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TV,eh? What's up in Canadian television

Mohawk Girls, Season Four debuts Tuesday, October 25 on APTN

From a media release:

APTN’s (Aboriginal Peoples Television Network) critically-acclaimed and award-winning dramatic comedy Mohawk Girls returns for season four. The show takes a comedic look at the lives of four modern-day women trying to stay true to their roots while navigating sex, work, love and what it means to be Mohawk in the 21st century.

Filmed and set in Montreal and the Kahnawake Mohawk Territory, the eight-episode, fourth season of the half-hour dramedy premieres Tuesday, October 25 with weekly episodes airing on APTN E, and HD at 9:30 p.m. ET, APTN W at 9:30 p.m. MT and on APTN N on Sundays at 10:30 p.m. CT (premiering on Oct. 30).

Viewers can venture deeper into the world of Mohawk Girls via the interactive website, with a quiz app, behind-the-scenes secrets and entertaining graphic content. The devoted online community of the series can connect via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Tumblr .

This season, the girls are pushed further out of their comfort zones as they deal with interracial dating, politics, wedding planning, love triangles, career aspirations, all as they try to forge their own identities in a community embedded with rules and cultural traditions.

The dynamic cast of four leading women includes returning cast members Jenny Pudavick (Bailey), Brittany LeBorgne (Zoe), Heather White (Caitlin), and Maika Harper (Anna).  Meegwun Fairbrother (Butterhead), Kyle Nobess (Thunder), Jimmy Blais (Watio) and Shawn Youngchief (Ohserase), reprise their roles as the men they love. Also returning, Tantoo Cardinal as Zoe’s mom, Glen Gould as Bailey’s father and Jeffrey Wetsch as James. New this year is Dwain Murphy, who takes over the role of Leon.

The series was nominated for 4 Canadian Screen Awards this spring, including Best Comedy Series, Best Direction in a Comedy Program or Series, Best Writing in a Comedy Program or Series, and Best Performance by an Actress in a Continuing Comedic Role (Brittany LeBorgne). It has several awards to its name, including a Golden Sheaf Award in the Comedy category at the Yorkton Film Festival, the APTN Award at the Festival Présence Autochtone (Montreal First Peoples’ Festival) and a nomination for Best Sitcom at the Banff Rockie Awards. Spafax has licensed several episodes of the show, airing them on the Comedy TV channel on Air Canada enRoute Inflight Entertainment on domestic and international flights. US distributor GRB represents the show worldwide and Mohawk Girls debuted in Australia on the SBS network in June.

Mohawk Girls is created and executive produced by Tracey Deer and Cynthia Knight; Tracey Deer directs the episodes and Cynthia Knight is the head writer. The series is produced by Rezolution Pictures’ Catherine Bainbridge, Christina Fon and Linda Ludwick, and executive produced by Catherine Bainbridge, Christina Fon, Linda Ludwick and Ernest Webb. Innovate By Day is the Digital Media Producer. Monika Ille is the Executive Director, Programming and Scheduling for APTN.


Family CHRGD slugs it out with the Season 4 debut of Slugterra

From a media release:

Grab your gear, train your slugs and get ready for an epic battle of good vs. evil as Eli and the Shane Gang return to Family CHRGD for a fourth season of Slugterra. Debuting Tuesday, October 4 at 5 p.m. ET, the animated adventure follows Eli Shane and his crew as they collect and train slugs, while protecting the 99 caverns from mysterious evil forces. The season four premiere amps up the network’s Turbo Charged Tuesday lineup, airing alongside top-rated action series Turbo FAST, The Deep and Thunderbirds Are Go.

Season four begins with Eli and the gang returning to the 99 caverns from their Eastern adventure, only to find that the Gateway Cavern has been overrun with slugs. In their absence, the Shadow Clan has decided to put the slugs before the needs of people and the result is pure chaos. As war wages between the Shane Gang and their former allies, some unexpected help comes from a newcomer who has just arrived from the Surface. But soon, this recruit casts his own shadow and it’s up to Eli to restore the balance.

