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Screen Nova Scotia announces 2022 award nominees and return to in-person gala

From a media release:

Screen Nova Scotia is pleased to officially announce the nominees for the 8th annual Screen Nova Scotia Awards Gala, which will take place on Saturday, June 18th, in the Schooner Ballroom at Casino Nova Scotia. The awards recognize and celebrate the incredible talent, creativity, and passion that are the trademarks of Nova Scotia’s film, television and animation industry. This will be the first full capacity, in-person awards gala since 2019 when the COVID-19 pandemic moved the event to an online format for two years.

Notable awards presented during the event include the ACTRA Maritimes Awards for Outstanding Performances, the Film Crew Excellence Award, the Women in Film & Television – Atlantic Award, the Community Recognition Award, and the Screen Nova Scotia awards for best television, film, and animation. New SNS award categories this year include the award for Outstanding Achievement in Cinematography and the Groundbreaking Performance Award, which includes a cash prize of $500 and will be awarded to a diverse performer who does not yet meet the eligibility criteria for the ACTRA awards for their work in a film or television/web series.

Additionally, ACTRA has updated their awards to remove categorization based on gender, type of role, and format. There are now four awards handed out from the list of twenty nominees for “Outstanding Performance,” determined by a jury of their peers.

The event will be co-hosted by a star-studded cast featuring some of Nova Scotia’s brightest talents from in front of and behind the camera. Individual tickets and group tables are on sale now via Screen Nova Scotia’s website: www.screennovascotia.com. Please note that tickets are limited and our last in-person show was a sold-out event.

The winners of the Community Recognition Award, the Film Crew Excellence Award, and the Groundbreaking Performance Award will be announced live during the event.

Best Feature Film
– 8:37 Rebirth (Rebirth Films Inc.)
– Dawn, Her Dad & the Tractor (Picture Plant Inc.)
– Night Blooms (Shut Up & Colour Pictures)
– Wildhood (Rebel Road Films)

Best Documentary Film
– A New World of Hurt (Auguste Content, Clothesline Media)
– Deserted (The Lunenburg Doc Fest, Picnic Studios)
– Freedom Swell (Mirror Image Media)
– The New Human (McLean Media Enterprises, Dreamsmith Entertainment)

Best Short Film
– The Artistic Accountant (Make Your Day Productions)
– Baduk (You First Productions)
– Breakout (Blurry Logo Productions)
– Dust Bath (CUT/OFF/TAIL Pictures)

Best Television Series
– Diggstown, S3 (Waterstar Entertainment, Circle Blue Entertainment)
– Moonshine, S1 (Six Eleven Media)
– Spirit Talker S2 (Rebel Road Films, Tell Tale Productions)
– This Hour Has 22 Minutes S29 (22M Hour Productions)

Best Animated Series
– The Casagrandes (Jam Filled Entertainment)
– Dennis & Me S2 (Cartoon Conrad)
– Teen Titans Go! S6 (Copernicus Entertainment)

Outstanding Achievement in Cinematography
– Kevin Fraser
– Halley Hellmich
– Paul McCurdy
– Jeff Wheaton

WIFT-AT — Best Nova Scotia Director Award:
– Stephanie Joline (Night Blooms)
– Induk Lee (Baduk)
– Christine McLean (The New Human)
– Juanita Peters (8:37 Rebirth)
– Shelley Thompson (Dawn, Her Dad & the Tractor)

