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Review: Hometown hell on The Bachelor Canada

After the shocking events of last Tuesday’s episode of The Bachelor Canada–Lisa stayed and Kaylynn was eliminated–I was truly interested to see how Tim’s hometown visits would go. Especially when it came to seeing Lisa in Calgary. Would he revisit the drama of the week before and question her more deeply about her kissing another man, or would bygones be bygones?

The producers saved all that for the last visit on Tim’s schedule by having him travel to see Trish, Sachelle and April first.

Trish’s hometown date in Edmonton was brilliant, offering the hockey-crazed bachelor not only a genuine Leafs jersey–with Warmels on the back, it should be noted–but also with some ice time on the local rink. After scoring some points on the net and Trish, Tim was hoping to win some from her family. It started out a little awkwardly–having an entire family come walking down the driveway will do that–before settling into oddness at the dinner table. (How did I know it was odd? Why, the producers were playing off-kilter music to let me know.) A round of “Jesus Loves Me” later and that was pretty much it. I expected Trish’s brother–sporter of some bad-ass shades–to pull Tim aside and quiz him on the “journey,” but that never materialized. Trish and Tim did, however, admit to falling for each other, the closest either would come to using the “l” word. (Did anyone else half-expect to see Gam-Gam peeking through the drapes while T&T made out?)

Things didn’t look good for Sachelle, meanwhile, after she learned their Porter flight with Tim from Toronto to her hometown of Sudbury, Ont., was grounded for hours by fog. Undeterred–and realizing the entire city of Toronto was right behind them–Tim turned her frown upside down and the pair hopped into a cab and headed to his Queen St. West neighbourhood for a coffee, some prime people watching and talk of babies. (I love how they made Sachelle seem like a big-city newbie in awe of everything in Toronto.) And while Tim suspected it would be Sachelle’s brother, Shane, who would pull him aside for a chat it was actually her father who did it first. They were quickly joined by Shane, who played bad cop by telling Tim to let Sachelle go if the feelings weren’t there. Gee, thanks buddy. Also, if Tim does dump Sachelle, I’m assuming Shane’s veiled threats about putting a hurt on Tim will have had something to do with it.

Meanwhile, April was battling with nerves and trust. It was something she hoped they would address once he arrived in Wasaga Beach, Ont. The date started off very seriously, with April revealing her father passed away at a young age of a drug overdose and that they wouldn’t be meeting her mother either because the two don’t get along. Instead, they had dinner with April’s grandparents, who have been raising her. April’s grandmother put Shane to shame, observing that Tim liked to work out a lot and that she could see right through him. Turns out the comment may have been taken out of context–I know, shocking–because she then complimented Tim on having great qualities.

So, what happened in Calgary? Tim was up front with Lisa, first admitting that he could totally see himself falling for her. Then came the but: he wasn’t going any further in the relationship with Lisa and would not be meeting her family for dinner. Unless the producers asked him to keep Lisa around to make for a dramatic hometown visit–and I have no reason to suspect this–Tim made a tough last-minute decision. Was it the right one? It’s easy for me to say yes, but clearly it weighed on him. And despite me not liking Lisa, The Bachelor Canada contestant, I didn’t feel any joy at seeing her cut down like that. I also don’t envy her; she’ll be the girl who was eliminated from the show for kissing a dude in Italy for awhile.

The lack of a third rose confirmed what April, Trish and Sachelle suspected–Lisa had been dropped–opening the door for the season finale. So, who will Tim have to choose between? April and Trish. I told you: Shane scared Tim off with his aggressiveness and punching talk. In the meantime, next week’s Women Tell All special looks exciting, with appearances by Lisa and Natalie, eye rolling and a rare appearance by host Tyler Harcott.

The Bachelor Canada airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET on City.

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Review: Roller coasters and revolving doors on The Bachelor Canada

The Bachelor Canada offered a lot of drama in its new Tuesday night timeslot, mostly thanks to the usual suspects in Kaylynn, Lisa and Natalie. Yup, Natalie, who decided to drive down the 401 from her hometown of Cambridge, Ont., to convince Tim to let her have the rose ceremony she missed when she left Nassau prematurely.

A lot was made of her return–Lisa whined she wanted to vomit (a weekly occurrence, it should be noted) and Trisha said she looked like a witch thanks to a new dye job–and footage of her knocking on Tim’s hotel door was dramatic. For a few minutes at least. Tim, thrown for a loop by her return, was a gentleman as he listened to Nat’s explanation for leaving, her realization she should have stayed and her level-headed request she be allowed to attend the rose ceremony in the off-chance Tim wanted to keep her around. He didn’t, but it at least gave them both the closure they needed.

