Everything about Awards, eh?

And the Judy goes to … the full list of CAFTCAD 2020 Award winners

From a media release:

CAFTCAD is proud to announce the winners of the 2020 CAFTCAD Awards in Toronto.

Excellence in Crafts- Illustration
WINNER: Lemony Snicket: A Series of Unfortunate Events,
Season Three
Illustrator: Keith Lau

Excellence in Crafts- Textiles
WINNER: See, Season One
Key Breakdown Artist: Lanny Campbell, Key Assistant Breakdown Artists: Ellie Schultz, Samantha Stroman, Breakdown Artists: Carolyn Bentley, Ciara Brady, & Gaye (GG) Gardiner

Excellence in Building, Eastern Canada – Sponsored by NABET 700 Unifor
WINNER: Murdoch Mysteries Season 13
Cutter: Erika Fulop, Cutter & Sewer for Julia Ogden: Nona Prilipko, Stitchers: Mary Furlong & Sam Crossley, Milliner: Charlene Seniuk

Excellence in Crafts, Western Canada- Building
WINNER: See, Season One
Cutters: Kieu Nguyen, Tannis Hegan, Seamstresses: Ying Quan, Roma Wnuk, Renee Hope Twaddle

Costume Design in Short Film
WINNER: Liam and May
Costume Designer: Lara Berry
On Set Assistant: Yuliana Rubio

Costume Design in Web Series
WINNER: Devouring Dungeon: A One Hit Die Adventure, 303, Bag of Farts
Costume Designer: Odessa Bennett, Costume Designer: Ralamy Kneeshaw
Armourer: Andy Guba, Cutter: Ronda Borneman, Cutter: Ana Simões Marquer, Cutter: Jolane Houle, Set Supervisor: Hilary Boterman

Styling in Commercials & Music Videos – Sponsored by Berman & Co.
WINNER: Anthem “Conviction”
Costume Designer: Kristin Thurber
Assistant Designer: Magdalena Shenher, Coordinator: Sabina Bullard. Head Cutter: Devon Halfnight Lefluffy, Cutter: Gina Hopkins, Stitchers: Vanessa Palmer, Charlotte Chang, Andrea Macdonald & Ashandra Soleil Block, Hero Builder: Salem Taylor, Scar Builders: Jessica Pantella & Dylan Gilbert Lad, Breakdown Key: Christina Simpkin, Breakdown Assist: Veronica Lepik, Leather Worker Key: Richard Wasnock, Work Room Assistant: Rebecca Phillip

Costume Design in Indie Feature – Sponsored by IATSE 891
WINNER: The Incredible 25th Year of Mitzi Bearclaw
Costume Designer: Adriana Fulop
Costume Assistant/Set Supervisor: Vanessa Young, Set Supervisor: Alisha Robinson, Costume Daily: Morgan Penney

Costume Design in TV – Contemporary- Sponsored by IATSE 873
WINNER: Baroness Von Sketch, 401, Humanity is in an Awkward Stage
Costume Designer: Nicole Manek
Assistant Designer: Elise Taylor, Set Supervisor: Delaney Hicock, Truck Supervisor: Aleksia Pavlovic, Buyer/Set Assistant: Gwyneth Barton, Seamstress: Melinda Dempster

Costume Design in TV – Period – Sponsored by IATSE 873
WINNER: The Terror, 206, Taizo
Costume Designer: Tish Monaghan
Assistant Designers: Kenichi Tanaka, Jaida Hay & Takashi (Ash) Bernhardt, Costume Supervisor: Janice Swaze, Costume Coordinator: Kyla Nesbitt, BG Costume Coordinator: Debbie Geaghan, Set Supervisor: Denise Barrett, Truck Costumer: Christina Petford, Key Breakdown Artist: Sharon Fauvel, Breakdown Artists: Katy Johnson & Jim Campbell,Cutters: Rosalie Lee & Elizabeth Raap-Walski, Shoppers/Prep Costumers: Colette Storey & Suzette Soloman, BG Set Supervisor: Katie Johnson, BG Truck Costumer: Maxine Siperko, Prep Costumers: Stephanie Nolan, Sheila Bingham & Emily Laing, Seamstresses: Patrice Yapp, Anna Postawski, Petra Wright, Jillian Little, 7 Sula Salampassis, Kimono Tech: Fumiko Horan

