Everything about Awards, eh?

Banff’s 2023 Rockie Awards International Program Competition nominees announced

From a media release:

The Banff World Media Festival (BANFF) is pleased to announce the 2023 Rockie Awards International Program Competition Nominees, recognizing excellence in television and digital media from around the globe. The Rockie Awards ceremony will be held in-person as well as live-streamed during this year’s Festival on Monday, June 12th at 5:00pm MT (7pm ET, 4pm PT).

The Rockie Awards International Program Competition is one of the most prestigious awards programs in the world, juried by an esteemed panel of 150 senior international industry professionals and covering all major genres.

The Rockie Awards Grand Jury chooses the coveted Grand Jury Prize, selected from the top-scoring programs across the entire field of nominees. This year’s esteemed Grand Jury includes:

In addition to the Grand Jury Prize, the $25,000 Rogers Prize for Excellence in Canadian Content, awarded to the top Canadian production and the Prix Francophone for the top French language production will also be awarded as well as other special awards. In total, 27 awards will be bestowed in the category streams of Documentary & Factual, Arts & Entertainment, Children & Youth, Scripted, and Podcast, in addition to the presentation of several Rockies Gala Awards to be announced soon.

Leading nominations by company are:
• British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) – 21 nominations
• FX Networks – 5 nominations
• National Geographic / Disney Branded Television – 5 nominations
• Warner Bros. Discovery – 5 nominations

Leading nominations by country are:
• USA – 52 nominations
• UK – 41 nominations
• Canada – 37 nominations
• Germany – 8 nominations
• Australia – 6 nominations
• France – 6 nominations

FOR THE FULL LIST OF NOMINEES, PLEASE VISIT: https://rockies.playbackonline.ca/nominees

About the Rockie Awards:
With a 44-year legacy, the Rockie Awards International Program Competition is open to genres and platforms including drama, non-fiction, digital, kids, youth and podcasts. Timed in the heart of awards voting season, the prestigious Banff World Media Festival competition recognizes excellence in global television and digital content. Entries from more than 45 countries compete each year, and winners are selected by an international industry jury of 150+ senior entertainment and media professionals.

About the Banff World Media Festival
Now in its 44th year, and with 45+ countries participating, the Banff World Media Festival (BANFF) and the Rockie Awards host one of the most important global conferences and content development marketplaces – gathering top creators, producers, showrunners, talent, networks, studios, streamers, press and media companies. BANFF’s intimate, retreat-style event serves as a leading destination for development, co-production and co-venture partners and offers an unparalleled opportunity for international decision-makers to connect, map the future of the industry, and execute new business deals. Summit Series keynotes, Master Classes and renowned Showrunner Superpanels feature the industry’s most inspiring creative and business leaders and give global profile to the most talked-about shows. The Rockie Awards International Program Competition and Rockies Gala recognize the best content and most influential entertainment industry executives, talent and creators in the world. BANFF continues to deliver important fellowships and initiatives including: the BANFF Spark Accelerator for Women in the Business of Media, the Netflix-BANFF Diversity of Voices Initiative, and the Indigenous Screen Summit and Pitch Forum. Together these programs have provided more than 700 opportunities for under-represented professionals in the Canadian media industry.


2023 CAFTCAD Award winners announced

From a media release:

The live gala presentation of the 2023 CAFTCAD Awards took place at the grandiose, but still intimate Aga Khan Museum in Toronto, Canada, on Sunday, March 5th, 2023.

With extremely well-dressed attendees from across Canada, CAFTCAD was honoured to announce our winners for 2023, as well as our International Costume Design for Film & Television Awards and our Nobis Industry Icon Award Winner.

