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Comments and queries for the week of November 11

Who will Jasmine choose as her bachelor?

Love Kevin, great choice. He puts his life on the line every day. The Navy, I am sure, has made a man out of him. —Michelle

Mikhel is beyond sweet, but I think he is not in the same league as Jasmine. He’s too boyish for her. Kevin is cute in his own way, but he may not be a good fit either. He may reveal more temper tantrums into the relationship as they argue over the obsessed mama’s boy mother-in-law. As for Mike, I think he is very level-headed and in my opinion would have been the best choice. He was the whole package! Too bad she didn’t see it. —Mbstamps

Never having felt Mike was a good choice for Jasmine in personality, I was not surprised he was sent home! Sensible, consistent yet terribly rigid (polar opposite to Jasmine’s free-spirit). Mikhel too is sensible, honourable, polite as well as considerate towards Jasmine of which I don’t feel Kevin would be as much. Kevin has an unhealthy relationship with his Mother—she appeared empowered knowing that should Jasmine injure her son’s feelings it would her shoulder(s) he would be crying on. Didn’t strike me as terribly healthy. She can’t protect her little boy forever from all the “women of the world” you know? Mikhel is sure-footed in how he professed his love for Jasmine, and without difficulty I might add! He absolutely has to be, for Kevin could never hold a candle to what Jasmine would get from a lifetime partner in Mikhel. Time will tell. —Brooke

If Drew is the next bachelor I don’t think I can watch this season. My Mac will be broken before the end of the first episode. —Mia

I prefer Kevin, but for Jasmine’s sake I hope she prefers Mikhel so she doesn’t have to spend a lifetime being ground under the heel of that horrid monster-in-law. Not only is she nasty, but she seems to have an abnormal amount of control over the rest of the family! —Mica


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Frolicking in the fantasy suites on Bachelorette Canada

After a last week’s emotional episode that saw Jasmine going on the hometown dates and Mike’s elimination, the heartbreak was truly ramped up for Tuesday’s season finale of The Bachelorette Canada. But anyone expecting Jasmine to choose between Kevin W. or Mikhel were in for heartbreak of their own because her decision won’t be shown for two more weeks.

Instead, the trio jetted back to Cuba for some more one-on-one time, questions and to meet Jasmine’s mom, sister and friend. And though there wasn’t a proposal at the end, this penultimate episode—aside from The Men Tell All next week—was certainly dramatic.

At the top of Jasmine’s To Do list? Finding out why Mikhel withdrew from her at the final rose ceremony, walked away and told producers he wanted to leave. Did he mean leave the show, or exit the interview he was taking part in? Viewers quickly learned Mikhel had slid back into his old way of thinking and was worried about being hurt. But he was back on track and ready to go with Jasmine. Moments later she found out the same info—while aboard a catamaran—and that Mikhel didn’t want to think about Jasmine and Kevin in the fantasy suite together. It took him a long time to tell her, but I’m glad he finally did. Keeping secrets from Jasmine so far into the show is a really bad move, so he was smart to confess.

The pair chose the fantasy suite—Mikhel couldn’t say yes fast enough—and they headed off to the booze, candle and rose petal-filled room for the night.


Then it was off to visit with Kevin and address the elephant in the room: how his mom grilled Jasmine. I have to say Jill’s comment regarding a bad day at the hair salon versus a bad day for a Kevin firefighting was insensitive and demeaning, and I was surprised Jasmine gave Kevin a rose. Clearly, she has very strong feelings for him, something evident as the pair talked about the situation in Waterloo, Ont., and then got onto their date. According to the fortune teller they sat with, Kevin and Jasmine are going to have a ton of pretty kids and lots and lots of money. I guess the producers can skip the conclusion of the finale: Wanda has picked the winner.

Not so fast, as it turns out. Despite Kevin wanting Jasmine to commit to him and say he was the one she was choosing, she wouldn’t do it. It led to a super-awkward few minutes—especially after she seemed to have to do the opposite with Mikhel—but it didn’t stop them from heading to the fantasy suite to be “normal.” But things went awry and Kevin ended up leaving the suite, leaving their relationship up in the air. Luckily, Jasmine’s mom Linda, sister Jade and friend Laurelly were there to grill the fellows. (I’ve got my fingers crossed that Laurelly is part of The Men Tell All and she sits down with Drew. It won’t happen, but a guy can dream, can’t he?)

Something viewers have already known is that Kevin is totally Jasmine’s type and Linda was quick to jump all over that fact. Laurelly didn’t waste any time grilling Kevin, questioning him on past relationships and what he learned while being a bachelor in Toronto. It made from fantastic television, but maybe not as a romance-builder. By the end of the group chat Linda saw him as a ladies’ man not suited to be with her daughter. (Can Laurelly be part of every season of The Bachelor Canada and Bachelorette Canada?)

By the end of the episode—and based on the editing—it appeared Mikhel had the inside track on winning Jasmine’s heart. But The Bachelorette is all about the editing, so you can’t put too much stock in that. What you can, perhaps, is Linda’s reaction to Kevin and Jill’s thoughts on Jasmine. And, of course, what Laurelly thinks.

