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TV, eh? podcast episode 183 – Greg est perdu

Greg is on the injury list with a bad cold, so Anthony and Diane cover the Great Canadian TV Playoffs alone. It’s Durham County of the 2000s versus SCTV of the 1970s in the battle for the cup? Who will prevail, and will Anthony have anything to say about it first?

We also talk about cancellations (bye Remedy), renewals (hello again Bitten), returning shows (Amazing Race Canada), the deluge of award shows and other Canadian TV news.

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Remedy showrunner urges support of Canadian TV

It was the news Remedy fans had been dreading. After two seasons, Global announced it was pulling the plug on its medical drama.

And while the show’s fans, cast and crew took to Twitter to vent frustrations and/or say goodbye, showrunner Greg Spottiswood had a different message on Monday morning. He took to social media to champion Canadian TV shows and urge people to tune in and talk them up with friends.



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The Warrant Is All: Space Original Series KILLJOYS Premieres June 19

From a media release:

Move over Boba Fett, a new generation of badass bounty hunters are taking over the galaxy as Space premieres the new original Canadian action adventure series KILLJOYS on Friday, June 19 at 9 p.m. ET. Created by showrunner Michelle Lovretta (LOST GIRL) and produced by Temple Street Productions, KILLJOYS follows a trio of reclamation agents – or “Killjoys” – as they chase deadly warrants throughout the Quad, a distant planetary system on the brink of a bloody, class war. The 10-episode, one-hour series will also air simultaneously in the U.S., on Syfy.

Leading the Killjoys team is Dutch (Hannah John-Kamen, Viva Forever), a gorgeous, former assassin with a complicated past; her loyal partner John (Aaron Ashmore, SMALLVILLE), a witty, technical wizard with a vulnerable heart; and his estranged brother D’avin (Luke Macfarlane, BROTHERS & SISTERS), an elite soldier with an expertise in combat tactics. Together, the three Killjoys form a highly accomplished team of bounty hunters, each with distinct and valuable specialties to offer as they navigate the culturally rich, politically complex, and economically polarized worlds of The Quad. As previously announced, Canadian genre icon Amanda Tapping guest stars as a fiercely clever scientist, whose charismatic charm keeps her true intentions concealed from the Killjoys.

In the series premiere of KILLJOYS, “Bangarang” (Friday, June 19 at 9 p.m. ET) Killjoys Dutch and John are in serious need of R&R after capturing a dangerous smuggler in the badlands of Westerley. But when a death warrant is posted for D’avin, John secretly takes the job to save his estranged brother. With a competing Killjoy also on the job, the team is in a race against time to clear D’avin’s name and their own. For a sneak peek at the premiere of KILLJOYS, click here.

Meet the KILLJOYS team:

DUTCH – Level 5
Gorgeous, complicated, and deadly, Dutch is the leader of the Killjoy trio. A top-level Killjoy with serious combat skills, Dutch is a much-loved and a charming presence in her community, with a unique gift for earning people’s trust and respect regardless of their class. While bold and fun-loving on the surface, under her banter and protective flirtations there is maturity, pain, and a deep solemnity resulting from a dark secret past.

A Level 3 Killjoy and Dutch’s long-time partner, John is a peacemaker who hates conflict, despite his profession. Cheerful and kind-hearted, John prefers not to fight, but his sarcastic wit has put him into the fray often enough to teach him how to do it well. As the team’s resident mechanic and pilot, John can fix, build, and fly any machine.

John’s older brother, D’avin is many things: handsome, strong, sarcastic, and loyal, but above all, he is a born soldier. As the team’s newest addition, he brings a hard-won expertise in tactics and hand-to-hand combat. But what Dutch and John don’t know is that D’avin left the military under mysterious circumstances, and he’s come to The Quad to square his unfinished business with some potentially dangerous people.

Lucy is a small private ship with a distinct personality, who has ties to the Killjoys back to the day that Dutch and John first met. She has served them well ever since, and while not one to play favourites, Lucy often demonstrates a distinct fondness for John. Comprised of a small cockpit, Spartan sleeping quarters, and a lounge area, Lucy provides the team with interplanetary transportation, as well as a private work/live space.

KILLJOYS was created by Michelle Lovretta who also serves as executive producer and showrunner. Executive producers are David Fortier and Ivan Schneeberg of Temple Street Productions. Director and Consulting Producer is Chris Grismer. Co-Executive Producers are Karen Troubetzkoy and Jeremy Boxen. Consulting Producers are Emily Andreas, Adam Barken and Aaron Martin. Supervising Producer is Andrea Boyd. Producer is Regina Robb. Universal Cable Productions distributes the series worldwide.


Link: ‘Sanctuary’s’ Amanda Tapping to Guest Star on Syfy/Space’s ‘Killjoys’

From Etan Vlessing of The Hollywood Reporter:

‘Sanctuary’s’ Amanda Tapping to Guest Star on Syfy/Space’s ‘Killjoys’
Sanctuary veteran Amanda Tapping will guest-star on Syfy and Space’s Killjoys, the Canadian bounty hunter drama that debuts on June 19, The Hollywood Reporter has learned.

Sci-fi royalty Tapping will play a fiercely clever scientist in one episode at the back half of the season, with her character’s “charismatic charm” keeping her true intentions concealed from the Killjoys. Tapping also played a scientist, Dr. Helen Magnus, in Sanctuary, another Syfy drama, and performed the role of Captain Samantha Carter in StargateSG-1. Continue reading.


Killjoys lands on Space in June

This just in: Killjoys takes off on Space in June. The specialty network made the announcement earlier today, noting Season 1 launches Friday, June 19, at 9 p.m. ET on Space.

As previously announced, the Space/Syfy series—starring Aaron Ashmore, Luke Macfarlane and Hannah John-Kamen—comes from the folks at Temple Street Productions, who head up a little show called Orphan Black. Michelle Lovretta (Lost Girl) serves as writer, creator and showrunner.

The trio portray three interplanetary bounty hunters—a.k.a. Killjoys—as they fulfill deadly warrants across a planetary system called the Quad. (Check out the explosive teaser trailer below.)

Here’s how Space describes each character:

“Hannah John-Kamen stars as the gorgeous, complicated, and deadly Dutch. A top-level Killjoy, she’s a much loved and charming presence in her community, with a unique gift for earning people’s trust and respect regardless of their class. Under her banter and protective flirtations, there is pain, maturity, and a deep solemnity resulting from a dark secret past.

Aaron Ashmore takes on the role of John Jaqobis, a Level 3 Killjoy who, despite his profession, is a peacemaker who hates conflict. Cheerful and kind-hearted, John prefers not to fight, but his sarcastic wit has put him into the fray enough over the years to teach him how to do it well, and dirty. Give this man any machine or situation, and he can fix it, build it, and fly it.

Luke Macfarlane stars as D’avin, a handsome, rugged, sarcastic, and incredibly loyal former soldier. He dreamed of enlisting in the military since boyhood, and his hard-won expertise in tactics, manoeuvres, and hand-to-hand combat make him an instant asset to the Killjoy team.”

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Killjoys debuts Friday, June 19, at 9 p.m. ET on Space.