And the Winners for the 2023 CAFTCAD Awards are:

Excellence in Crafts – Textiles

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds Season 1
Key Textile Artist: Anna Pantcheva
Costume Designer: Bernadette Croft, Assistant Textile Artists: Sarah Alfred, Heather Campbell, Beverly Law, Assistant Costume Designers: Sarah Goodwin, Heather English, Emily Jasper,Costume Supervisor: Karen Lee

Excellence in Crafts – Building

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds Season 1
Cutters: Sue Furlong, Susan Dicks, Geoff Hughes, Olena Fedorenko
Costume Designer: Bernadette Croft, Assistant Costume Designers: Sarah Goodwin, Heather English, Emily Jasper, Costume Supervisor: Karen Lee, Sewers: Karen Hancock, Alyssa Nasvadi, Anna, Claude Biron, Madison Watson, Cindy Brown, Ashley Gennuso, Stephanie St. Jacques, Victor Atekha, Michelle Pinochet, Tony (Qing Bin Xue)

Excellence in Crafts – Costume Illustration

Station Eleven
Illustrator: Keith Lau
Costume Designer: Helen Huang, Assistant Costume Designers: Austin Wittick, Gillian Steinhard, Scott Penner, Costume Supervisors: Richard Krogh, Mary Partridge , Costume Coordinator: Sheila Fitzpatrick, Costume Buyers: Elle Wells, Jo Jin, Tara Sugar, William Ng, Megan Rogers, Costume Trackers: Laurie Munday/Odin Francis-Arduh, Costume Assistants: Marileina Pearson, Shila Rashid, Costume PAs: Davin Dmitruk-Cook, Matthew Van Allen, Siobhan Sleath, BG Coordinators: Sydney Sprule, Jennifer Goodman, BG Costume Assistants: Erin Gerofsky Graham McMaster, BG Supervisor: Cayley Jensen, Set Supervisor: Robin White/Dilaney Hicock, Truck Supervisor: Nicole Lynn Pearson, Key Breakdown Artist/Key Specialty Builder: Tamara Rigby-Funke, Breakdown Artist/Specialty Builder: Sarah Blostein, Cutter: Lela Stairs Murphy, Cutter: Michael Legouffe, Tanya Batanau-Chuiko, 1st Hand Cutter Assistant: Lise St. Germain, Sewers: Johanna Edwards, Meghan Stepka, Natasha Atkinson

Excellence in Crafts – SPFX Building

Station Eleven
Key Speciality Builder: Tamara Rigby-Funke, Specialty Builder: Sarah Blostein Costume Designers: Helen Huang and Austin Wittick

Costume Design in Web Series

Les Liaisons dangereuses: correspondances inédites 101/108
Costume Designer: Beatriz Arevalo
Assistant Costume Designer: Camille Sandham, Seamstress: Kendra Doman

Costume Design in Short Film

Eli Roth’s Haunted House: Trick-VR-Treat
Costume Designer: John Dunnett
Costume Supervisor: Clare Lehto, Assistant Costume Designer: Shelli Oh, Costume Concept Artist: Samantha Washington, Cutter: Sylvia Petiquan, Sewer: Monique Wiebe, Breakdown Artists: Sarah Blostein, Luke D’Ath, Bridgit Lanni, Set Supervisor: Christopher Bruno, Truck Supervisor: Sam Graziani, Costume PA: Lisa Yinxu Wang

Costume Design in Indie Feature

Costume Designer: Ginger Martini
Set Supervisor: Liam Marcolini, Truck Supervisor: Theresa Stevenson

Costume Design in TV West – Contemporary, Sponsored by IATSE 873

Snowpiercer 302, The Last to Go
Costume Designer: Caroline Cranstoun
Assistant Designers: Maria Tyson, Talia Bargero, Coordinator: Kyla Robinson, Assistant Coordinator: Jenn Mills, BG Coordinator: Sierra Kretlow, BG Costumer: Tahnee Trousdell, BG Prep Costumer: Cecilia Ignacio, BG Set Costumer: Jia Mela, Buyers: Jojo MacDowell, Shab Sootoodeh, Annie Garnett, Prep/Buyer: Nakita Star, Shelley Zabel, Breakdown: Christina Leeson, Chance Lovett, Allisa Luxford, Andrea Urra, Cutters: Tracey Carlisle, Lazlo Marton, Stitchers: Karen McVey, Debra Kroeker, Inna Tokareva, Set Supervisors: Thomas Pankiewich, Sanchia Wong, Truck Costumer: Emily Bennett

