Everything about Murdoch Mysteries, eh?

Preview: Murdoch Mysteries, “Forever Young”

First, the bad news. Politics is playing havoc with our Monday nights. Due to a federal election debate, Murdoch Mysteries will not air on Monday, October 7. The good news? We still have this Monday to look forward to.

Here’s the official word from the CBC regarding “Forever Young,” written by Paul Aitken and directed by Sherren Lee:

When a young woman who disappeared a decade earlier is found dead, Murdoch is stunned she hasn’t aged a day.

And, as always, a little more information from me after watching a screener.

Two men in period costume.William’s latest invention unveiled
I’m hoping props god Craig Grant posts some behind-the-scenes shots of the contraption William is using in Monday’s opening moments. It’s wonderful, ingenious and makes the scene wonderfully funny.

A treasure trove of guest stars
Raoul Bhaneja, Patrick McKenna, Bea Santos, Jonelle Gunderson and Paul Braunstein all appear in the episode. Gunderson and Braunstein portray Julia and William’s super-friendly next-door-neighbours, the Huckabees; Bhaneja as Dr. Sanjay Prasad; and McKenna and Santos as, of course, Inspector Slorach and Louise Cherry.

Mr. Parker is useful
Murdoch Mysteries‘ latest addition is a former Pinkerton agent, so he knows his way around evidence and finding people. That’s handy. And his back and forth with George is sublime. I’m quickly warming to the Special Constable.

Two men in period costume.Crabtree’s input on the case is hilarious
A body that hasn’t aged a day? George has thoughts on the reason why. And I’m sure you can guess what they are.

Miss Hart vs. Detective Murdoch
The feud between these two kicks into a higher gear and it’s fascinating to watch.

Murdoch Mysteries airs Mondays at 8 p.m. on CBC.

Images courtesy of CBC.


Preview: Murdoch Mysteries, “Bad Pennies”

The consensus is that you all loved last Monday’s Season 13 return of Murdoch Mysteries. And why not? A great storyline, a masterful Orsini bomb build by Craig Grant and a fantastic guest stint by Claire Goose added up to a stellar 43-or-so minute instalment.

On to Monday’s new instalment, “Bad Pennies,” written by showrunner Peter Mitchell and directed by Harvey Crossland. Here’s what the CBC revealed as the official storyline:

When a dockworker is shot, Murdoch pursues an elusive witness and learns anti-union thugs may be involved. 

And here, as always, are a few more tidbits from me after checking out a screener.

Three men stand, wearing period clothing.A footrace on the Murdoch set
I’ve visited the set of Murdoch Mysteries several times, so I know how small it was in those early days. It’s gotten progressively larger, something that is really shown off in the episode’s opening moments.

Marc Senior joins Murdoch Mysteries
Introduced in “Bad Pennies,” Senior plays Special Agent Robert Parker, a recurring character. The Toronto actor has appeared in The Magicians, Timeless and The Gourmet Detective TV-movies. Also, keep an eye out for Michael Rhoades and George Masswohl in guest appearances this week. Sebastian Pigott, Clare McConnell and James McGowan return as Dr. Dixon, Effie Newsome and Dr. Forbes, respectively.

Julia is enraged
And it has everything to do with the aforementioned Doctors Dixon and Forbes.Two men and a woman stand in period clothing.Henry gets drunk
And it’s very, very funny.

Miss Hart vs. Detective Murdoch
He was positively rude to her last week. The trend continues. If looks could kill…

Inspector Brackenreid is on the warpath
Murdoch and Crabtree get the rough side of the Inspector’s tongue. I wonder what could be bothering him? An impending visit from his daughter perhaps?

Murdoch Mysteries airs Mondays at 8 p.m. on CBC.

Images courtesy of CBC.


Preview: Murdoch Mysteries, “Troublemakers”

The fact that the summer has flown by—to me, anyway, is great for two reasons. The first: autumn, my favourite time of year. The second? The return of Murdoch Mysteries of course!

Copious Instagram posts during the past months from stars Yannick Bisson and Hélène Joy only served to grow my excitement for Season 13 while showrunner Peter Mitchell’s frequent Twitter and Facebook posts reminded me he was not only running Murdoch this year but Season 3 of Frankie Drake Mysteries as well.