Slugterra’s fourth season debuts as part of Turbo Charged Tuesday, an action-packed weekly programming block featuring brand new episodes from Family CHRGD’s top series. Throughout October, Slugterra will air regularly Tuesdays at 5 p.m. ET, alongside underwater explorations from The Deep, race car adventures from Turbo FAST and international escapades from Thunderbirds Are Go. New episodes of Slugterra will also be available on the Family Channel App each Tuesday, immediately following the broadcast premiere and on Family CHRGD OnDemand the next day. To prepare for season four, slugslingers can catch up on seasons 1-3 now, on both the Family App and OnDemand service.

The adventure continues at where fans can learn more about their favourite characters and catch up on the show with cool clips and full length episodes. Kids can feel like they’re a part of the Shane Gang by taking inventory of slugs and gear in the awesome game “Slugterra Slug Arsenal,” and strategically placing slugs to help Eli win the Slugterra battle in “Slug Wars.”

Slugterra is produced by DHX Studios. Asaph Fipke, Chuck Johnson, and Ken Faier serve as executive producers for the series.


Link: Shoot the Messenger’s creative duo fights to bring diversity to Canadian TV

From Bridget Liszewski of The TV Junkies:

Link: Shoot the Messenger’s creative duo fights to bring diversity to Canadian TV
“I’ll be honest with you. Trying to get into this business as a 6 foot tall black man was very hard. It was very hard. It was like a wall. It was like a monolith.” Continue reading. 


CBC delivers the goods in daytime with The Goods

You simply can’t fake chemistry on television. Viewers catch on when folks don’t click. It’s the reason networks recast roles during pilot season; if co-stars don’t connect with each other, they simply won’t with an audience.

The Goods explodes with chemistry and makes for a wild daytime ride. Debuting Monday on CBC and marking Steven Sabados’ return to television, The Goods combines lifestyle, food, relationships and home and design into a fun package. Yes, the daytime market is packed with such U.S. fare as The Chew, The View and The Talk while Canadian rival CTV offers The Social, but The Goods is a welcome addition thanks mainly to its cast.

Surrounding Sabados on the panel is style maven Jessi Cruickshank, relationship and wellness expert Andrea Bain and Levetto chef Shahir Massoud covering all things culinary. Earlier this week, I was invited down to watch a taping of The Goods and experienced a well-oiled machine despite having just seven episodes already in the can.

(l-r) Bain, Cruickshank, Sabados, Massoud
(l-r) Bain, Cruickshank, Sabados, Massoud

“You always feel, on some other shows, as if people are trying to take away airtime,” Sabados says after the three-hour taping in front of a studio audience of just over 100 concluded. “There is that battle of, ‘You said that, so I have to say this,’ … Shahir didn’t have a segment today, but it’s all good because he’s still part of the show. We’re all here, so it’s all good.” It’s true. While Massoud didn’t contribute content-wise, he was still front and centre in a comedic role both unintentionally during Sabados’ decor quiz when he asked how to spell “teak” and on purpose during Cruickshank’s style bit when he walked the runway decked out in overalls, a baseball cap propped rakishly on his head.

Massoud explains he and his co-hosts come up with what their individual segments will contain with their own producers. Once that’s decided, the producers and hosts compare notes and figure out who will be interacting with who. Yes, The Goods is scripted when it comes to what segments make up an episode, but the interaction itself is done on the fly. That came into play Tuesday when Cruickshank dashed off to the control room and requested a hula hoop challenge be re-cut and slowed down for broadcast. The result was a very funny replay of Bain’s facial expressions and body language as she owned the hula segment (“I will never Iive that down,” Bain says with a laugh.) Cruickshank set herself up for criticism during her style portion, suggesting that sometimes socks can be worn with sandals. She was met with a chorus of good-natured boos from the audience.

“Where else can you get an audience who feels comfortable enough to boo the host?” Cruickshank asks. “There is this feeling of being in the round and we make sure people know they’re supposed to yell. They’re part of the show.”

The Goods airs Monday to Friday at 2 p.m. on CBC.

Images courtesy of CBC.