Costume Design in TV East – Contemporary, Sponsored by IATSE 873

Cabinet of Curiosities 104, the Outside
Costume Designer: Luis Sequeira
Assistant Costume Designer: Ann Steel, Costume Supervisor: Heather Crepp, Costume Coordinator: Miles Caswell, Key Costume Assistant: Emily McHugh, Costume On-Set Supervisor: Christina Cattle, Costume Truck Supervisor: Susan Nycz, BG Set Supervisor: Michelle Bohn, BG Assistant Supervisor: Jennifer Goodman, Buyers: Anita Bacic, Sara Schilt, Hanne Whitfield, Key Cutter: Tamiyo Tomihiro, Cutter/Tailor: Philip Atfield, Cutter/Milliner: Loreen Lightfoot, Cutter: Ahmad Zargaran, Sewers: Sylvie Bonniere, Nicole Vezina, Gulay Cokgezen, Kateryna Maryevych, Wei Su, Tamara Tarazi, Ying Zhao, BG Sewers: Teresa Artibello, Key Breakdown Artist: Meghan Ancheta, Breakdown Artists: Eryn Reid, Aimee Tobolka, Debbie Williams, Costume Assistants: Tess Barbieri, Kimberly Douglas, Cristiana Lobo, Charlotte Robertson, Shila Rashid, Costume PA’s: Odin Paris-Francis Arduh, Jacqueline Rossini

Costume Design in TV – Period, Sponsored by IATSE 873

Cabinet of Curiosities 106, Dreams in the Witch House
Costume Designer: Luis Sequeira
Assistant Costume Designer: Ann Steel, Costume Supervisor: Heather Crepp, Costume Coordinator: Miles Caswell, Key Costume Assistant: Emily McHugh, Costume On-Set Supervisor: Christina Cattle, Costume Truck Supervisor: Susan Nycz, BG Set Supervisor: Michelle Bohn, BG Assistant Supervisor: Jennifer Goodman, Buyers: Anita Bacic, Sara Schilt, Hanne Whitfield, Key Cutter: Tamiyo Tomihiro, Cutter/Tailor: Philip Atfield, Cutter/Milliner: Loreen Lightfoot, Cutter: Ahmad Zargaran, Sewers: Sylvie Bonniere, Nicole Vezina, Gulay Cokgezen, Kateryna Maryevych, Wei Su, Tamara Tarazi, Ying Zhao, BG Sewers: Teresa Artibello, Key Breakdown Artist: Meghan Ancheta, Breakdown Artists: Eryn Reid, Aimee Tobolka, Debbie Williams, Costume Assistants: Tess Barbieri, Kimberly Douglas, Cristiana Lobo, Charlotte Robertson, Shila Rashid, Costume PA’s: Odin Paris-Francis Arduh, Jacqueline Rossini, Specialty Builder Key (KezIah/iWtch): Karen Rodd, Assistant Builder: James Bolton

Costume Design in TV – Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Sponsored by IATSE 873

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds 108, The Elysian Kingdom
Costume Designer: Bernadette Croft
Supervisor: Karen Lee, Assistant Costume Designers: Sarah Goodwin, Heather English, Emily Jasper, Costume Coordinator: Jazlyn Dow, Money Tracker: Shelley Lewis, Buyers: Jennifer Choy, Shelli Oh, Natassia Brunato, Digital Costumer: Jen Bowen, Costume Assistants: Kathy Marsh, Katherine Flanagan, BG Coordinators: Trish Murray, Gillian “Fidge” Fletcher, Cutters: Sue Furlong, Geoff Hughes, Susan Dicks, Olena Fedorenko, Sewers: Karen Hancock, Alyssa Nasvadi, Anna Claude Biron, Madison Watson, Cindy Brown, Ashley Gennuso, Stephanie St. Jacques, Victor Atekha, Michelle Pinochet, Tony (Qing Bin Xue), FX Key Builder: Jennifer M Johnson, FX Builders: Mervin Perez, FX Key Sculptor: Alex Silberberg, Key Textile Artist: Anna Pantcheva, Textile Artists: Sarah Alfred, Heather Campbell, Set Supervisor: Alan Chau, Wayne Godfrey, Truck Supervisor: Christie Del Monte, Set Swing: Adrian Arnieri, BG Set Supervisor: Amelia Berzins, Textile Artist: Bev Law