The Bachelorette: The Men Tell All airs next Tuesday at 9 p.m. ET on W Network.

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Comments and queries for the week of November 4

Who will Jasmine choose on The Bachelorette Canada?

I prefer Kevin, but for Jasmine’s sake I hope she prefers Mikhel so she doesn’t have to spend a lifetime being ground under the heel of that horrid monster-in-law. Not only is she nasty but she seems to have an abnormal amount of control over the rest of the family! —Mica

She is crazy if she picks Kevin. Can’t imagine having that loser guttersnipe of a woman for a mother-in-law. I have a feeling she is going to pick him though. —ArielL

I absolutely love Mikhel but I’m afraid she will pick Kevin! If Mikhel doesn’t win her heart he should be the next Bachelor Canada!! :) —Marilyn M

Mikhel #1 since Day 1! Absolutely NO doubt!! —DeeJade

I can’t believe Jasmine sent Mike home!! He’s sensible to not rush in all gushy … shows he wants to be 100 per cent sure. It is a big decision after all. Hope she gets someone worthwhile after that stunned decision. —M

I am in absolute shock. She picked Kevin over Mike, especially when the family made her super uncomfortable? The dude with the weird voice and talks like a deadbeat jock over sweet, mature, fun Mike. Really??????????????????????????????????? —S. McCrae


Who’s that dude on Murdoch Mysteries?

Was the Shanley character (released murderer) played by the same actor as the older Beaton brother in “The Curse of Beaton Manor” episode? —Steve

Hey Steve, good eye! Both men were indeed played by Jonathan Goad.


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Jasmine picks her final two on The Bachelorette Canada

After weeks on the emotional Bachelorette Canada roller coaster, Jasmine made a big step toward her final choice of bachelor when she made her two-man pick out of the three-man race.

Unfortunately, Mike was too slow and methodical in professing his love for Jasmine, and he departed heartbroken after she awarded Mikhel and Kevin the two roses available. Watching the episode, her decision wasn’t all that surprising, no matter how tough Kevin’s mom, Jill, was in her questioning. And it just proves how much of an emotional connection Jasmine and Kevin have if she chose to keep him rather than run screaming in the other direction.


And though I’m sad Mike and his abs were eliminated from the competition, I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s chosen as the next Bachelor Canada. Not only is he good-looking, but his father—someone Mike respects immensely—would probably be behind it. He didn’t mince words when he told his son to loosen up and let fate take control once in awhile.


Mikhel, meanwhile, could have the inside track to Jasmine’s heart. He’s shown incredible emotional growth every week, culminating with a stellar hometown date where he laid his heart out there, professing love for Jasmine and being super-sensitive about it. The kicker—and I’m betting what sold Jasmine on Mikhel—was that motorcycle. It showed he can be dangerous, and we know Jasmine likes a little danger in her life. A fun family dinner with Mikhel’s family was the capper on a perfect date.


Kevin, who has been a contender for Jasmine’s heart since Day 1, continued to win her over by admitting he loved her, talking about his lack of confidence and giving her his last military medal. And though Jill proved to be a tough customer, Jasmine refused to back down and—I thought—stood up to Jill rather well.

Next week is Part 1 of the season finale, followed by the Men Tell All special and Jasmine’s final pick revealed on Nov. 22. Who do you think she’ll choose?

Who will Jasmine choose in the finale?

  • Mikhel (63%, 778 Votes)
  • Kevin (37%, 465 Votes)

Total Voters: 1,243

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Part 1 of The Bachelorette Canada finale airs next Tuesday at 9 p.m. ET on W Network.

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Comments and queries for the week of October 28

Loving those Mohawk Girls

I’ve really liked this show from the beginning. The characters all seem real and relatable and the writing is actually fairly good at times with several truly funny moments, which is saying a lot because there are so many unfunny comedies on TV right now. There are a few rough spots in the writing and acting but I think that’s just because they are giving less experienced writers/actors a chance to learn/grow which is a good thing. —Alicia

Hating Bachelor Drew

I could not stand Drew and the possibility of him being on The Bachelor Canada would repel me from watching the show. How could you possibly even contemplate such a thought? He is self-centred, egotistical and a real douche. Since Day 1, when he was introduced and kept winking at the camera I have had a hate-on for the guy. Who does he think he is, he is such a jerk. If Mike (firefighter, paramedic) does not get chosen by Jasmine I think he would make a great Bachelor Canada. —Irene

The only way ratings will go down is NOT due to Drew’s departure…it will be because she let Thomas go….Drew is so full of himself!!!! —H

Who would want to see any more shows with this fake person on it? I cannot even believe that offer would be made to a person who acts like him, particularly his obnoxious performance when he was eliminated. Nobody wants to watch THE DREW show, except maybe DREW. Just an all around bad human being. At least the show will warn people off him and not allow the fake salesman into their lives. —Bev


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