Costume Design in TV- Sci-Fi/Fantasy – Sponsored by IATSE 873
WINNER: Lemony Snicket: A Series of Unfortunate Events, 306,
The Penultimate Peril
Costume Designer: Cynthia Summers
Assistant Designers: Phoebe Parsons & Kelsey Chobotar, Costume Coordinator: Courtney Mckenzie & Lorelei Burk, BG Coordinator: Deanna Palkowski, Illustrator: Keith Lau, Prep Costumer: Madeleine Mckibbon, Natalie Mason, Eli Finley, Marcia Mior, Natasha DeFazio & Miel Nicholson, Background Costumer: Natalina Sabathil, Key Breakdown Artist: Sage Lovett, Breakdown Artists: Chance Lovett, Brittany Morrow, Shelby Page & Alissa Luxford, Head Cutter: Devon Halfnight LeFluffy, Assistant Head Cutter: Norma Bowen, Seamstresses: Lisa Truong, Vina Guigcangco, Anna Postawski, Helena Prentice, Chelsea Murray, Sahar Eslami & Alina Babii, Set Supervisor: Steve Holloway, Truck Costumer: Sanchia Wong, Set Costumer: Steve Oben, BG Set Supervisor: Deanna Palkowski, Costumer: Carmen Bonzelius, BG Truck Costumer: Chloe Sonnenfeld, 2nd Unit Set Supervisor: Magdalena Shenher

Costume Design in Film – Contemporary – Sponsored by IATSE 891
WINNER: Ready or Not
Costume Designer: Avery Plewes
Assistant Costume Designer: Heather Crepp, Set Supervisor: Joey Watson, Truck Supervisor: Anita Schspansky, Breakdown Artist: Alex Kavanagh

Costume Design in Film – Period – Sponsored by IATSE 891
WINNER: The Lighthouse
Costume Designer: Linda Muir,
Managing Director, Seamless Costumes: Kelly Sullivan
Tailor: Marvin Schlichting, Tailor’s Assistant: Stefan Dean Stitchers: Nancy Allen, Lori Bond, Angela Colburne, Monique MacNeill, Leanne Reimer, Lynette Schlichting & Raelene Worthington, Milner: Julie Munson, Bootmaker: Jitterbug Boy, Aging/ Breakdown: Sue Willis, Alima Meyboom, Knitter: Laurie Krempien-Hall, Set Supervisor: Bethana Briffett, Truck Supervisor: Rachael Grant

Nobis Industry Icon
Juul Haalmeyer

Costume Design in Film – International
WINNER: The Song of Names
Costume Designer: Anne Dixon
Assistant Designers: Anna Dal Farra & Clarke Stanley,
Costume Supervisors: Heather Leat, Sosa Juristovszky & Madeleine Tremblay

Costume Design in TV International
WINNER: Daybreak, 107, Canta Tu Vida
Costume Designer: Michael Ground, Assistant Costume Designers: Maria Tortu & Suzanne Barnes, Costume Supervisor: Danny Vick, Head Ager Dyer: Wynema Chavez, Head Cutter: Aura Sperling.

The show was directed by Liz Whitmere and written by Cynthia Amsden. Music composed by Gary Grant, lyrics by Cynthia Amsden. The hosts were Aurora Browne and Jennifer Whalen. Presenters were CBC’s Angeline Tetteh-Wayoe, Toronto Life Fashion’s Odessa Paloma Parker, actors Helene Joy, Lauren Lee Smith, Dewshane Williams, Shanice Banton, Steven McCarthy, Rachel Ancheril, and Salvatore Antonio, fashion bloggers Cailli & Sam Beckerman, and Drag Queens Priyanka Love and Helena Poison. DJ Salazar Solomon performed during the party.