Costume Design in Film- Contemporary

Violent Night
Costume Designer: Laura DeLuca
Assistant Costume Designer: Taryn Smith, Costume Coordinator: Cheryl Green, Costume Set Supervisor: Tess Furtado, Costume Set Assistant: Sandra Medd, Costume Truck Supervisor: Amanda Isaak, Key Breakdown Artist: Grant MacDonald, Costume Buyer/Breakdown Artist: Ted Whetter, Costume Buyers: Pieter Jongbloed, Ariel Boroff, Costume Expense Tracker: Casey Downes, Cutters: Claire Sparling, Suman Faulkner, Costume Trainee: Kiara DeLuca, Costume Illustrators: Emily Campbell Baker, Keith Lau, Maggie Chan, Jenn Hancock

Costume Design in Film – Period

Bones of Crows
Costume Designers: Jessica Kalan, Carmen Thompson
Assistant Designer: Yolonda Skelton, Costume Supervisor: Tinthi Tembo, Truck Costumer: Shannon Tauber, Set Supervisors: Emma Irvine, Madison Douglas, Background Coordinator: Jared Lim, Indigenous Consultant: Joleen Mitton, Costumers: Aline Gilmore, Jason Pillay, Isabel Poulin, Fiona Raavita, Alejandro Rojas, Annie Shelestynski, Anna Haebler, Singer Valerie Smith, Erika Watchhorn, Alison Yanota, Shannon Wilson, Valentin Moulias, Mackenzie Dunham, Ash Lorraine, Joshua Langston, Michelle O’Reilly, Varya Olyunina, Ashandra Block, Courtney Bone, Sophia Dishaw, Aurora Cyr, Juan Duarte, Janessa Guliker, Sydney Richards, Sara Perrier, Mitch Meeker, Sran Mardookhi

Costume Design in Film – Sci/Fi

Costume Designer: Emma Doyle
Set Supervisor: Reilly Kizer, Nunavut Costume Assistant: Julie Alivaktuk, Toronto Costume Assistant: Ashley Magwood, Toronto Daily: Evely Escobar

And the Winners of International Costume Design for Film & Television are:

International Costume Design in Film, Sponsored by IATSE 891

The Woman King
Costume Designer: Gersha Phillips
Costume Supervisor: Lynn Paulsen, Assistant Costume Designer: Carly Nicodemo, Jr. Assistant Costume Designer: Lieze Van Tonder, Costume Coordinator: Tova Harrison, Costume Assistants: Pia Van Zyl, Sino Guwa, Ghana Supervisor: Afriya Frimpong, Buyers: Gizelle Baumgart, Warren Joseph, Truck Supervisor: Thabisa Mkonto, Viola Davis Personal Dresser: Nolothando Mathe, John Boyega Personal Dresser: Vrishny Pillay, Key Stand Bys: Marijka Nel, Portia Mavityo, Lovemore George, Jodi Bowers, Terence Norman, Alex-Ann Keppie, Kelly Watson, Extras Supervisor: Jayne Forbes, Extras Assistants: Monica Mase, Abdul Nguimbi, Molika Botha, Craig Challis, Kahrl Oelman, Pakama Qwazi, Tristan Makka, Pamela Machinga, Carol Isaacs, Rose Kannemeyer, Farooq Petersen, Mieska Maniers, Ferial Davids, Nduzuko Zwane, Stunt Supervisor: Mankoe Ngamlama, Stunt Assistant: Clinton Scott, Chief Cutter: Fagrie Nasiep, Workroom Supervisor: Farzannah Allie, Cutters: Mukuli Dukuza, Lusapo Nkopo, Tailor: Beverly Harris, Miriam Williams, Seamstresses: Nasreen Nasiep, Mymoena Abrahams, Honnekar Kankolongo, Jasmine Jules, Hajiera Nasiep, Kamiela Maniers, Sandra Jacobs, Kennedy Banda, Moenessa Majiet, Constance Kundani, Rafeeqa Daniels, Zille Swartz, Breakdown and Dye HOD: Juanita Petronio, Key Textile Artists: Hayley Pieterse, Unati Godlo, Textile Artists: Daniel Lister, Normet Peter, Brownyn Whitehead, Alex Marais, Zolani Heleni, Redson Khombedza, Christina Koch, Key Fabricator: Sivuyile Gxalaba, Shoe Maker: Masixole France, Fabricators: Andre Van Schalkwyk, Kim Cloete, Zola Gwaqu, Zolani Oniwe, Alice Phiri, Kingstix Faku, 2nd Unit Key: Jillian Johnson, 2nd Unit Standbys: Jerri Nomnganga, Ncebakazi Bala, Nompilo Paris Ann Peter, Illustrators: Christian Cordella, Ciara Brennan, Maggie Chan, Luis Du Preez, Trainees: Sithle Sityi, Andiswa Makaula, Yolanda Mkohli, Driver: Frank Soko, Waseem Abrahams, Kelvin Watson, Sisa Binta, Jack

International Costume Design in TV, Sponsored by IATSE 891

Monarch, 106, The Night Of
Costume Designer: Mandi Line
Assistant Costume Designer: Sylvia Furken, Supervisor: Yana Syrkin, Buyers: Robin Whatley, Alexandria Scott, Key: Shandra Beri

And last but not least, the fifth annual Nobis Industry Icon Award Winner is…

Louise Jobin, prolific French Canadian costume and production designer.

The Canadian Alliance of Film and Television Costume Arts and Design (CAFTCAD) has brought together Canadian costume professionals from all corners of the industry. CAFTCAD has succeeded in creating a thriving environment within which members can share, learn and advance their craft, while simultaneously raising the awareness of the contributions these designers and artisans have made in the international industry of film, television, video, and commercials.

The CAFTCAD Awards, which held its inaugural event in 2019, is the culmination of these efforts to unite the Canadian costume community, while recognizing and rewarding their skills and talent.


WGC Screenwriting Awards 2023 finalists announced

From a media release:

The WGC Screenwriting Awards are now in their 27th year of celebrating the very best Canadian screenwriters—the all-important talent behind the most engaging and powerful Canadian-made series, films, and shorts.

In contention for the 2023 awards are scripts from Sort Of (Jenn Engels, Kyah Green, Léa Geronimo Rondot), Fakes (Tabia Lau, David Turko), Transplant (Laura Good), The Porter (Marsha Greene), Subjects of Desire (Jennifer Holness), Brother (Clement Virgo), The Missus Downstairs “A Christmas to Misremember” (Mary Walsh, Dave Sullivan), Astrid & Lilly Save the World (Alix Markman, Veronika Paz, Betsy Van Stone, Noelle Stehman), The Guava Juice Show (Christine Mitchell, John Hazlett, Lienne Sawatsky, Dan Williams) and many others.

Please see the complete list of categories and finalists below.

The 2023 WGC Screenwriting Awards will recognize Canadian screenwriters and their scripts at a ceremony on April 24 at Koerner Hall in Toronto—the Writers Guild of Canada’s first in-person awards since 2019.

In addition to the nine categories featured, one WGC member will be awarded the prestigious Showrunner Award, a special prize previously won by Anthony Q. Farrell (Shelved, Run the Burbs, Overlord & the Underwoods), Morwyn Brebner (Coroner, Saving Hope), Emily Andras (Wynonna Earp), and others. The ceremony will be hosted by Vance Banzo, a Saulteaux/Cree comedian, actor, writer, and member of award-winning sketch comedy troupe and series, TALLBOYZ.

