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Preview: Murdoch Mysteries, “I Know What You Did Last Autumn”

Remember “Sir. Sir? Sir!!!,” the Halloween episode of Murdoch Mysteries that was so controversial? An homage to classic horror movies like Invasion of the Body Snatchers, it featured a dire conclusion. Fans either loved it (like me) or hated it.

Here we are again with a Halloween instalment of Murdoch Mysteries. Will it be as galvanizing as “Sir. Sir? Sir!!!” was?

Here’s the synopsis for “I Know What You Did Last Autumn,” written by Simon McNabb and directed by Craig David Wallace:

At Halloween, Murdoch pursues a killer dressed as a clown who is terrorizing romantic, young couples.

And here are some observations by me after previewing the episode.

It begins with the opening credits…
Monday’s episode lets you know this one’s going to be different with a twist to Robert Carli’s theme.

… And gets creepy fast
Like the serial killer genre it is acknowledging, “I Know What You Did Last Autumn” features a mysterious phone call that goes downhill quickly.

A killer costume
Anyone who is disturbed by clowns will be freaked out by this MM creation. The fact the mask looks handmade is all the scarier, in my opinion. Someone took the time to make themselves look this way. Gah. Helping in the investigation is Miss Cherry, who reported on events the previous year when a clown was stalking “teeners.”

Meanwhile, back at the Station House
Watts and several other lads partake in a pumpkin carving contest. Turns out that Watts is much better as a detective than a jack o’ lantern maker. Also? Someone in the MM cast of characters seems to have invented a certain spice we enjoy so much of today.

Murdoch Mysteries airs Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on CBC.

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Preview: Murdoch Mysteries, “Love or Money”

From the comments many of you have made on this website and on the TV, Eh Facebook page so far, you are really enjoying the tone and storylines in Season 15 of Murdoch Mysteries. I have too, especially last week’s case on the train could with William facing off against his biggest foe … Henry and Ruth’s daughter, Jordan.

Here’s the official synopsis for Monday’s newest installment, “Love or Money,” written by Noelle Girard and directed by Sharon Lewis:

When Murdoch investigates the murder of a ladies’ man, Crabtree’s auntie is the prime suspect.

And here are some non-spoilery observations from me after watching a preview of the episode.

George is back
After a couple of episodes away, Constable George Crabtree appears in Monday’s storyline, supporting Effie as she continues to reflect on her ordeal. As for Effie, she’s not sure practicing law is her true calling.

Debra McGrath guest stars
After having her real-life husband, Colin Mochrie, be part of the Murdoch universe, it only makes sense that veteran actress Debra McGrath would appear. My only question is: what took so long? McGrath is pitch-perfect playing another of George’s aunts … and we can add a new flower to the list of The Flower Girls of Flower Hill. McGrath steals every scene she is in, and the comic timing between her, Jonny Harris and Yannick Bisson is impeccable. Also, keep an eye out for Shaun Benson as Anthony Quivell, a private investigator searching for money taken by the dead ladies’ man.

Julia gets in trouble
When a woman enters the hospital complaining of extreme abdominal pain, her doctor waves it off as something simple. Julia, not happy with his diagnosis, goes behind his back. You can imagine the results.

Director Sharon Lewis makes a mark
Murdoch Mysteries is a visually stunning show. But on Monday, director Sharon Lewis introduces intimacy through the camera work. During conversations, the camera pulls in quite close to the characters, making me feel like I was an active participant. Let me know if you feel the same way.

Murdoch Mysteries airs Mondays at 8 p.m. on CBC.

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Preview: Murdoch Mysteries, “Blood on the Tracks”

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving to those who are celebrating. CBC is doing their part to mark the holiday by serving up a plateful of drama and laughs on Murdoch Mysteries. Yes, we do meet Higgins and Ruth’s baby, as the above image suggests, but there is a lot more to the episode than that.

Here is the CBC’s official synopsis for “Blood on the Tracks,” written by Noelle Girard and directed by Yannick Bisson.

When their train derails, Ogden and Brackenreid suspect it was sabotage to hide a murder.

And, as always, a few notes from me after I watched a screener of the episode.