The 2020 CAFTCAD Awards is sponsored by DIAMOND: IATSE 873; IATSE 891. LEGACY Sponsor: Nobis. RUBY: NABET 700-M UNIFOR; Berman & Company. SAPPHIRE: City of Toronto. JADE: Grand Costumier; Canada Life; Sync On Set; IATSE 856. OPAL: Platis Drycleaners; Mokuba; Cactus Sewing Studio; IATSE 634; William F White; Sassoon Salon.

For over a decade, the Canadian Alliance of Film and Television Costume Arts and Design (CAFTCAD) has brought together Canadian costume professionals from all corners of the industry, regardless of union affiliation. The founders of this Alliance understood that Canadian costumers would be stronger together than individually. The CAFTCAD Awards, which held its inaugural event in 2019, was the culmination of these efforts to bring the costuming community together, recognize and reward talent, and usher CAFTCAD onto the world stage.


Winners: The 18th Annual ACTRA Awards in Toronto

From a media release:

ACTRA Toronto is proud to announce the winners of the 18th Annual ACTRA Awards in Toronto.

Outstanding Performance – Female Voice
Bryn McAuley
as Mavis in Hotel Transylvania: The Series, “Portrait of Mavis as a Young Vampire”
(Corus Entertainment)

Outstanding Performance – Male Voice
Carter Hayden as Klaus in Hotel Transylvania: The Series, “Freakerheads” (Corus Entertainment)

Outstanding Performance – Female
Cara Ricketts as Mary Handford-Lacroix in Anne with an E, “What Can Stop the Determined Heart”
(Northwood Entertainment)

Outstanding Performance – Male
Dalmar Abuzeid as Sebastian ‘Bash’ Lacroix in Anne with an E, “What Can Stop the Determined Heart”
(Northwood Entertainment)

For the second consecutive year, the Members’ Choice Series Ensemble Award went to Schitt’s Creek.

Michaela Washburn presented ACTRA Toronto’s 2020 Award of Excellence to Kim’s Convenience‘s Jean Yoon.

Matt Birman presented the ACTRA Toronto Stunt award to stunt performer Kevin Rushton who passed away last year.

The 18th Annual ACTRA Awards in Toronto were presented at a live show and gala tonight at The Carlu. DJ Salazar Solomon performed the show together with saxophonist Geoff Bournes and trumpeter Howard Leathers. The show was written by David Galeand Diane Flacks and directed by David Gale.

ACTRA Toronto is the largest organization within ACTRA, representing more than 15,000 of Canada’s 25,000 professional performers working in recorded media in Canada. As an advocate for Canadian culture since 1943, ACTRA is a member-driven union that continues to secure rights and respect for the work of professional performers.


Hits and Misses: The 2020 Canadian Screen Awards nominees

First off, a hearty congratulations to everyone who has been nominated for a 2020 Canadian Screen Award. I’ve spoken to many of you over the years and enjoyed our chats, your kindness and awesome skills whether you work in front of or behind the camera.

The Canadian Screen Awards are, I believe, as important and justified in their existence as the Golden Globe Awards, Primetime Emmys and BAFTA Awards; and with that comes the scrutiny that befalls the Academy and the nominations it puts forth every year. What does that mean? I poke, prod and peruse the television categories and scrutinize every decision the Academy has made with regard to the 2020 television nominations.

Here are my thoughts on several of the key categories. Let me know your own thoughts in the comments section below!