Save the date: The 27th annual WGC Screenwriting Awards ceremony takes place at 8:00 pm EDT on Monday, April 24, 2023 at Koerner Hall in Toronto. Tickets will go on sale soon via www.wgc.ca.



Circuit Breakers, “Permanent Detention” I Story by Melody Fox, Teleplay by Melody Fox & Tim Shell

The Guava Juice Show, “Adventure 9000” I Written by Christine Mitchell
The Guava Juice Show, “Hampersands of Time” I Written by John Hazlett & Lienne Sawatsky & Dan Williams

Odd Squad, “Why Did the Chicken Cross the Dimension” I Written by Andrew De Angelis

Super Wish, “Pinatatown” I Written by Mark Steinberg

Super Wish, “Simon Says Relax” I Written by Tally Yong Knoll


Acting Good, “Battle in the Bush” I Written by Sonya Ballantyne

Children Ruin Everything, “Road Trips” I Written by Kurt Smeaton

Fakes, “A Cup of Ambition” I Written by Tabia Lau

Fakes, “Real G’s Move in Silence Like Lasagna” I Written by David Turko

Sort Of, “Sort of 2gethr” I Written by Jenn Engels

Sort Of, “Sort of Amsterdam” I Written by Kyah Green & Léa Geronimo Rondot


My Tree I Written by Jason Sherman

Subjects of Desire I Written by Jennifer Holness

Unloved: Huronia’s Forgotten Children I Written by Barri Cohen


Coroner, “Heartbeet” I Written by Laura Good

Moonshine, “The Three Sisters of Fate” I Written by Sheri Elwood

The Porter, “Episode 104” I Written by Marsha Greene

Pretty Hard Cases, “Dirty Laundry” I Written by Tassie Cameron

Transplant, “And So It Goes” I Written by Laura Good


Bones of Crows I Written by Marie Clements

Brother I Written by Clement Virgo

The Swearing Jar I Written by Kate Hewlett


County Line: All In I Written by James Phillips

Farmer Seeking Love I Written by Gemma Holdway

Written in the Stars I Written by David Elver


Dino Ranch, “Wings Over Dino Ranch” I Written by Ben Joseph & Mike D’Ascenzo

Luna, Chip & Inkie: Adventure Rangers Go, “The Wildest Goose Chase” I Written by Louise Moon

Momolu and Friends, “Broken But Beautiful” I Written by Madeleine Patton

Sago Mini Friends, “Gary’s New Horn” I Written by Meghan Read

Team Zenko Go!, “Home is Where Ken’s Heart Is” I Written by Jeff Sager


Junior’s Giant I Written by Debra McGrath

The Missus Downstairs “A Christmas to Misremember” I Written by Mary Walsh & Dave Sullivan

Second Life I Written by Darrin Rose

True Dating Stories, “Salma” I Written by Nour Hadidi

True Dating Stories, “Vanessa “Vanjie” Mateao” I Written by Kayla Lorette


Astrid & Lilly Save the World, “DoppelKopfel” I Written by Alix Markman

Astrid & Lilly Save the World, “One Rib” I Written by Veronika Paz

Astrid & Lilly Save the World, “Tontoom” I Written by Written by Betsy Van Stone & Noelle Stehman

The Hardy Boys, “A Midnight Scare” I Written by Laura Seaton & Heather Taylor

Holly Hobbie, “The Accidental Activist” I Written by Courtney Walker


Nominees announced for the 2023 Canadian Screen Awards

From a media release:

Today, the Academy of Canadian Cinema & Television (the Canadian Academy) announced the nominees for the 2023 Canadian Screen Awards in 145 television, film, and digital media categories, which also include the inaugural nominations in gender-neutral performance categories for lead and supporting performers in film and television.

The first season of CBC’s The Porter leads both television and overall 2023 Canadian Screen Award nominations with 19, including Best Drama Series and Best Lead Performer, Drama Series nominations for Aml Ameen, Ronnie Rowe Jr., and Mouna Traoré. Both CBC’s Sort Of and CBC Gem’s Detention Adventure received 15 nominations, followed by CBC’s Pretty Hard Cases with 11.