ACTRA Maritimes Awards for Outstanding Performances:
– Beth Amiro (Second Wedding)
– Vinessa Antoine (Diggstown S3)
– Mary-Colin Chisholm (Wildhood)
– Francine Deschepper (Dawn, Her Dad & the Tractor)
– Pasha Ebrahim (8:37 Rebirth)
– Susan Kent (Diggstown S3)
– Celia Koughan (Moonshine)
– Koumbie (I Hate You)
– Calem MacDonald (Night Blooms)
– Bob Mann (Second Wedding)
– Alexandra McDonald (Night Blooms)
– Desna Michael Thomas (Wildhood)
– Taylor Olson (I Hate You)
– Reid Price (Dawn, Her Dad & the Tractor)
– Jennie Raymond (Night Blooms)
– Jacob Sampson (Diggstown S3)
– Amy Trefry (8:37 Rebirth)
– Rob Wells (Dawn, Her Dad & the Tractor)
– Samantha Wilson (Night Blooms)
– Avery Winters-Anthony (Wildhood)

Moonshine image courtesy of Sheri Elwood.


Costume designs and costume crafts of Nightmare Alley, Sort Of and Schmigadoon! sashay with top honours at this year’s CAFTCAD Awards

The Annual CAFTCAD Awards premiered May 7th at 9 pm ET on YouTube and www.thecaftcadawards.com. With in-person screenings in Toronto, Calgary and Vancouver, industry insiders came together to celebrate new groundbreaking costumes for characters and stories.

Directed by Liz Whitmere and hosted by the dazzling Steffi Didomenicantonio and Anand Rajaram, whose on-screen chemistry and enthusiasm warrant their own comedic sitcom.

“These costumes from achingly gritty circus folk to futuristic explorers have now become part of our consciousness. I am astounded by the originality I see from Canadian costume designers and their teams. We’re becoming known internationally for our abilities to find new takes on garment construction, finishing techniques and colour palettes. I am always incredibly proud that we commend their immense talents with this event,” said CAFTCAD Awards Chair Joanna Syrokomla.

Excellence in Crafts – Illustration, Sponsored by IATSE 891
WINNER: Schmigadoon! 102, Lovers’ Spat – Keith Lau
Costume Designer: Tish Monaghan, Asst Costume Designer: Summer Dietz, 2nd Asst Costume Designer: Nancy Bryant, Costume Supervisor: Jennifer Grossman, Costume Illustrator: Terry Pitts

Excellence in Crafts Award – Building
WINNER: Nightmare Alley – Nightmare Alley Cutting Team
Costume Designer: Luis Sequeira, Costume Cutter/Tailor: Philip Atfield, Costume Cutters: Loreen Lightfoot, Carla Mingiardi, Tamiyo Tomihiro & Ahmad Zargaran

Excellence in Crafts Award – Textiles
WINNER: Snake Eyes: G.I. Joe Origins – Lanny Campbell, Samantha Stroman, Ellie Schultz, and Carolyn Bentley
Costume Designer: Louise Mingenbach, Assistant Designer: Koreen Heaver, Costume Supervisor: Janice MacIsaac

Excellence in Crafts Award – SPFX Building
WINNER: Strangers- AirBnB – Tannis Hegan and Keith Arbuthnot
MastersFX shop, Creature Designer: Sonny Gerasimowicz

Costume Design in Short Film
WINNER: Kiri and the Girl – Carmen Thompson
Set Supervisor: Jason Pillay

Costume Design in Web Series
WINNER: Kidoodle TV, Story Snacks: What’s the Word? – Rebecca Toon

Styling / Design in Music Videos & Commercials, Sponsored by Berman & Co.
WINNER: Ontario Power Generation / Dam Ridiculous – Marie-Eve Tremblay
Assistant Costume Designer: Megan Bonenfant, Custom Built Chest Waders and Hat: Izzy Camilleri

Costume Design in Indie Feature
WINNER: A Nightmare Wakes – Jennifer Stroud
Assistant Costume Designer: Jasmine Murray-Bergquist, Wardrobe Assistants: Veundja Katuuo, Madeleine Shepherd, Natalie Wrubleski & Katie Kahut

Costume Design in TV West – Contemporary, Sponsored by IATSE 873
WINNER: Maid 109, Sky Blue – Lorraine Carson
Assistant Designer: Kevin Knight, Supervisor: Kurtis Reeves, Set Supervisor: Amy Spear, Truck Costumer: Jody Deruiter, BG Coordinator: Emily Laing, Set Costumers: Debbie Humphreys, Caitlin Krantz, Key Breakdown Artist: Karen Durrant, Breakdown Assist: Katharine Humber, Prep Costumers: Michelle Grossmith, Deborah Rodrigo-Tyzio, Royce Ribeiro, Buyers: Sheena Mair, Jordan Hintz, Caitee Williams, Meghan Paterson, Cutters: Djamila Hamani, Rosalie Boland.