Best Drama Series

  • Anne with an E
  • Cardinal
  • Coroner
  • Mary Kills People
  • Vikings

I’m thrilled to see such a diverse group of shows listed in this category. What Moira Walley-Beckett achieved with her adaptation of Anne of Green Gables was inspired, Cardinal put Canada on the map with regard to dark, brooding murder series, Coroner was the CBC’s biggest new hit in years, and Mary Kills People proved a controversial topic can air in primetime. As for Vikings? Well, I admire what creator Michael Hirst has done creating a wonderful world first inhabited by Ragnar Lothbrok and passed on to his sons, but I feel other shows were more deserving. Where is Killjoys, which has been so damn good during its entire run? Or how about Pure, which closed out a wonderful (perhaps) final season over on Super Channel? And, finally, Burden of Truth‘s second season was simply stellar, combining legal and life drama in tight storylines.

Best Comedy Series

  • Jann
  • Kim’s Convenience
  • Letterkenny
  • Schitt’s Creek
  • Workin’ Moms

I have no issues with any of the shows in this category. Jann blew everyone out of the water, establishing Jann Arden as a comic force on television and Letterkenny continues to come up with WTF moments. Schitt’s Creek showed yet another side to its sweet story of acceptance and Kim’s Convenience never fails to make me laugh and touch my heart. And though I’m happy Workin’ Moms is here, I don’t feel like Season 3 was its strongest. There were certainly moments where I nodded in understanding and laughed at its outrageous scenes, but I was a little befuddled/nonplussed by the Forrest/Kate storyline.

Best Reality/Competition Program or Series

  • The Amazing Race Canada
  • Big Brother Canada
  • Blown Away
  • The Great Canadian Baking Show
  • Top Chef Canada

Amid all of the Canadian spinoffs is Blown Away, a newcomer that, pun intended, blew me away. If you had told me putting a bunch of characters in a Hamilton factory and challenging them to make blown glass art for the chance to win money would be compelling TV, I would have laughed at you. But that’s exactly what Blown Away did. It deserves the trophy.

Best Sketch Comedy Show & Ensemble Performance

  • Baroness Von Sketch Show
  • The Beaverton
  • Tallboyz
  • This Hour Has 22 Minutes

Is there any other sketch show out there that hasn’t been included? Email me if the Academy missed one.

Best Lead Actor, Drama

  • Peter Mooney, Burden of Truth
  • Billy Campbell, Cardinal
  • Jerry O’Connell, Carter
  • Roger Cross, Coroner
  • Shawn Doyle, Unspeakable

This is a fantastic list of actors, but I am a little confused by what the Academy defines as a drama. Jerry O’Connell is great on Carter, but his performance could easily fit in the comedy category. I know it’s up to the production companies to submit, so I’ll give the Academy a bit of a break. Also, Unspeakable was more of a limited series than a series. Perhaps the Academy should bring back that category so shows like Unspeakable and Cardinal can duke it out there. And, to be honest, where is Yannick Bisson in all this? His Detective William Murdoch showed incredible range last season, from deep drama to gut-busting comedy. When is he going to get his due?

Best Lead Actress, Drama

  • Amybeth McNulty, Anne with an E
  • Karine Vanasse, Cardinal
  • Serinda Swan, Coroner
  • Lauren Lee Smith, Frankie Drake Mysteries
  • Caroline Dhavernas, Mary Kills People

Where is Hannah John-Kamen from Killjoys, Melanie Scrofano from Wynonna Earp or Hélène Joy from Murdoch Mysteries?

Best Lead Actor, Comedy

  • Paul Sun-Hyung Lee, Kim’s Convenience
  • Jared Keeso, Letterkenny
  • Jason Priestley, Private Eyes
  • Daniel Levy, Schitt’s Creek
  • Eugene Levy, Schitt’s Creek

A very strong bunch of fellows are in this category and all are equally deserving. It’s great to see Mr. Priestley in this category; his comic chops make Private Eyes howl-worthy.

Best Lead Actress, Comedy Series

  • Jann Arden, Jann
  • Jean Yoon, Kim’s Convenience
  • Michelle Mylett, Letterkenny
  • Annie Murphy, Schitt’s Creek
  • Catherine O’Hara, Schitt’s Creek

Another wonderful list of nominees. I only wish there was room for Andrea Bang from Kim’s Convenience, Dani Kind from Workin’ Moms or Cindy Sampson from Private Eyes.