In film, Clement Virgo’s Brother tops nominations with 14, including Achievement in Direction and Performance in a Leading Role for Lamar Johnson. Stéphane Lafleur’s Viking follows with 13, while David Cronenberg’s Crimes of the Future boasts 11.

Revenge of the Black Best Friend leads digital media nominations with nine, including Best Web Program or Series, Fiction; followed by Avocado Toast The Series with seven and Tokens with four.

“From legendary directors like David Cronenberg to new voices like Bilal Baig, the 2023 Canadian Screen Award nominees reaffirm that our country has an immensely talented industry, and we are lucky to call them Canadian,” said Tammy Frick, CEO, Academy of Canadian Cinema & Television. “Supporting these artists has never been more important, and we are proud to be at the centre of those efforts. I’m thrilled to share my heartfelt congratulations with all of the nominees, and look forward to raising a glass to them in person this April.”

The 2023 Canadian Screen Awards will be presented in a series of seven intimate genre-based awards presentations, with esteemed members of the Canadian screen-based industry who brought us the best work from the last year, gathering in person at Meridian Hall in Toronto from Tuesday, April 11, 2023 through to Friday, April 14, 2023, all culminating with The Canadian Screen Awards with Samantha Bee, broadcasting on Sunday, April 16 at 8 PM (9 AT, 9:30 NT) on CBC and CBC Gem.

An intimate look at Canadian storytelling excellence on screen, The Canadian Screen Awards with Samantha Bee is an hour-long, star-studded broadcast special featuring celebrity interviews, highlights from the awards presentations throughout Canadian Screen Week 2023, and the presentation of the Cogeco Fund Audience Choice Award. The special will also include exclusive access to this year’s Special Award recipients, including: Ryan Reynolds, recipient of the Humanitarian Award, presented by Paramount+; Catherine O’Hara, who will receive the Academy Icon Award, presented by CBC; and Simu Liu, the recipient of the Radius Award, presented by MADE | NOUS.

For the full list of 2023 Canadian Screen Award nominees, please visit academy.ca/nominees; view the full schedule for Canadian Screen Week 2023 at academy.ca/schedule.


Screen Nova Scotia announces 2022 award winners

From a media release:

Screen Nova Scotia hosted its eighth annual awards gala on Saturday, June 18th, in the Schooner Ballroom at Casino Nova Scotia in front of a sold-out crowd of industry members and supporters. The event was the first in-person awards show since 2019 when the COVID-19 pandemic moved the awards to an online format for two years.

The awards gala celebrates the incredible talent, creativity, and passion that are the trademarks of Nova Scotia’s screen industry. Notable awards include the ACTRA Awards for Outstanding Performances, the Groundbreaking Performance Award, the Film Crew Excellence Award, the Women in Film & Television – Atlantic Award, and the Community Recognition Award, along with the Screen Nova Scotia Awards for best television, film, and animation.

The night’s finale was the Screen Nova Scotia Award for Best Feature Film, which went to Night Blooms from writer/director Stephanie Joline and producers Marc Tetreault and Jason Levangie (Shut Up & Colour Pictures). The film is a coming-of-age drama set in the 1990s about teenage Carly (Jessica Clement) and her affair with her best friend’s dad (Nick Stahl).

Joline also took home the Best Nova Scotia Director Award from Women in Film & Television – Atlantic for her work on Night Blooms, while actor Alexandra McDonald took home an ACTRA Maritimes Award for Outstanding Performances for her role as Laura, Carly’s best friend, in the film. Night Blooms is now available to rent or buy on streaming platforms across Canada.

The first season of the CBC original comedy series Moonshine from showrunner Sheri Elwood and producer Charles Bishop (Six Eleven Media) was crowned the winner of the Best Television Series Award. The show tells the story of the Finley-Cullens, a dysfunctional family of half-siblings battling to take control over the family business – a ramshackle summer resort on the South Shore of Nova Scotia, with a dark family secret at its core. Season 2 will begin production in Nova Scotia this summer, with a Fall 2022 air date.