Costume Design in TV East – Contemporary, Sponsored by IATSE 873
WINNER: Sort Of 101, Sort of Gone – Shelley Mansell
Assistant Costume Designer: Juliann Wilding, Costume Buyer: Jo Jin, Costume Set Supervisor: Lyndsay Reader, Costume Truck Supervisor: Jade Braithwaite, Costume BG Coordinator: Genevieve Pearson, Cutter/Sewer: Angela Elter, Office Assist: Chantel Bedward

Costume Design In TV- Period- Sponsored By IATSE 873
WINNER: Schmigadoon! 101, Schmigadoon – Tish Monaghan
Assistant Designer: Summer Dietz, 2nd Assistant Designer: Nancy Bryant, Costume Supervisor: Jennifer Grossman, Buyer/Prep Costumers: Suzette Soloman & Colette Storey, Prep Costumers: Kim Bejar, Corinne Mameli & Ulrika Rosenblad, Head Cutter: Rosalie Lee, Cutters: Kieu Nguyen, Laszlo Marton, Tannis Hegan & Savino Peragine, Seamstresses: Patrice Yapp, Karen McVey, Kristina Alary, Caroline Cheng, Sisi Chan, Holly Anderson, Susan Raglin & Petra Wright, Breakdown Artists: Sage Lovett, Lanny Campbell, Chance Lovett & Samantha Stroman, Set Supervisor: Jeffrey Fayle, Truck Supervisor: Ali Kennedy, Dancer Set Supervisor: J.Paul Lavigne, BG Set Supervisor: Gina Hopkins, Set Costumers: Cat Mudryk, Heather Mitchell, Heather Mitchell, Valeria Maichen, Lise Hache & Jessica Pantella, Costume Illustrators: Keith Lau & Terry Pitts

Costume Design in TV – Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Sponsored by IATSE 873
WINNER: Star Trek: Discovery 401 Kobayashi Maru – Gersha Phillips
Costume Supervisors: Sheryl Willock & Becky Mackinnon, Assistant Costume Designers: Carly Nicodemo, Camellia Koo, Christina Cattle, & Laura Delchiaro, Assistant Costume Designer/BG Coordinator: Heather Constable, Buyers: Rashmi Varma, Kaitlyn Fifield, Money Tracker: Tova Harrison, Costume Assistant/Assistant BG Coordinator: Bianka Meroe, Costume Assistants: Grace Whyte, Emmanuelle Kraus, Sam Baljet & Marlena Kaesler, Digital Asset Manager: Liam McCabe, Illustrators: Ciara Brennan & Christian Cordella, Head Cutter: Monique MacNeill, Cutters: Kim Crossley, Ashley McKee, Reilly Kizer & Glen McClintock, First Hand: Chloe Tekavcic, Sewers: Karen Merriam, Malia Janveaux, Marie Glass, Leanne Reimer, Jane Haselgrove, Tori Lang, Catherine Brodeur, Bianca Tufford, Iliana Harendorf, & Emaan El-Houini, Key Textile Artist: Bonnie McCabe, Textile Artists: David Webb, Chantelle Hermiston, and Urs Dierker, Key FX Costumers: James Bolton and Saman Hamid, FX Costumers: Ray Wong, Hayley Stolee-Smith, Gwen Barton, Matt Sherren, Monica Lee, Kiga Tymianski, & Heetesh Patel, FX Sculptor/Molders: Ananthy Rajah, Scott Patterson, Kevin Morra, Daniel Baker & Chris Cooper, Set Supervisor: Kymn Keating, Truck Supervisor: Chelsea Oliver: Assistant Set Supervisor: Tara Thompson, Assistant Set Supervisor: Melesia Llewellyn, BG Coordinator/Assistant BG Coordinator: Melanie Lian, BG Set Supervisor: Eyob Desalgne