The 2020 Canadian Screen Awards will be broadcast live Sunday, March 29 at 8 p.m. ET  on CBC.


Nominations announced for the 2020 Canadian Screen Awards

From a media release:

The nominees for the 2020 Canadian Screen Awards were announced today in 141 film, television, and digital media categories by the Academy of Canadian Cinema & Television (the Canadian Academy). The Awards will be presented in Toronto over five days during Canadian Screen Week, including the Canadian Screen Awards Broadcast Gala, which airs live on CBC and the CBC Gem streaming service on Sunday, March 29 at 8:00 PM (9:00 PM AT/9:30 PM NT).

The CBC hit series Schitt’s Creek leads both television and overall Canadian Screen Award nominations with 26 in total. These include: Best Comedy Series; Best Writing, Comedy; and Best Direction, Comedy, as well as multiple acting nominations in Best Lead Actor, Comedy; Best Lead Actress, Comedy; Best Supporting Actress, Comedy; and Best Supporting Actor, Comedy. Leading the film categories, François Girard’s The Song of Names received nine nominations in total, including Achievement in Art Direction / Production Design, Achievement in Costume Design, and Achievement in Visual Effects.

For the list of 2020 Canadian Screen Awards nominees, please visit academy.ca/nominees.

“Whether our nominees are household names or not as well known, we are privileged to celebrate their achievements at the Canadian Screen Awards,” said Beth Janson, CEO, Academy of Canadian Cinema & Television. “Supporting these voices has never been more important, and we are proud to be at the heart of those efforts.”

“What was a moment is now a full-on movement, with Canadians and the content they create finally giving a voice to the vibrant communities they represent,” said John Young, Chair, Academy of Canadian Cinema & Television. “We are honoured to bring well-deserved attention to these incredible creative works.”

The Academy of Canadian Cinema & Television proudly acknowledges the support of its Leading Media Partner, CBC; its Premier Partner, Telefilm Canada; Platinum Partner, CTV; Principal Partner, Netflix; and its Lead Partners, the Canada Media Fund, Cineplex, and the Cogeco Fund.

Canadian Screen Week – March 23 – 29, 2020
Canadian Screen Week brings together the screen-based industry to celebrate the country’s top talent in the film, television, and digital sectors with a multitude of events that culminate in the live broadcast of the Canadian Screen Awards on CBC and the CBC Gem streaming service on March 29, 2020 at 8:00 PM (9:00 PM AT / 9:30 PM NT). The week as a whole engages, inspires, and educates Canadians in the media industry and beyond. In addition to five award galas, the fan-favourite Family Fan Day meet and greet event (presented by Shaw Rocket Fund, March 28, 2020) and the Members Lounge professional development conference and coworking hub (March 23 – March 27, 2020) offer both members and the general public the chance to enjoy Canadian Screen Week.

Canadian Screen Award winners and Special Award recipients will be honoured at one of the five gala events: The CTV Gala Honouring Non-Fiction Programming (March 23, 2020); The CTV Gala Honouring Creative Fiction Storytelling (March 24, 2020); The Gala Honouring Digital Storytelling (presented with the participation of the Independent Production Fund, March 28, 2020); The Cinematic Arts Gala (presented by CBC Films, March 29, 2020); and the Canadian Screen Awards Broadcast Gala (March 29, 2020).


The CAFTCAD Awards salute the best in Canadian costume design

It’s said that clothes make the man. I don’t know about that, but it certainly makes a television show, movie or digital series. As important as the actors, script, music, set design and makeup, costuming can make a break a project.

Established in 2006, the Canadian Alliance of Film and Television Costume and Arts Design is a community that has come together to promote their artistic talents and each other. Recently, the group announced the nominees for its second awards gala, which brings the costuming community together to recognize and reward talent.