The Best Documentary Award went to Freedom Swell from Marie and Meaghan Wright (Mirror Image Media). The powerful documentary highlights North Preston Surf, a program designed to empower African Nova Scotian youth to connect with the ocean. The film explores the lack of diversity in the east coast surf scene, stemming from complex, historical barriers such as racism, segregated beaches, and generational fear of water. The film is now available to stream on CBC Gem.

Two new awards were handed out at the show, including the Groundbreaking Performance Award, which celebrates a performer who identifies as diverse and does not meet the eligibility criteria for the ACTRA awards for their work in a film or television/web series. The award recipient was determined by an online voting process, to better involve the wider community outside of the screen industry. This year’s winner was Patrick Cadegan for his performance on the comedy web series Tracy & Martina: Dirty Deeds (Swearnet).

The new award for Outstanding Achievement in Cinematography went to cinematographer Kevin Fraser, who was nominated for his work on feature films Dawn, Her Dad & the Tractor and Bone Cage, as well as on several documentary projects.

Fourteen-year-old Avery Winters-Anthony took home an ACTRA Maritimes Award for Outstanding Performances for his role as Travis in the critically-acclaimed Indigenous drama Wildhood, from Two-Spirit L’nu filmmaker Bretten Hannam. Reid Price also won an Outstanding Performances award for playing Byron in filmmaker Shelley Thompson’s debut feature film, Dawn, Her Dad & the Tractor.

Baduk from writer/director Induk Lee and producer Kelsey Power (You First Productions) won the Best Short Film Award, while Beth Amiro won an Outstanding Performance award for her work in the short film Second Wedding (directed by Taylor Olson).

Digital animation was also spotlighted at the awards, with Teen Titans Go! winning Best Animated Series for the Nova Scotian animation studio Copernicus Studios. The series, now in its sixth season, airs on the Cartoon Network.

This year’s Film Crew Excellence Award went to Construction Coordinator Stephan Bernier (Art Department). A member of IATSE Local 849, Stephan has worked in film and television for over 30 years and has been a mentor to many in the industry. Stephan has been an integral part of many large-scale set builds for US service productions but also works on local projects, regardless of their size. His credits include the recent EPIX series From and Chapelwaite, and feature films The Lighthouse, Books of Blood, and Tin Can.

The 2022 Community Recognition Award went to Juanita Currie, Business Rental Area Sales Manager at Enterprise Rent-A-Car. A long-time industry supporter, Juanita is representative of a business that truly understands the value and economic impact that the film industry brings to the province.

The Screen Nova Scotia Awards were made possible this year due to the generous support of many sponsors, including our Platinum Partners at Support4Culture, the Directors Guild of Canada, the Canadian Media Producers Association, IATSE Local 849, and William F. White International Inc. Special thanks to 902 Post and the Hideout Studios.

List of award winners:

Screen Nova Scotia Awards
Best Feature Film: Night Blooms (Shut Up & Colour Pictures)

Best Television Series: Moonshine S1 (Six Eleven Media)

Best Documentary Film: Freedom Swell (Mirror Image Media)

Best Short Film: Baduk (You First Productions)

Best Animated Series: Teen Titans Go! S6 (Copernicus Studios)

Outstanding Achievement in Cinematography: Kevin Fraser

Groundbreaking Performance: Patrick Cadegan (Tracy & Martina: Dirty Deeds)

ACTRA Maritimes Awards for Outstanding Performances
Beth Amiro (Second Wedding

Alexandra McDonald (Night Blooms)

Reid Price (Dawn, Her Dad & the Tractor)

Avery Winters-Anthony (Wildhood)

Additional Awards
WIFT-AT Award for Best Director: Stephanie Joline (Night Blooms)

Film Crew Excellence Award: Stephan Bernier, Construction Coordinator

Community Recognition Award: Juanita Currie, Enterprise Holdings