Hitting the rails
Last week’s instalment, “Manhunt,” (a great episode, by the way), brought Louise Cherry, Miss Hart, Julia and Effie to the volleyball pitch, with Inspector Brackenreid as their coach. This week, the ladies are on their way back from a match on the train when the aforementioned blood on the tracks occurs.

A sumptuous set
I am constantly impressed by what the team at Murdoch Mysteries is able to create. This week, entire train cars were built to tell the A storyline (alongside exteriors filmed in Tottenham, Ont.). All I can say is, wow. Also, Shanice Banton doesn’t get to show the wry, sarcastic side to Violet Hart often; she gets a few nice jabs in on Monday night. And, look for a fun sight gag behind Brackenreid while he and Julia are inspecting the crime scene.

A new invention
In Monday’s instalment, it’s a Sunday in Toronto, and William heads to the office to work on his latest creation. I won’t give away what it is; let’s just say MM continues to hint that it is the precursor to the things we enjoy today. Also? It’s because of a new-fangled holiday that Higgins has brought his daughter to the office leaving William with his hands full.

Watts goes on a date
Jack and Watts head to the horse track to place some bets, and an offhand comment from Watts reveals a nugget of backstory.

Murdoch Mysteries airs Mondays at 8 p.m. on CBC.

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Preview: Murdoch Mysteries, “Manhunt”

A familiar face re-visits the world of Murdoch Mysteries on Monday night, as Nigel Bennett returns as Inspector Giles. Fans will recall that Giles was imprisoned for his role in the death of Constable Finch.

Here’s what the CBC has revealed as the storyline for “Manhunt,” written by Paul Aitken and directed by Yannick Bisson:

Murdoch pursues Inspector Giles after he escapes from prison to vindicate a murderer.

And here are more notes and thoughts from us after watching a screening copy of the episode.

Nigel Bennett is awesome
Bennett is one of my favourite-ever frequent guest stars on Murdoch Mysteries. It’s always a pleasure to see him and Yannick Bisson’s William sparring on the small screen and they don’t disappoint on Monday. And the entrance Giles makes? Truly memorable. And, he’s not the only former copper from the past to make an appearance in the episode.

Julia delivers a spike or two
Costume designer Joanna Syrokomla and her team have outdone themselves again with a stunning array of outfits for everyone, in particular the Murdoch ladies, who don stripes for a game of mintonette, a.k.a. volleyball.

A new career for Effie?
After a traumatic experience at the hands of the Ernst sisters, one would understand it if Effie wanted to take a step back from her law practice. But what will she do?

A very special guest appearance
It took me until minute 35 of “Manhunt” to identify someone close to Yannick Bisson in real life. See if you do it before I did. I’m sure you will.

Murdoch Mysteries airs Mondays at 8 p.m. on CBC.

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Preview: Murdoch Mysteries, “The Things We Do for Love, Part 2”

After a week’s delay thanks to the Federal Election, Murdoch Mysteries is back to—hopefully—answer the niggling questions posed in the Season 14 finale and still left incomplete in the Season 15 premiere.

Will Anna be reunited with Harry and William? Is George really married? Where is Higgins’ baby? And who killed Mr. Larkin?

Here’s the official synopsis for “The Things We Do for Love, Part 2,” written by Peter Mitchell and directed by TW Peacocke:

To save his former lover and son, Murdoch makes a risky deal with a Black Hand henchman.

And here are some teasers from me after watching the episode.

Freddie packs a punch
I always enjoy a visit from Freddie Pink (Alex Paxton-Beasley), and she provides some welcome dialogue and actions during a scene with a member of the Black Hand.

Who really married George and Amelia?
Many of you stated you believe it was Higgins helping George get out of making things official with Amelia. All I can say about this part of the episode is you junior sleuths would make for excellent detectives.

Julia goes digging
Ever the adventurer, Julia attempts a brain surgery using a new technique. But will she be successful? And, after putting her hands to use, Julia’s brain is tested by a suspect jailed in Station House No. 4.

Murdoch Mysteries airs Mondays at 8 p.m. on CBC.

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