We spoke to Joanna Syrokomla (above left), who is co-chair of the CAFTCAD Awards alongside Cynthia Amsden (above right), about the group and their upcoming gala, hosted by Baroness Von Sketch Show‘s Jennifer Whelan and Aurora Browne.

Who is the Canadian Alliance of Film and Television Costume and Arts Design?
Joanna Syrokomla:  We are a nonpartisan, not-for-profit association of costume designers and costume art events and costume support staff that have come together to want to promote our artistic talents and promote each other. We put on networking events, seminars, workshops. We put on an event at TIFF called Celebration of Costumes. It’s about networking and promoting and bringing together voices and learning. And I’ve seen some people do remarkably well in their careers by joining CAFTCAD and volunteering for events and meeting people and growing.

How long has CAFTCAD been around?
JS: We started in 2006, but officially incorporated in 2008. And it started off with just half a dozen of us sitting around someone’s studio, saying, ‘We want more recognition and gathering and a cohesion of these types of people.’

When you’re watching a film or a television show or something online, an integral part of that is the costuming, and clearly there was a void that needed to be filled by your group because there wasn’t any of that recognition going around.
JS: There are some awards that do exist in Canada. The Canadian Screen Awards has one for film and one for television. The Leos has something. It was just with this event, we knew that there are different types of costume work that gets done, whether it be in the sci-fi or the period category. I was also very excited to look at what people do with really small budgets. There’s some incredible work that gets done in web design.

I just wanted to recognize that these are different types of work with different budget levels and support staff, and some incredible work that still speaks of character and plots and stories still happens in all these different types of ways. It’s not about the biggest movie with the most amount of costumes, which is often what wins at these larger events.

Costume designer Antoinette Messam

Explain the Excellence in Illustration category for me a little bit.
JS: Illustrator is a professional position in the costume department. The costume designer imagines, discusses, what the character will look like, and a drawing will occur to decide what is the length of the cape or whatnot. So these drawings are made for discussions with producers and directors and the network, but they’re also made as technical garments. They’re also made as technical sketches for the people who either have to make them or built them or dye them or whatever. And so we created an Illustrator category to recognize that this is one of the crafts that is a cornerstone of successful costume design, being able to, I don’t know the word if the word portray, be able to explain designers’ ideas.

In the press release about the awards, there is a newly minted International awards category. What are the requirements for that category?
JS: The requirements to be eligible for a CAFTCAD award in all categories is that 50 per cent of the production must have been made or built or created in Canada. But we did recognize that some of our very talented costume designers were leaving the country, whether they were going to Europe or America, and still costume designing. And we wanted to recognize those people, but we knew that we needed slightly different parameters for them and we wanted to recognize that.

For instance, Anne Dixon won the International Award for The Song of Names, and she did a really beautiful job, and that we know that she’s born and bred here, and that we recognize our talent even on an international stage. Instead of changing our requirements we created these new awards to recognize our own talent.

The 2020 recipient of the Nobis Industry Icon Award is Juul Haalmeyer. Why is he the recipient?
JS: He is an icon of Canadian costume history. He’s been around in the industry for quite some time. He was there at the beginning of some very interesting times with Canadian comedy that was also blossoming, whether it be The Doug Henning Show or SCTV. He also owns a costume rental house that many of us use and frequent. And he’s often supportive of production and he’s an interesting character. He’s a bit of a cornerstone to I guess you’d say the Canadian costume community.

The co-hosts for the awards are Aurora Browne and Jennifer Whalen from Baroness Von Sketch. What will they bring to the event?
JS:  I think they will definitely bring a warmth to the evening. They’re huge supporters of costume and clothing fashion, with all the familiarity of these different characters they have to play, they understand that costume can generate a character and support their performance. Obviously there’s a humour that’s going to be there. And I think it’s just going to be lovely and fun and warm and hilarious.

The CAFTCAD Gala Awards Event takes place Sunday, March 1, at the Aga Khan Museum in Toronto.