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Link: Thom Allison Talks About Killjoys “The Lion, The Witch, and The Warlord”

From Heather M. of TV Goodness:

Link: Thom Allison Talks About Killjoys “The Lion, The Witch, and The Warlord”
“When I actually read it, I was absolutely delighted. As you saw [watching it], reading it was surprise after surprise after surprise. It’s lovely and amazing of them to think of Pree and give him his moment. It was an embarrassment of riches.” Continue reading.


CBC News announces new Sunday morning talk show starring Wendy Mesley

From a media release:

CBC News today announced a new Sunday morning talk show to be hosted by award-winning journalist Wendy Mesley. Launching in early 2018, the interactive program will focus on the intersection of media, technology and politics and be broadcast live on CBC and CBC News Network every Sunday morning, with further details to be confirmed at a later date.

In the new program, Mesley will put players from both media and politics in the spotlight as she pushes for answers and transparency, and provides critical analysis on how the newsmakers of the week are delivering their messages. The show will broadcast live from CBC in Toronto and feature a wide range of Canadian and global contributors and guests.

Mesley began her broadcast journalism career in 1979, first with CTV’s CFCF in Montreal before moving to CBC as a legislative reporter for local news and The National, based in Quebec City. During this six-year period, she covered the first referendum on sovereignty and some of the most fascinating politicians of our times, including René Lévesque and Pierre Trudeau. In 1985, Mesley moved to Ottawa as CBC’s first female correspondent to cover the prime minister from the parliamentary press gallery for The National. During this intensely political time, Mesley reported on such stories as the battles over free trade, the GST and the constitution, and soon after became the anchor of The National on Sundays. In 1994, Mesley helped create and hosted CBC’s award-winning news program Undercurrents, which examined the media and marketing world. Mesley currently hosts The National on Friday and Sunday evenings, and is also the host of CBC’s acclaimed documentary program The Passionate Eye. Mesley has won multiple Gemini Awards and this year won Best News Host or Interviewer at the Canadian Screen Awards. In 2006, Mesley was honoured with the John Drainie Award for her contribution to Canadian broadcasting.


Killjoys moves to the next step in the Hullen war

Man, did I love last week’s episode of Killjoys, “The Lion, the Witch and the Warlord.” Getting a chance to delve into Pree’s back story was a particular treat, as was the unending back and forth between Zeph and Johnny. Speaking of Zeph, she’d managed to open the Remnant, but closed it back up without telling anyone. Why would she do that if she’s such a devoted member of this team?

Perhaps Zeph’s actions will be explained in Friday’s episode, “Attack the Rack,” written by Shernold Edwards and directed by Jeff Renfroe. Here’s the official plot synopsis via Space:

The Killjoy rebels take drastic measures to clean house: a secret ops attack against their own RAC. Thanks to Aneela’s schemes and a mole among them, not everyone will make it out alive.

And, as always, more info from us after watching a screener.

Corner Gas‘ Tara Spencer-Nairn guest stars
We’ve seen Spencer-Nairn do comedy on Corner Gas and drama on Saving Hope. How does she do in the sci-fi realm? Swimmingly. She portrays a woman with a deep history and an uncanny way of healing from wounds. Thanks to her, Dutch and Turin devise a way to distinguish good guys from bad. Also appearing this week: Rookie Blue‘s Noam Jenkins in a devious role, and Pure‘s Gord Rand as a snide asshole. (Oh, how I miss Pure.)

Erik Knudsen returns!
Yup, he does. He, Dutch and D’avin are locked and loaded and going … somewhere. He may not have made the A-team but Knudsen’s McAvoy makes up some deeply important RAC backup. Speaking of returning folks, Fancy makes an appearance too. We’ve missed his face … and sarcasm. Fancy has a bit of a sit down with Spencer-Nairn’s character, and it’s something to behold.

Professional etiquette is key
Turns out there IS a bad time to bust in on someone you’re tracking. Thanks to D’avin, we find out when that is.

Aneela is still scary
Back when I saw Episode 1 of Season 1, I likened Killjoys to Star Wars in its tone and look. Something Aneela does during Friday’s episode certainly hearkens back to a key Star Wars villain’s abilities. I got chills. (There are actually two Star Wars references I picked up on.) And the budding relationship between Aneela and Delle Seyah Kendry blossoms more this week. I was a little wary of the pairing, but I’m all in now.

