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Link: Travelers creator and showrunner Brad Wright talks casting and storytelling

From Heather M. of The Televixen:

Link: Travelers creator and showrunner Brad Wright talks casting and storytelling
“It was born out of the notion of social media being out there not just now, but in the future. What we put down about ourselves now is a permanent record in history going forward for hundreds of years, provided humanity survives that long. And the things we put out there that aren’t necessarily true, [will be] there forever.” Continue reading. 


Preview: Travelers closes out Season 2 with a shocking finale

This is it Travelers fans. The second season finale is upon us here in Canada on Showcase. The rest of the world gets to see these 12 instalments beginning on Dec. 26 and can bask in the brilliance of the writing and performances we’ve seen this year.

Were you as shocked as I was when last week’s episodes revealed Marcy once worked for Vincent and that the woman David met in Episode 1, Season 1, had been affected by Vincent’s experiments? Yeah, we didn’t see that coming either, and that’s a testament to creator Brad Wright and his writing team; they just keep throwing curve balls at us. Now the season finale is here with two back-to-back episodes on Showcase.

Here’s what the network has revealed about Monday’s first episode, “Simon,” written by Jason Whiting and directed by Will Waring:

When the team meets Simon, a homeless man with a startling history, they’re led down a path that leads directly to the very first traveler.

Here’s what the network says about the second instalment, “001,” written by Ken Kabatoff and directed by series star Eric McCormack:

In the season finale, the travelers must follow the rules of a madman in order to rescue their kidnapped loved ones and ensure the traveler program isn’t exposed to the world.

And we’ve some info on both episodes after we watched screeners. Bonus: we’ve got some sweet images to share too!


“Simon” sends us back to 2012 and gives a bit more background on Kat and Mac’s relationship and Vincent, who they literally bump into while attending a soirée. Of course, neither of them can know how much Vincent will impact on their lives at this juncture in the story and we’re given the opportunity to see a more fleshed-out Vincent.

Who drew that half-moon design on the sidewalk?
David and Marcy discovered the sketch last week; on Sunday we learn who did it and other pieces of art. The artist, Simon, becomes a pet project for Vincent. Like Jason on Continuum, it’s the supposedly crazy person who knows the real truth and that’s the case with Simon on Travelers. Pay attention to him because he knows stuff and has seen a lot.

Philip visions are getting worse
I really feel badly for Philip. First, he was addicted to drugs. Now he has to take them to keep his visions of other futures at bay. How tough a gig is that?! Plus, he’s got a crush on Carly. Nope, like is not easy for Philip.

Does the truth come out?
In the opening moments of “001,” it sure seems as though Mac blows the lid off who really is and what he’s doing in 2017. Why he does it is the key to Episode 12 and will have you yelling “Oh my gosh!”—or something stronger—at your TV around the 40-minute mark.

What is Vincent’s plan?
We don’t want to ruin it for you, but will say that not one person involved with our travelers is safe from Vincent’s reach. What happens during the last episode is so shocking and final that I’m not sure how Wright can turn it around in Season 3. But I’ve got my fingers crossed we get to find out thanks to a renewal.

Travelers‘ Season 2 finale airs Monday at 9 and 10 p.m. ET on Showcase.

Images courtesy of Jeff Weddell for Corus.


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Preview: Travelers closes in on Season 2 finale with “Update” and “21C”

With just one more week until Travelers‘ Season 2 finale, Showcase has gifted fans with back-to-back episodes this Monday and next. Yup, that’s four jam-packed instalments in just 14 days. Clearly, we all made it onto Santa’s “nice” list!

And while we’re thankful for so much Travelers, that means things are quickly coming to a close and there is still a lot to cover story-wise. How will Philip continue to be helpful to the team now that his knowledge is no longer valid? What will happen to Grace? Is Kat going to be OK? Will Marcy seek out the memories she lost when Grace reset her?

Here’s what Showcase has revealed about Monday’s first episode, “Update,” written by Pat Smith and directed by Amanda Tapping:

Philip’s timeline receives an update with some unwanted side effects, Trevor makes a disturbing discovery about his host’s past, and MacLaren deals with the return of a traveler he thought had gone away for good.

Here’s what the network says about the second instalment, “21C,” written by Brad Wright and directed by Will Waring:

While MacLaren, Carly, Trevor, and Philip work with another traveler team to protect a child important to the future, Marcy takes measures to remember her past life – but uncovers more than she bargained for.

And we’ve some info on both episodes after we watched screeners. Bonus: we’ve got some sweet images to share too!