A man looks through a magnifying glass.But enough about the past, let’s get into Season 13, shall we? Here’s what the CBC has revealed as the official storyline for “Troublemakers,” written by Peter Mitchell and directed by Harvey Crossland.

Murdoch investigates an explosion at a suffrage rally attended by Dr. Talbot (Claire Goose) and Julia, after a man dies.

And here are more thoughts from me after watching a screener.

Hélène Joy’s newest role
To those who missed it in CBC’s Season 13 production announcement earlier this year, Ms. Joy has a new role on MM. She is now an executive producer. What does that mean? I’ll let you know; I’m hoping to land an interview with her this season. But for now: congratulations!

Two men stand next to each other.Who is Claire Goose?
As is the norm on Murdoch Mysteries, British actors are constantly dropping by to play in our sandbox. The latest is Claire Goose, who has appeared in such UK series as The Coroner, Death in Paradise, Waking the Dead and Casualty.

Brackenreid’s life continues to be complicated
Thomas’ daughter writes to her father with a request. One he’s reluctant to fulfil.

Murdoch’s not keen on Ms. Hart
As we discovered last season, William knows Ms. Hart’s plans and is keeping a close eye on her. And though she uncovers many facts pertaining to Monday’s case (particularly concerning an Orsini bomb), he’s not willing to toss much praise her way.

Murdoch Mysteries airs Mondays at 8 p.m. on CBC.

Images courtesy of CBC.


Popular characters who disappeared from Canadian TV shows

Throughout many modern-day television series, some of the characters written into production aren’t always going to make the show’s conclusion. While some actors may simply want to move on in their search for a new challenge, their character’s legacy will live long in the memory. We’ve even seen characters change actors, although that tends to happen to particular types of TV shows almost exclusively.

At the very heart of the success of series such as Degrassi Junior High, Heartland and Murdoch Mysteries are entertaining and relatable characters. As a result of that fact, we’re going to look at some of the most popular characters who have disappeared from Canadian television shows.

Mallory Wells  

Back in October 2007, Heartland, a Canadian family drama series aired for the very first time on CBC. Renewed for its 13th season in May of this year, the show has been the home to several iconic characters that have continued to capture the hearts of viewers. Following the show’s debut, we saw young Mallory Wells’ journey from season one right the way through to season ten.

After being heavily involved in the show for the first six seasons, Mallory eventually disappeared in season seven as she left for Paris with her at-the-fiancé, Jake, who was the young cowboy that she had fallen for. While Mallory would spend a few seasons away from Heartland, she would return as a 21-year-old woman in Season 10 where she and Jake would get married before later disappearing once more for the following two series.

Dr. Emily Grace

Murdoch Mysteries is another immersive television show that peaked the interests of Canadian viewers, as well as many fans abroad. The drama is centred around the character of William Murdoch, who, to this day, still seeks to solve the city’s most gruesome crimes. However, it would be Dr. Emily Grace who would eventually disappear from the show.

After being introduced as the second female lead in 2005, the character of Dr. Emily Grace went through on a roller coaster journey before choosing to leave as the city’s coroner in Season 9. After George Crabtree, Dr. Emily’s love interest, is arrested for the murder of Edna’s husband in season eight, and Emily becomes involved in women’s rights, she opts to disappear to London in the following series and is subject to an emotional good-bye with George before leaving the train station.

Stephanie Kaye

Much like Mallory Wells in Heartland, Stephanie Kaye’s disappearance from Degrassi Junior High occurred for all the right reasons. Stephanie, who was elected as the class president, attended Degrassi Junior High for two years before eventually moving to a private school when her mum won the lottery in Season 3 of the show.

While being fortunate enough to win the jackpot was rare back in 1986 when Stephanie was attending Degrassi Junior High, modern-day services offer a better chance of success. As platforms such as Lottoland offer lottery betting, online games, and scratchcards, private education may be something that can be enjoyed by people other than just Stephanie.

Iconic Characters Have Moved On

Ultimately, although they may be loved by the masses, some of our favorite television characters inevitably must go their own way. Whether it’s as a result of marriage, a politically driven journey, or maybe even because of a big jackpot win on the lottery, many iconic Canadian television characters have moved on.