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Comments and queries for the week of July 26

I have been a fan of Kristin Kreuk since Smallville. You are a captivating actress, you make the fans feel your emotions, happiness, disappointments and you steal a scene with your appearance. I watched the final episode [of Burden of Truth] sitting in my chair waiting for your legal experience to free your sister. I was more than happy to see that there is a Season 3. Hopefully, there will be many, many, more seasons. The only issue I have I wish there were more episodes per season. Keep up the great work, you’re a professional and we can’t get enough of you. —Inez

A man behind the wheel of a car.Oh, [the cancellation of Canada’s Worst Driver is] sad, but it was a long run for this great show. I’ve learned things while laughing and cringing, wondering how some people could drive so badly. Thanks for 14 excellent seasons. I’ll keep watching the reruns. —Michelle

Oh no! It was a staple. A must! How can it be over? So many people have learned so much—like which cities not to drive in! It’s the only show I PVR. Discovery without Younghusband. Doesn’t seem realistic. Time to review my channel line-up. —Linda

Two people ice fish.Cab drama, money drama, EPs, penalty, and a good task mix (physical diving, detailed diamonds and mental maps). A little of everything. Trish and Amy twice ditched by a cab (poor planning on production’s part to leave people stranded outside after the dive) and two cabs stolen by Dave and Irina. That, plus the Express Pass Princess and Penalty make them the villains for sure, sorta rare for the Canadian Race. Leg design was a bit wonky, why have them leave Slave Lake only to go back? Multiple Express Passes gone in the same episode. This is the second or third season in a row this has happened. Teams just seem too eager to use them. At least one is still in play. Still no season of The Amazing Race Canada without at least one penalty. Lucky for Sarah and Sam about the geoscience building and the money thing, the latter of which reminded me of older The Amazing Race U.S. Strong episode even with the non-elimination. —DanAmazing

This episode was good TV. With Jet and Dave gone so early (still sad!!) the entertainment factor was sorely lacking in the next couple of episodes that followed. Love them or hate them, Dave and Irina provide another reason to watch TARC besides just the race, which can be boring some episodes by itself. The underwater dive looked like fun? OK not really (I can’t swim) but it was a refreshing idea. The staff at the geoscience building rocked!! Rooting for the moms and the twins and the athletes and the Edmonton married couple. Stay real and Go Teams Go!! —Tunie

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Preview: Killjoys “Blame it on the Rain” … and The Lady

If you missed last Friday’s Season 5 premiere of Killjoys, go back and watch it. I’ll wait. OK, all caught up? Wow, right? My thoughts exactly. Opening with our faves all caught in The Lady’s memory matrix was an amazing twist to kick off this final run of episodes and served as a reminder of why I’ve loved Killjoys since Day 1, and why shows like it are successful: create characters that you care about and throw them into (sometimes) batshit situations.

Episode 2, debuting Friday, is called “Blame It on the Rain,” and if you don’t have the Milli Vanilli song stuck in your head right now I’m disappointed. Mainly because it means you’re young, and I’m old. Anyway, here’s the official synopsis for the instalment, written by Nikolijne Troubetzkoy and directed by Peter Stebbings.

Awake from the memory matrix, Dutch is determined to wake her friends and stop the Lady, before it’s too late.

And here are more treats I caught watching the episode.

A girl looks off into the distance.

Is Zeph dead?
I sure hope not, but the wound she sustained last week sure looked serious. Dutch is going to rely on an old friend—who has a sweet new hairdo—for help in saving her. Zeph can’t die, because she’s the only one who can stop the pesky rain from keeping everyone stuck in the matrix.

Pree is on the hunt
First of all, how much are you enjoying Pree’s new look? (Follow Thom Allison to learn some insight into it.) Secondly, he’s not letting up in his search for Dutch, especially with a Warrant 5 on her head.

Khlyen vs. The Lady
I love seeing Khlyen go head-to-head with anybody and he has a wonderful history of doing it. And his tête-à-têtes with The Lady have been truly compelling; their verbal volleys have been wonderful. But The Lady delivers an overhand smash that leaves Khlyen speechless. Also? We learn there is a finite number of days until the terraforming is complete, rendering all breathable air, well, not.