Killjoys airs Fridays at 9 p.m. ET on Space.

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Links: The Wild Summer of Wynonna Earp’s Varun Saranga + SDCC

From Andrew Parker of The Gate:

Link: The Wild Summer of Wynonna Earp’s Varun Saranga
“It’s been a whirlwind ride! I can’t really even adequately describe it. When I first got the role, I had no expectations about the show because I didn’t really have any insight as to how large or how loyal its fan base was, but as soon as I started everyone prepared me and told me that this was a very big thing that meant a lot to a lot of different people.” Continue reading.

From Bridget Liszewski of The TV Junkies:

Link: Wynonna Earp: Emily Andras credits fans with that Season 3 renewal
“We really love our team both onscreen and off. We have a great team of producers and we love our executives at Syfy and Space. It’s so awesome to get to do it again with this team of people. To see that the cast genuinely loves the show and wants to make more Wynonna is the most gratifying thing to me personally.” Continue reading.

From Brittany Dailey of Starry Mag:

Link: Tamara Duarte & Tim Rozon – Wynonna Earp – Comic Con 2017
“There is so much of the storylines that come together and then break apart and then come together again. Everyone gets an arc. Everyone gets to shine and that’s her thing. Everyone gets to do their thing.” Continue reading.

From Jessica Mason of The Mary Sue:

Link: SDCC 17: Wynonna Earp Cast Finds Inspiration and Strength in Diverse, Inclusive Stories
““You have to put your money where your mouth is, you just have to be prepared to honor that commitment if you’re a feminist. I just can’t have her holding an increasingly large series of laundry baskets. I wanted her to kick some ass.” Continue reading.


Dark Matter visits Earth in rollicking, rocking episode

Come on, Space and Syfy! When are you going to make your Season 4 announcement for Dark Matter? I was hoping the good news would come last week at Comic-Con, but no. (The news Wynonna Earp got a third season order tempered the pain a bit.)

But enough whining. It’s time to talk about this week’s new episode of Dark Matter, and Friday’s tale is the most fun of the season so far. Yes, it even beats out Three and the Android singing in French and playing the spoons. Everyone gets a chance to flex their comic timing and the payoff for fans is incredible.

Here’s what Space says about “Isn’t that a Paradox?” written by co-creators Joseph Mallozzi and Paul Mullie and directed by Craig David Wallace:

When the Blink Drive self-activates during a diagnostic, it transports the Raza and its crew through space and time.

And here are some juicy tidbits we gleaned from watching a screener.

That pesky Blink Drive
Ryo wants it, the Raza crew have it. At the end of last week’s instalment the darned, damaged thing had sent out some sort of energy pulse that rendered everyone on board unconscious and the Android offline. We pick up in the moments after that pulse, with everyone waking up and wondering where they are. Turns out, they should be asking themselves when too. Just think of how powerful the drive really is, and what it means for the person who owns it and can control their place in time and space.

Stranger things
We love a good time travel story and Mallozzi and Mullie have come up with a humdinger. Low on supplies and without an answer as to why the drive did what it did, the Raza heads to the closest planet to them: our Earth. What ensues is a wonderful mix of fish out of water antics, modern-day societal labels and a killer soundtrack. (“Sweet Home Alabama,” anyone?) I haven’t seen this much time travel fun since Star Trek: The Voyage Home. If I didn’t want the Raza crew back in their own time so much I’d be happy to have them stay in this one. Of course, to get back to their time, our heroes could make a decision impacting the future of time they’re in. Paradox.

The Android is the bomb
Zoie Palmer’s portrayal of The Android has been fantastic, but this week’s script allows her to really play in the comedy sandbox. References to car rentals, reward points and her becoming attuned to the music of the day provide several laugh-out-loud moments. That she’s able to use her body to even subtly provide physical humour is a testament to her acting chops.

Seán Cullen guest stars
Comedian Cullen doesn’t look happy in the above image. We don’t blame him. He may be introduced as Professor Brophy from the local high school, but that’s just a cover. And who he really is is integral to the crew’s success. Also? We get a peek at a future Dark Matter guest too.

Dark Matter airs Fridays at 9 p.m. ET/6 p.m. PT on Space.

Images courtesy of Bell Media.