Costume Design in Film – Contemporary
WINNER: Night Raiders – Kendra Terpenning
Assistant Costume Designer: Joey Watson, Set Supervisor: Kurupae Rikihana, Truck Supervisor: Ashley Offredi, Costume Assistant: Gwendolyn Preboy, Key Breakdown: Jennifer Lantz, Costume Apprentice: Theresa Stevenson

Costume Design in Film – Period
WINNER: Nightmare Alley – Luis Sequeira
Assistant Costume Designer: Ann Steel, Costume Supervisor: Suzanne Aplin, Costume Coordinator: Claire Levick, Costumes Tracker: Michele Kokkinakis, Costume On-Set Supervisor: Jozie Conte, Set Costumer: Christina Cattle, Costume Truck Supervisor: Susan Nycz, Cast #1 Personal Dresser: Wayne Godfrey, Cast #2 Personal Dresser: Elayne Alexander, BG Set Supervisor: Rebecca McDermid, BG Supervisor: Amy Sztulwark, BG Coordinator: Hanne Whitfield, Buyer Coordinator: Heather Crepp, Buyers: Anita Bacic, Nathalie Gysel, Sara Schilt, Gillian Steinhardt, Cat Wadden, Key Cutter: Tamiyo Tomihiro, Cutter/Tailor: Philip Atfield, Cutter/Milliner: Loreen Lightfoot, Cutters: Carla Mingiardi, Ahmad Zargaran, BG Cutter: Lise St. Germain, Sewers: Sylvie Bonniere, Jaya Ducharme, Rebecca Fowler, Judy MacDougall, Alyssa Nasvadi, Ying Zhao, BG Sewers: Teresa Artibello, Heather Rautiainen, Key Breakdown Artists: Meghan Ancheta, Melanie Turcotte, Co-Key Breakdown Artist: Tamara Rigby-Funke, Breakdown Artists: Katy Clement, Bob Welsh, Debbie Williams & Jonathan Girard, Costume Assistants: Tess Barbieri, Julia Campisi, Lisa Prince, Charlotte Robertson, Sidney Sproule, Jean Wong, Costume PA’s: Roberto Balinado, Leyla Godfrey, Shila Rashid, Jacqueline Rossini

Costume Design in Film & TV – International
WINNER: The Harder They Fall – Antoinette Messam
Assistant Costume Designer: Whitney Galitz, Supervisor: Conan Castro Jr, Coordinator: Margaret Flaszynska, Head Tailor/Cutter: Erica Ciaglia, Tailors: Paula Trujillo & Debra Chapman, Head Ager/Dyer: Jesse Trevino, Assistant Ager/Dyer: Susan Kohl, Set Costumers: Brian Barela, Bradford Booth, Tiffany Rink, & Michelle Kelly, 2nd Unit Set Costumer: Jeffry Cookie Compton, 2nd Unit Truck Costumer: Andrew Sanchez, Buyer/Truck Costumer: Kit Noller, Key Costumer: Jill Machlis, BG Costumer/Buyer: Neishea Lemle, Buyer: Catharine Stuart, Concept Artist: James Casey Holland

Nobis Industry Icon
Jeff Churchill

For over a decade, the Canadian Alliance of Film and Television Costume Arts and Design (CAFTCAD) has worked towards bringing together Canadian costume professionals from all corners of the industry, regardless of union affiliation. CAFTCAD has succeeded in creating a thriving environment within which members can share, learn and advance their craft, while simultaneously raising the awareness of the contributions these artisans have made in the international industry of film, television, video, and commercials.

