanigans from Nora as wonderfully portrayed by Wendy Crewson.

    The ending of Frankie Drake and Trickster are big losses to CBC Television.

  6. Finally something entertaining and it’s cancelled. why don’t they cancel some of the reality shows. Will miss Frankie Drake

  7. I don’t wat much shows in the 1205 chanel from Toronto I watch family few Canada is entertaining but to cancel a beautiful show like frankie Drake Mysteries its not great for the viewers this the best show they have to bad at least we can turn to American shows to bad we only have a few Canadian shows

  8. Cancelled because CBC wants more diversity in their programming (a bit late? Didn’t see this during the Schitt’s Creek love fest). All the same, Murdoch Mysteries marches on for season 80. I work in the industry, and can tell you, for a fact, that this is the reason, in addition to all shows hitting record lows for numbers. Seriously, CBC shows have hit rock bottom (aside from HNIC).

    Greg, I hope you’ll leave this comment up to spark some open, intelligent conversation about the state of the industry. I’ve noticed in the past that you tend to delete comments that lean towards the negative side, which is odd and, well, slightly authoritarian (as one of the few platforms for places to discuss the shrinking Canadian TV landscape). I understand that this is a fan site, and no one is holding you to any sort of journalistic integrity, but as a cheerleader for Canadian TV you should want better, more insightful programming; shows that don’t ‘tick boxes’. CBC has become one of the last bastions for Canadian creators to get a national audience (aside from YouTube), but the shows are an archaic reflection of the Old Boys Club, relic production companies, and fading stars. Seriously, does Canadian tv really need another vanilla cop show run by Jason Priestly? I understand that isn’t CBC, but it’s a reflection of the industry here.

    We want better. We deserve better.

    Why isn’t it happening?

    1. Hi Michelle, thanks so much for your comment and for starting a conversation. The only time I delete comments from the site are those that are mean-spirited and directed at someone. I also delete comments if I feel they are simply ludicrous.

      I am interested in your comment about Frankie Drake Mysteries being cancelled because of a lack of diversity. Where did you get that information? I genuinely am interested in learning more.

      I was told years ago by an executive at a Canadian network that they would love to expand and experiment with their programming but that viewers prefer to tune in to medical and cop dramas. And, unlike the U.S. model of pilot season, the Canadian model isn’t built to experiment.

      The most exciting thing to happen in Canadian TV in the last year was Trickster and, unfortunately, that experiment ended prematurely.

      I use this website to celebrate the Canadian TV that I do like and inform visitors about those shows, as well as the craft behind them. Some of those shows do “tick boxes,” but not all of them.

      I sincerely hope some Canadian writers, producers, actors and showrunners – as well as executives – join the conversation we’re having because you’re right, it is an important one.

  9. I am totally disappointed that Frankie drake is cancelled. I generally watch the shows on CBC because of the Canadian actors and the content. I am so tired of the mindless reality tv shows that we are constantly subjected to. It is getting harder and harder to find good quality tv. Thank you Frankie Drake for four good years of Canadian entertainment. You will be missed.

  10. With all the positive comments I don’t understand by the show would be cancelled. It appears to be one of the biggest hits they have. Why give up a bird in the hand?

  11. This was my beyond favourite show…. From the beautiful costumes to the amazing characters to the gorgeous sets to the interesting and well executed plots that my whole family could watch…. all I want to know is why something so great has to leave ??? Please, please, please reconsider… I’ll even finish my broccoli….

  12. I can only echo what others have said about this being a wonderful show. I love every one of the women. They have such great chemistry with each other. The costumes are beautiful, and the plots are well executed. Why on earth would CBC cancel such a wonderful show? Any chance of reconsidering? Very sad and disappointing. It makes no sense to cancel this show.

  13. This is beyond belief!!!! We watch very few shows on CBC and once again a great show is being canceled and yet they show more garbage! It looks like the inmates are running the asylum. Who in their right mind would cancel such a popular show!

  14. I really used to looked forward to watching Frankie Drake and her pals on Mondays. What a shame that a quality show is being cancelled while some idiotic shows are still on. Very disappointed and sad.

  15. Inconceivable they ended the series on multiple cliff hangers! Lets hope another network picks this up, they should have added a episode or two to wrap thing up.

  16. I’ve watched this series from day 1 and very upset CBC is cancelling one of their very few popular series. Ridiculous and frustrating!!

  17. I have enjoyed the Frankie Drake series from the beginning. In fact it played a factor in my decision not to move since my new location didn’t carry the channel. I loved the intellect, diversity and enjoyment of the characters. I’m very doubtful it’s replacement will have near the quality.

  18. I am so disappointed this show is ending. My husband and I watched it faithfully every week. We will miss the ladies and wish CBC would bring them back. With all the junk on TV this was a winner and we will miss it greatly. Please bring it back!

  19. It was the one show that I looked forward too every week. A great Canadian show. I will miss those ladies. There was no show like it.

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