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TV,eh? What's up in Canadian television

Link: Strange Empire doesn’t need to save the CBC

From Cameron Archer of Gloryosky:

Why Strange Empire Doesn’t Need To “Save The CBC”
With Strange Empire, Laurie Finstad-Knizhnik’s new CBC Television show, two narratives dominate the show’s current publicity – the woman-oriented western angle, and the drama that’s “more substantial” than CBC’s other homegrown dramatic fare. With this in mind, Strange Empire’s debut earned 319,000 viewers on October 6, 2014. Its second episode earned 312,000 viewers on October 13, 2014. That’s not a good start for the latest show that’s allegedly too “un-CBC” for CBC. Continue reading.

Link: Heartland perfectly fills ‘teacup drama’ niche

From James Bawden:

Heartland: A CBC Winner For Sure
Sunday night marks a big anniversary for CBC-TV’s perennial family drama Heartland.
That’s because with its 125th episode it will finally surpass CBC’s Street Legal as the network’s longest continuing hour TV drama. It still has quite a ways to overtake Beachcombers which ran for 17 seasons but in a half hour format. Continue reading.


Tonight: Heartland, Canada’s Smartest Person

Heartland, CBC – “Secrets and Lies”
In the 125th episode, a surprise visitor makes an unwelcome declaration and Amy (Amber Marshall) is forced to deal with the devastating consequences. Meanwhile, a dire animal crisis at the Wildlife Reserve eerily parallels Ty’s (Graham Wardle) personal life when he realizes that some things just can’t be saved. Still stinging from Katie’s pre-school rejection, Lou’s (Michelle Morgan) insistence that a specialist test her daughter brings an unexpected result. And Georgie (Alisha Newton) realizes she needs her own trick riding horse in order to keep up with her nemesis Olivia (Helen Colliander).

Canada’s Smartest Person, CBC
An entrepreneur, teacher, ayurvedic cleaner and a magazine editor compete in six revealing intelligence challenges that go beyond the average IQ test or trivia quiz. Plus, there will be a special guest appearance by world-renowned choreographer to the stars Sean Cheesman.

Link: Bargain Brothers bring extended family to TV

From James Bawden:

Bargain Brothers: Great Canadian Reality TV
To hear Andrew MacIver tell it one day we was watching his favorite Canadian TV network –BNN –and there was a call for potential stars of a new reality series that would be all about a Canadian owned company. “And I followed up and here we are –our series Bargain Brothers starts Tuesday October 21 on BNN.” Continue reading.

Link: Heartland becomes longest-running hour-long drama

From CBC:

CBC’s Heartland to become Canada’s longest running 1-hour TV drama
CBC’s hit show Heartland is celebrating its 125th episode this weekend, which makes it the longest running one-hour drama in Canadian television history. The milestone marks one more episode than another hour-long CBC drama favourite, Street Legal, which ended in 1994. Continue reading.