Natalie’s return and exit almost overshadowed Dominque, who knocked on Tim’s door minutes after Natalie did with her own request: she wanted to leave. No one could blame her, including Tim who admitted she allowed her to slip through the cracks. The way she as edited, Dominique was quiet and kind and didn’t command air time like Kaylynn, Lisa and Trisha did. That doesn’t make for good TV–or at least a good TV relationship–and she exited stage right. The girl has my respect for being in control of the situation as well as warning Tim, without naming Lisa, to be aware of certain girls still in the running.

Meanwhile, the situation between Kaylynn and the rest of the girls–especially Lisa–has spiralled out of control. The group date to Canada’s Wonderland went from playful to predatory when Kaylynn smooched Tim in front of Trisha, Lisa and Sachelle. Lisa went on the attack and Kaylynn was reduced to tears (a weekly occurrence) and retreated to the bathroom where she wondered if she should leave.

By the time the rose ceremony had rolled around and Trisha, Sachelle, Kaylynn and Lisa had gotten roses to go with the one April snagged during her one-on-one off the top of the show, the battle lines had been drawn: it was Lisa against the rest of the girls. That appears to come to a head next week when everyone jets to Tuscany; Lisa does something she has to apologize to Tim for and she may very well go home because of it.

The Bachelor Canada airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET on City.


Review: Bachelor Canada culls more, moves to Tuesdays

The latest news out of The Bachelor Canada is, of course, that Tim Warmels sent more tearful ladies home after deciding they weren’t in the running to be his lady love. But the second thing to note is that, because Fox decided to drop its Tuesday night episode of Utopia–which City simulcasts–The Bachelor Canada moves to Tuesdays starting next week.

As for key storylines for Thursday’s episode, there were a couple. The most notable one–at least for me because I had her in the pool to win–was the tearful exit made by elementary schoolteacher Natalie. Despite the idyllic setting, things were less than ideal on her one-on-one slushy drink date with Tim. Her nervousness at being with him (and it must be noted, desperation) meant she made awkward small talk with The Bachelor. To his credit, Tim announced he wanted Natalie to stick around for the week but admitted he wasn’t going to give her a rose. I understood his reasoning–he wanted to see if he had more of a connection with someone else or not–but I understood her wanting to leave too. Her feelings were hurt and she wanted to exit on her terms alone rather than during a rose ceremony.

Clearly the time away from Nassau and Tim weighed heavily on Natalie’s mind because next week’s Toronto teaser clearly shows (unless the producers pieced together B-roll) Natalie driving her muscle car down the 401 from Cambridge, Ont., to The Big Smoke in a bid to win Tim’s heart. This has happened several times in the Bachelor franchise and I can’t think of one instance where the bachelor or bachelorette welcomed them back into the fold. Natalie’s only chance is that Tim continues to throw curve balls and agrees she can return or that producers tag her to be the lead on the first-ever Bachelorette Canada.

The other major storyline gal-wise was Lisa. The flame-haired single lady has been portrayed as the villain of the season, complaining that Natalie was “cray” and basically making everyone feel less confident about themselves. This may be Lisa’s way of playing the game, but it’s being edited like she’s a holy terror and the other girls are petrified of her.

Rose-wise, the six girls to get them were Sachelle, Lisa (there was a great eye roll from Kaylynn when that happened), Trish (via the shared date rose that sent party girl Rileigh off the island) and April. Tim threw everyone for a loop when he was down to one rose and Kaylynn and Dominque–the two girls he smooched with–before he scampered off and got a second rose so they could both stay. I figure it was allowed because Natalie left unexpectedly; I wonder what Tim’s reaction will be when she arrives in Toronto in the next episode?

The Bachelor Canada moves to Tuesdays starting Oct. 14 at 8 p.m. ET on City.


Review: Tears and tequila on The Bachelor Canada

After last week’s drama in The Bachelor Canada mansion–Kaylynn’s tears and jealousy–it was time for a change of scenery and what better place to let your hair down than in Los Cabos, Mexico? Things started off happily enough, with the remaining ladies all excited to be basking in the sun, reclining near the ocean and imbibing all things alcoholic before Tim put a damper on the end of the week by announcing four women–not two as originally announced–would be going home.