The CAFTCAD Awards, which held its inaugural event in 2019, is the culmination of these efforts to bring the costuming community together, recognize and reward talent, and usher CAFTCAD onto the world stage.


WGC Screenwriting Awards 2022 winners announced

From a media release:

In a funny, lively virtual ceremony held this evening, host Nile Séguin announced the winners of the 26th annual Writers Guild of Canada Screenwriting Awards.

Some winners of 2022’s top prizes include Bilal Baig & Fab Filippo (Sort Of), Michael McGowan (All My Puny Sorrows), Tassie Cameron & Sherry White (Pretty Hard Cases), and Amanda Joy (The Parker Andersons I Amelia Parker).

Special awards were also presented to Carolyn Saunders, winner of the Sondra Kelly Award, and Matt Huether, who was awarded the Alex Barris Mentorship Award. Anthony Q. Farrell, creator and showrunner of Overlord and the Underwoods and The Parker Andersons I Amelia Parker, received the night’s final prize, the Showrunner Award. The Denis McGrath Award for Service to the WGC was also presented to Michael Amo, who has served the Guild for the past 12 years as a member of Council, representing the Atlantic region.

Please see below for the complete list of winning scripts and screenwriters.

The 27th Annual WGC Screenwriting Awards are now being planned and hopefully, we will be celebrating live once again. In the meantime, 2022’s presentation will be posted to the WGC YouTube Channel.

A digital program, listing all nominations, nominees and special awards winners, is also available here for download.


Odd Squad Mobile Unit, “H2 Oh No” I Written by Lakna Edilima

Sort Of, “Sort of Gone” I Written by Bilal Baig & Fab Filippo

Pretty Hard Cases, “Bananas” I Written by Tassie Cameron & Sherry White

All My Puny Sorrows I Written by Michael McGowan

As Gouda As It Gets I Written by James Phillips

Elinor Wonders Why, “Olive’s Tree” I Written by Michael Foulke

My Pride: The Series “Fire” I Written by Maddi Patton

The Parker Andersons I Amelia Parker, “Joy” I Written by Amanda Joy

Carolyn Saunders

Matt Huether

Michael Amo

Anthony Q. Farrell

The Writers Guild of Canada represents more than 2,500 professional English-language screenwriters across Canada, the creators of Canadian entertainment enjoyed on all screens. WGC.ca @WGCtweet


TV, Eh? Podcast Episode 244: Production begins on Crave’s Little Bird, The Kids in the Hall return and post CSAs recap

This week, Greg and Amy go through debuts and returns on the Canadian TV calendar. Then, we cover a bunch of Canadian TV news, including production kicking off on Little Bird, The Kids in the Hall returning with new episodes, Bell Media teaming up with all-Black executive production team to develop Canada’s first Black-focused bilingual anthology series Festivale, and the death of Paul Pope.

We close out by discussing the Canadian Screen Awards gala by reviewing the top TV categories.


Banff’s 2022 Rockie Awards International Program Competition nominees announced

From a media release:

The Banff World Media Festival (BANFF) is pleased to announce the full list of nominees for the 2022 Rockie Awards International Program Competition, recognizing excellence in television and digital media from around the globe. Hosted by actress and comedian Rakhee Morzaria (Run the Burbs), the Rockies Program Competition ceremony will be held in-person as well as live-streamed on YouTube during this year’s Festival at 6:30 pm ET (4:30 pm MT) on Monday, June 13th.

