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Season 2 of Bellevue being developed for CBC

It turns out Bellevue may be returning to CBC for a second season after all. The fact the Anna Paquin-Shawn Doyle mystery miniseries was left off CBC’s 2017-18 fall schedule announcement doesn’t mean the project has been cancelled.

To wit: co-creator, Episode 1 director and executive producer Adrienne Mitchell took to Twitter on Friday night to state the following…

We giddily contacted Mitchell who issued the following statement:

“Jane Maggs and I are developing a Season 2 that follows a new case in Bellevue in which Annie and Peter have a very personal stake and could be a threat to their reputations and careers,” she wrote. “It also deals with how Annie and Eddie and Daisy are dealing with the aftermath of Annie killing her stepbrother, Adam. We have a lot more than this but that’s as much as we can disclose at this stage. As Bellevue is so serialized, we need for all the scripts to be written before we go into production and that takes a lot of time and care and we need to see all that through.

“CBC is trying all sorts of things with their programming so we will see what happens,” Mitchell continues. “In the meantime, we are thrilled to develop a Season 2 story that will conjure up again that signature, beautiful Bellevue madness. Crossing our fingers it will get picked up at some point. In the meantime, we want to keep the Bellevue vibe alive and Jane Maggs is going to talk about the vision behind Bellevue at a Writers Guild event on June 8th at TIFF!”

We did wonder if something was simmering when it was announced co-creator Jane Maggs was going to be part of next month’s Writers Talking TV event—find details on how to attend that here—and this is very exciting news. Produced by Mitchell and Janis Lundman’s Back Alley Film Productions Ltd. and Muse Entertainment Enterprises, Bellevue was co-created by Mitchell and Maggs with the latter serving as senior writer, executive producer and co-showrunner with Mitchell.

Season 1 of Bellevue starred Anna Paquin as Annie Rider, a brilliant but troubled cop in the town of Bellevue whose past returned to haunt her following the death of a transgender teen. During the course of her investigation, old wounds were opened and secrets revealed, putting her at odds with her ex-husband, Eddie (Allen Leech), her superior, Police Chief Peter Welland (Shawn Doyle) and putting the relationship with her daughter, Daisy (Madison Ferguson) in jeopardy. Season 1 also starred Billy MacLellan, Sharon Taylor, Janine Theriault, Amber Goldfarb and Sadie O’Neil.

Listen to Maggs discuss her career and the creation of Bellevue during our recent podcast and read Carolyn Potts’ reviews; here’s the link to her season finale review.

Are as you excited as we are that Bellevue may be back for Season 2? Comment below!


Link: CBC and Vice Media seek different kinds of Canada

From Simon Houpt of The Globe and Mail:

Link: CBC and Vice Media seek different kinds of Canada
We live in tribal times, when even television networks are declaring allegiances and taking sides.

Every spring, the commercial broadcasters unveil their fall programming, making their annual promises to ad buyers – they’re going to deliver buzzy hits! massive audiences! – at the industry’s so-called Upfront presentations. Continue reading.


Poll: Which three cancelled/ending Canadian TV shows will you miss most?

Now that CBC has revealed its lineup for the upcoming fall and winter, the 2017-18 broadcast season is beginning to take shape. Yes, Rogers, Corus and Bell Media have yet to announce their primetime lineups, but we already know several programs that won’t be returning next year.

With that in mind, we’d like your opinion on the three Canadian television series you’ll miss most. Some have aired for the last time while others—like Saving Hope, 19-2 and Orphan Black—take their final bow in the coming weeks. Let us know your votes and feel free to make your thoughts known in the comments section below.

NOTE: After this poll was published, the following Season 2 news was received about Bellevue.


Comments and queries for the week of May 26

I’m really sad about Bellevue being cancelled. A really good, quality show that deserved another season. It had great social media buzz during its run, but I guess it didn’t get enough TV eyeballs. —Kevin

How much were they spending on Pure? Ratings seemed decent for a midseason series. Sad, but not surprised about The Romeo Section. Anne renewal contingent on Netflix? —Jonathan

Yes, Netflix’s decision regarding a second season of Anne will have a direct impact on whether CBC renews it. You can read about that here.

I love Heartland and don’t want it to end. I was a bit disappointed in Season 10 when Ty came back; it was kind of rushed … Ty comes back, he’s sick and goes straight to the hospital with no time spent with Amy, and then Amy rushed off to the hospital to have the baby. I think the baby should have been left for a later season when Ty was back and they were more settled. Then Season 11 [could] have much more storyline coming up with them getting their own ranch or building on Heartland, then Ty getting his veterinary skills out there exploring more of the ranch than thinking about having a baby. Also, when Mallory left the show it was so poorly done she just on the spur of the moment leaves with no goodbyes or farewell just off to the airport without anyone even knowing she’s going? Tim also adds no value to the show … he is a spare part butting into everyone’s business. —Carol

[Heartland] is a breath of fresh air to watch. Nice clean programming with great storylines. I love it and all the characters! I hope Mitch is back for next season. —Valerie

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MasterChef Canada’s final two are revealed

MasterChef Canada‘s Top 2 have been revealed, as Trevor Connie and Thea Vanherwaarden will go head-to-head in next week’s season finale. After a long, impressive run, Barrie McConachie was eliminated in an emotional episode. To be honest, just making it to the Top 12 was an incredible feat; this season has been one jam-packed with high-end guest judges and the most complicated challenges in this franchise’s history.

Thursday’s instalment, “Sweet Francaise,” began with one heck of a test, to create a mélange of pastries for the show’s French bistro theme. As if making five different items wasn’t tough enough, the trio’s bites would be tasted by pastry chefs. The two-hour prep time went by in a blink and Thea seemed to have an edge over Trevor and Barrie, but by the end of the time limit, everyone completed the task. The big twist? Along with several pastry experts were children, meaning Thea’s lavender-lemon cake could have gotten a big thumbs-down from the kiddies. Luckily for everyone, no desserts were sent back, though the pastry chefs—and Michael Bonacini, Claudio Aprile and Alvin Leung—all found minor flaws. Barrie came out on top and I felt he deserved it, but he’s gotta stop with the bear-campers thing.

Barrie didn’t win immunity from the Elimination Challenge but was given the opportunity to decide the proteins everyone would cook with three ways. Barrie rightly went with his strength and the Waygu beef and assigned pork to Thea and chicken to Trevor. They may have been buds up until now, but Barrie wasn’t giving Trevor an upper hand by doling out tasty pork in his direction. Thea slumped upon hearing the pork was headed her way, but I’m not sure why. Then I heard her plan: to take that beautiful chunk of porky goodness and turn it into schnitzel for one of her plates. I’m not above schnitzel, but this was the wrong application for the main ingredient. Barrie’s oil-poached beef was a mystery, Trevor’s chicken skin burned during his first try and time—and a burn—threatened to derail Thea.

Barrie was confident his beef would be up to snuff and relied on his side dishes to take him over the top. The problem? His Waygu was underdone. Claudio ripped Thea for her plating and said taste was the only thing that could save her. And in the early going it looked like she had. As for Trevor, astringent sauce spoiled some pretty good looking chicken skin.

Still, it was a no-brainer for Trevor to be named the first home cook in the season finale. And after undercooking such a lovely piece of beef, Barrie left the door open for Thea to sneak into the final too.

Do you agree with the judges’ decision? Who do you want to win MasterChef Canada? Let me know in the comments below.

The season finale of MasterChef Canada airs next Thursday at 9 p.m. ET on CTV.

Image courtesy of Bell Media.