Everything started off sunny, with Lisa scoring the first one-on-one date with a horrifying, gut-twisting affair involving a contraption that swung she and Tim out into space. (The gals left behind complained Lisa wasn’t his type, but how is he supposed to know that unless he goes on a date with her??) A shared near-death experience led to a lip-lock between the two and a rose handoff over dinner as the sun set.

Meanwhile, back on the beach, Kaylynn tried to make nice with Martha over her actions at the cocktail party, an ill-advised move that just led to more crying and bully talk from the emotional ballerina.

A four-girl group date tested everyone’s dance moves in front of a Mariachi band, with the best dancer nabbing a one-on-one dinner with Tim. After a public performance that celebrated the cheesiness of the situation–and The Bachelor Canada–Tim chose Sachelle, she of two left feet, as his date. Sachelle revealed over dinner that she’d been cheated on twice and Tim had that happen once before, and the two shared a smooch.

Kaylynn once again jeopardized her spot on the show by heading over to Tim’s room when she learned she was the only person who wasn’t getting some date time with him. Instead of blowing her off, Tim listened to what she had to say and remarked he was frustrated with the speed of the show. Ugh. Tim threw a wrench in production by, rather than having a beach volleyball match with six girls, decided to just hang out with everyone. Natalie (who I chose to be around for the finale) decided to put all her cards on the table by explaining she may come off as a nice girl, but she can be bad too. It was a desperation move, and I worried it would scare Tim off. Speaking of being scared, April Brockman broke down in tears and went off by herself, which caused Tim to head over to chat with her and eventually he carried her into the ocean.

“I need to spend time with people that there’s a connection with next week and I don’t feel like I can do that with this many people here.” Tim’s bombshell announcement caught everyone off guard and Trish was sure she’d be one of those leaving. She needn’t have worried; she along with Kaylynn, Sachelle, April Brockman, Natalie (YES!), Dominique and Rileigh all received roses. Martha, April Borgnetta, Jenny and Christine were eliminated from the competition.

Next week the group heads to the Bahamas, where it looks like Lisa shows her claws.

The Bachelor Canada airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on City.


Review: Photo shoots and first dates on The Bachelor Canada

It usually takes several weeks for a bachelorette to get mistrustful and jealous of her competition and protective of the bachelor, but Kaylynn got things going early and often on Thursday night.

It began with her scoring the first one-on-one of the season with Tim; the pair swooped over Vancouver in a helicopter before taking a gondola to the top of Grouse Mountain where they shared a meal and smooches before he handed her a rose. Tim explained he’d chosen Kaylynn for the first date because of their almost instant connection and discussions surrounding bullying. Kaylynn bookended the episode by breaking down in tears during the cocktail party and after those who got roses were celebrating. The focus of her ire? Martha, who had tried to be supportive of Kaylynn by trying to assuage her jealousy, explaining that Tim had given her a rose–the first of the week–and that Kaylynn should therefore be happy. Instead, tearful Kaylynn wanted to punch Martha and Tim had to intervene.

I know it makes for great TV, but Kaylynn sure came off like a spoiled brat. Rather than be happy to be sticking around and giving the girls who were eliminated– ER doctor Renee-Anne and nurse Alison–a hug, she made the end of the week all about her. Maybe it’s in her game plan to have Tim come running every time she cries, but I pretty much guarantee he’ll get tired of that and cut her loose.

Tim certainly doesn’t let things go on if they’re not working out. Just ask Sonia the lingerie model, who failed to make a connection with Tim during what was supposed to be a sultry photo shoot for Flare magazine. Despite making a living at being a model, there was just awkwardness between the two and Tim pulled her aside long enough to explain that there was no place for her in the mansion. Natalie the school teacher (and my Bachelor pool pick), on the other hand, assured herself of another week in the mansion by planting a kiss on Tim while the cameras snapped away.

The other group date of the episode–a dragon boat race in the pouring rain–allowed Tim to see enough of Rileigh to keep her around despite her orders that “Show Tim” be put on the shelf in favour of honesty. The fact she accused him of acting a certain way in front of the cameras was a bold move that clearly paid off. Speaking of cameras, The Bachelor Canada looks stellar and slick this season despite dealing with horrible weather that they don’t contend with in Los Angeles.

Next week the guy and the gals head to Cabo where they’ll be bathed in sunlight and saturated with booze.

The Bachelor Canada airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET on City.