Saving Charlie on Saving Hope

The news Saving Hope will return for Season 5 may have eased the stress of Sunday’s two-part season finale and pretty much guaranteed Charlie was going to pull through his brain tumour surgery, but it was still a pretty rough go for my nerves.

Would Charlie emerge still being able to see dead people, or would that ability disappear with his tumour? But while it took both episodes, “Anybody Seen My Baby” and “Let Me Go” for Charlie to emerge from surgery with his faculties intact and his ghostly gift excised (he thinks), he and Alex were far from safe. In fact, one of them may very well be at death’s door when the fifth season kicks off.

Yup, the couple who had been through so much already were thrown into the wringer once more—thanks for Adam Pettle’s finale script—when Crenshaw (Travis Milne) appeared at the Fellowship dinner with a gun and fired it when they stood so Alex and Maggie could accept their award together. To say the twist came out of left field is an understatement and a testament to Pettle and his writing staff. So much has gone on this season I’d completely forgotten about Crenshaw. He, of course, never forgot Charlie’s refusal to help get him cleared of murdering his wife and sought revenge.


It was the perfect wrench to throw into what was for the most part a happy season finale. Yes, there were sad moments—Kristine died and a patient with liver disease lost her unborn daughter in “Anybody Seen My Baby”—but Dawn and Zach are officially an item (after a misstep courtesy of Maggie) and flying between Vancouver and Toronto so they can see Zach’s kids. After everything they’ve been through personally since last season I’m glad the pair are together and truly happy. Not so happy? Cassie, who went from No. 1 to also-ran in Jeremy’s life after his wife, Natasha, jetted in and proclaimed her love for him. Now he’s headed back to California, closing the door on their relationship but opening it up for Dev to make his move.

So what do you think, Saving Hope fans? Did Crenshaw shoot Alex? Charlie? Someone else? Or did he miss? And what did you think of this season overall? Write a comment below or send me a note via Twitter to @tv_eh.


12 thoughts on “Saving Charlie on Saving Hope”

  1. It seems to me that the hint as to whom was shot came just near the end when the grandmotherly figure told Alex it was time to leave (at least that’s what I thought she said). It happened so quickly, that I’m not absolutely certain, but it ‘feels’ right, since Alex and Charlie seem to take turns at being at death’s door…

  2. I don’t know who the ghost was (but Charlie saw her, yay!), she said to him “It’s time to go.” That could mean a whole host of things.

    I think Crenshaw shot Charlie. It was Charlie he was after, and I think the gun went slightly in Charlie’s direction right before the cut.

    Did Crenshaw escape, or did he win his appeal? If he won, would he be that pissed about spending a few extra months in prison, only to be put back after this incident? Revenge may be sweet but it makes people idiots.

    And now the long wait.

    1. You’re right. I had to re-watch the end of the episode on to see that the woman was behind Alex, facing Charlie, so that proves Charlie may still have his ‘gift’.

      In terms of angles as shown on the final ‘shot’ I would be more inclined to think we are being misled. However, we will have to wait and see.

  3. I think Alex will be shot. Charlie’s already been through quite a bit in terms of “omg will he make it??” situations. On another note, I’d love to see more Sydney (Stacey Farber) next season. Her and Maggie make a nice fit.

  4. I feel like it would be too obvious and redundant to have Alex or Charlie end up in a coma again. Maybe he missed and the bullet passed them and hit someone behind. @Jordan, I agree! Saving Hope needs more Sydney Katz/Stacey Farber.

    1. I agree with you both. Stacey Farber needs to come back and she should’ve been in the season finale.

  5. I so HOPE there is HOPE that neither Alex or Charlie ended up dead!
    I can’t believe that guy could get the information from the receptionist as to
    where Alex and Charlie were…no receptionist would ever have done that…
    (I know from whence I speak.) The show was so fabulous and so shocking for me
    at the end! And me, all by myself, with my dog and cat….
    This show is at the top of my list of shows to watch. I’ll be waiting for Season 5,
    on tenterhooks. Absolutely love you all for such a good series. Now I am waiting
    for the first show of the next season, to see what the next twist is re Charlie or Alex, or?

  6. Please, no more deaths of the cast members. Killing off Dr. Joel was enough.

    Saving Hope is a wonderful show as it is, all the near misses, ghostly encounters and patients who draw us into their lives each week. It’s enough to keep our hearts forever as your fans. Breaking our hearts with removing the cast members we love will only make us lose Hope.

    Remember, it’s called Saving Hope. Let them live!

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