Rick Hall returns
Yup, that’s Motive alum Louis Ferreira turning in another stellar performance as the man who wanted to take over running MacLaren’s team. The last time we saw Rick he’d been arrested. I love it when Mac goes head-to-head with someone over loyalty to his squad and we get some great footage between to these two as Rick plots a little payback with help from Luca (Douglas Chapman). What Rick does is shocking, terrible and made me hate him even more.

Philip receives an update
I don’t want to give anything away regarding this scene and what it means going forward, but Amanda Tapping did a beautiful job filming it, the soundtrack is sublime and Reilly Dolman brought a tear to my eye with his performance.

Trevor gets an education
It’s been awhile since we’ve seen Kyle (Dylan Playfair) and he shows up to fill in some blanks with regard to what the pair endured while playing on the football team. We love Playfair on Letterkenny, but it’s nice to see him in a meaty dramatic storyline too.

David does a good deed
We love David, and his actions in “Update” and “21C” only further those feelings.

A Continuum star drops by
Oh, Omari Newton, how we’ve missed you! Newton appears in “21C” in a key role linked to Marcy’s past.

Vincent re-appears
It’s been a few weeks since Enrico Colantoni was seen on Travelers; he guests in the second episode on Sunday in a truly “Holy crap!” bunch of moments.

Travelers airs back-to-back episodes this Monday and next at 9 p.m. ET and 10 p.m. ET on Showcase.

Images courtesy of Jeff Weddell for Corus.


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Preview: A traveler on trial on Travelers

To me, the mark of a good episode is it causes discussion. And boy, did last week’s episode of Travelers do that. “17 Minutes” was a hit for some and a massive miss for others. Arguments were made it was one of the best storylines so far while an equal amount of folks hated the Groundhog Day theme and fast-forwarded to the end to watch the conclusion.

But on to this week’s instalment, “Traveler 0027,” written by Ashley Park and directed by Amanda Tapping. Here’s what Showcase has released synopsis-wise ahead of Monday’s broadcast:

After receiving an unusual message to attend a court proceeding, the travelers find that one of their own is on trial for conspiring against The Director and interrupting the Grand Plan.

And here is some additional information we can divulge after watching a screener.

Who is Traveler 0027?
If you’ve been paying attention—and I know you have—it’s Grace Day, who has taken some major liberties with timelines and other folks’ fates since her illegal arrival in 2017 among them resetting Marcy. Now she is forced to atone for her actions. Actress Jennifer Spence turns in one hell of a performance.

Where is the Quantum Frame?
That’s the mission for MacLaren and the team this week and it involves nabbing a trio of soldiers to help with that. And as serious as Travelers has been, story-wise, of late the show’s writers still find time to throw a funny line into scenes. That’s not easy but they make it appear that way.

Philip is fumbling
Now that the future is in turmoil all of Philip’s encyclopedic knowledge is kind of useless. He’s feeling down in the dumps about his self-worth; can Carly pull him out of his funk?

Travelers airs Mondays at 9 p.m. ET on Showcase.

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Preview: The Travelers team hits the water for high octane adventure

Just because you saved the world from a catastrophic virus doesn’t mean you get any downtime. That’s what MacLaren and the team learn in this week’s new episode of Travelers.

Here’s what Showcase has revealed regarding Monday’s newest episode, “17 Minutes,” written by creator Brad Wright and directed by Amanda Tapping.

A skydiving traveler must try, repeatedly, to save our team from a horrible fate.

And, as always, a few more tidbits from us after watching the episode.

Kat blows her top
No, she’s not still suffering from a fever, but Kat is certainly feeling hot thanks to Grant forgetting something special. We don’t blame her, frankly and he’s in the dog house. That leads to a very funny scene as his team members educate Grant in “21st Century Female Behavior.” I keep forgetting that, despite all of the missions these folks are on, they need to keep their low profile and stay integrated with the population.

Say what?!?!
Just five minutes into “17 Minutes,” everything goes awry for the team in a deadly way. A seemingly routine mission to retrieve an important item turns awful for everyone. Brad Wright and his writers continue to take us on a thrilling ride every week and this one is no exception. It’s twisty, turny and simply fantastic.

Melissa Roxburgh saves the day
Well, her character Carrie tries to anyway. The Vancouver actress portrays the aforementioned skydiver who plummets to earth and attempts to save MacLaren and the squad … and save their mission in the process.

Travelers airs Mondays at 9 p.m. ET on Showcase.

Images courtesy of Corus.


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