Preview: Workin’ Moms’ Kate struggles in Season 6 return

Workin’ Moms continues to work it, six seasons in. The story of female friends supporting each other through the trials and tribulations of life has been a truly enjoyable one, thanks to strong writing and performances from everyone involved.

However, I was concerned coming into Season 6. Returning Tuesday at 9 p.m. on CBC, this would be the first without Juno Rinaldi, who announced in September that she had exited Workin’ Moms. Would there be a massive hole in plotlines where Frankie used to be?

Well, no, because there were plenty of storylines to go around for everyone else. When we last left the show, the Season 5 cliffhanger suggested Nathan had a son no one knew about and Kate and Sloane’s relationship had come to a disastrous head.

In Tuesday’s return, “Kate Fosters,” Nathan and Kate are struggling with the realization Nathan may actually be Nathan’s son. How will he fit into the family dynamic? Does he fit into the family dynamic? Is Nathan really Nathan’s kid? A DNA test will confirm it, but the physical characteristics they’re showing have Kate convinced, particularly during a spaghetti dinner that is equally cringy and laugh-out-loud funny.

The office isn’t a respite for Kate either. Sloane’s mind games derail a meeting with a potential client, while Mo is raking them in.

By the episode’s end, things seem to be slowly getting back on track, but I have a feeling things won’t be any easier in the weeks to come for Kate. I look forward to finding out how things shake out for her, and the other ladies, in Season 6.

Workin’ Moms airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. on CBC and CBC Gem.

Image courtesy of CBC.