The Rockie Awards International Program Competition is one of the largest awards programs of its kind, juried by an esteemed panel of 150 international industry professionals and covering all major genres. The Rockie Awards Grand Jury chooses the coveted Grand Jury Prize, selected from the top-scoring programs across the entire field of nominees. This year’s Grand Jury includes: Vanessa Brookman, Head of Kids EMEA, WarnerMedia; Trish Williams, Executive Director, Scripted Content, CBC; James Blue, Head, Smithsonian Channel & Senior VP, MTV News and Docs, ViacomCBS Entertainment & Youth Brands; Young-kyu Kim, Co-CEO, Studio Dragon; Caroline Hollick,  Head of Drama, Channel 4; Candice Wilson Cherry, Head of Development and Production, LOL and Monika Ille, Director, APTN.

“This year’s Rockie Awards are more international than ever before,” said Jenn Kuzmyk, Executive Director of the Banff World Media Festival. “The creative spirit and exceptional work across the nominees truly exemplify the very best of global content.  We can’t wait to share this year’s show and celebrate in-person with nominees and winners once again in Canada’s beautiful Rockie Mountains.”

In addition to the Grand Jury Prize, the $25,000 Rogers Prize for Excellence in Canadian Content, awarded to the top Canadian production and The Francophone Prize for the top French-language production will also be awarded in addition to other special awards. In total, 29 awards will be bestowed in the category streams of Documentary & Factual, Arts & Entertainment, Children & Youth, Scripted, and Podcast, in addition to the presentation of several Rockies Gala Awards to be announced soon.

Leading nominations by company are:

  • British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) – 23 nominations
  • National Geographic and Disney Branded Television – 9 nominations each
  • HBO – 7 nominations
  • Sky – 6 nominations
  • Warner Brothers – 5 nominations

Leading nominations by country are:

  • USA – 54 nominations
  • UK – 59 nominations
  • Canada – 30 nominations
  • Australia – 9 nominations
  • France – 6 nominations

Additional countries represented in the nominations are:

  • Argentina
  • Austria
  • Belgium
  • Brazil
  • Canary Islands
  • China
  • Denmark
  • Finland
  • Germany
  • India
  • Ireland
  • Italy
  • Mexico
  • Netherlands
  • New Zealand
  • Norway
  • Poland
  • Qatar
  • Singapore
  • Sweden
  • Uruguay

FOR THE FULL LIST OF NOMINEES, PLEASE VISIT: https://rockies.playbackonline.ca/nominees

Now in its 43rd year, BANFF is the international conference and marketplace where new business partnerships are forged and new TV, film and digital media projects are ignited. With delegates from 50+ countries, the Festival attracts the world’s top creators, producers, showrunners, talent, networks, studios, streamers, press and media companies. In addition, BANFF continues to deliver important fellowships and initiatives including The BANFF Spark Accelerator for Women in the Business of Media, supported by the Government of Canada which empowers and trains Canadian women entrepreneurs to launch and grow their own sustainable businesses within the screen-based industries as well as the Netflix-BANFF Diversity of Voices Initiative, a program that jumpstarts and accelerates the careers of up to 100 Black, Indigenous and People of Colour producers and creators.


Rakhee Morzaria is an actress and comedian who produced, wrote, and starred in the Canadian Screen Award and Canadian Comedy Award-nominated web series, NOTE TO SELF about the daily adventures of an overconfident second-generation millennial.

Rakhee has performed at the Toronto Fringe Festival, Toronto Sketchfest, SheDot Festival, Hart House Theatre and Bad Dog Theatre. She is a graduate of Factory Theatre’s artistic training program, Second City’s Conservatory, the Second City Bob Curry Fellowship Program, and she has performed in various shows with the company. Her on-screen credits include Global TV’s PRIVATE EYES, FX’s WHAT WE DO IN THE SHADOWS, and HUDSON & REX.

Her comedy has been featured at the WIFT-T showcase, Atlantic Film Festival, and the National Screen Institute’s Film Festival.

Rakhee Morzaria is a writer and star in CBC’s original Comedy Run the Burbs, which will return to CBC and CBC Gem for season 2 in 2023.

Image courtesy of CBC.