Welcome back, Fancy
I was wondering when Fancy would waltz back into our lives. He does it on Friday, and his opening lines are hilarious.

Killjoys airs Fridays at 10 p.m. ET/PT on Space.

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Amazing Race Canada: Express Passes and stolen cabs in Yellowknife

I was really hoping that the grandfather/grandson team of Gilles and Sean would fare better. I’m sure they did too. Alas, one of the biggest challenges on The Amazing Race Canada is how difficult it is to come from behind. You not only need luck and skill on your side but you have to rely on other teams to screw up massively.

The Top 7 teams—how are we almost halfway through the season already?—jetted to Yellowknife, NWT, with Dave and Irina in the lead. (Yellowknife is one of the countless places I visited while writing about Canadian television for TV Guide Canada, and it holds a special place in my heart thanks to the show Ice Pilots.) Dave and Irina were planning on using their Express Pass wisely … and perhaps seeing some penguins too. (Um, wrong part of the world. I’m beginning to think Dave and Irina are putting on an act.) Aarthy and Thinesh were in second place with an Express Pass to use too, as were Anthony and James. With a trio of passes in play, this Leg promised to be entertaining. And who could forget Trish and Amy’s One Way courtesy of Lauren and Joanne? There could be drama too!

The Somba K’E Civic Plaza was the teams’ first clue location and directed them to Rotary Park. (Thanks to the show producers for letting viewers know it was -21 Celsius when the Leg was filmed.) With taxis at a premium, landing one was a huge get; Sarah and Sam did just that. While some teams stayed close to the airport waiting for a cab, Trish and Amy walked along the road and scooped one, and a spot in sixth place. At the Plaza, Dave and Irina made a mistake, allowing their driver to leave. That dropped them back into fifth place. They promptly negotiated a double fare and scooped Trish and Amy’s cab, cementing their villain status.

At Great Slake Lake, teams rode snowmobiles to the scene of ice fishing, where they had to drill holes in the ice and bait a morsel using traditional Dene First Nations equipment. Sarah and Sam completed the wet, slushy task first—sadly, teams were not required to hang around for a bite—and departed, with Meaghan and Marie, Anthony and James, Dave and Irina and Aarthy and Thinesh in pursuit. Lauren and Joanne were left alone on the frozen lake and then without a taxi.

Two people ice fish.In the Road Block, teams headed into downtown Yellowknife to the NWT Diamond Centre to identify the six out of seven diamonds marked with a maple leaf and marking number and then arrange them from heaviest to lightest weight. Sam, Marie, James, Dave, Trish and Thinesh all chose to do the challenge, giving Amy and Aarthy the chance to discuss cab theft. It’s really hard to cheer for Dave and Irina, but I guess it doesn’t matter if you like them or not because they are killing it in tests. Dave was the first to correctly identify and classify the diamonds, followed by Sam, Thinesh, Lauren and Marie. James neglected to find the maple leaf on the diamonds so had no idea what he was doing incorrectly. It was only after Trish finished identifying the diamonds that James and Anthony deployed their Express Pass.

Back on Great Slave Lake, the team member who didn’t identify the diamonds dove into the water swam under the ice to sang their next clue. Dave and Irina used their Express Pass to skip this one (I would have too), but Sarah had to face her dual fears of the cold and the water and had to do it. By the time she was suited up, Sarah was crying, and I felt badly for her. She blasted through the test and almost leapt out the other side with the Route Info in her icy hand. For some reason, Aarthy chose to dive rather than use the Express Pass. All power to her for facing her fear (“It’s so cold!” “Yeah, it’s meant to be.” “What if I open my mouth accidentally?” “Don’t do that.”), and dove in. Joanne didn’t even grab the rope—she is a competitive swimmer—and zipped from hole to hole. She was followed by Meaghan. Trish and Amy, once again, finished a task only to discover their cab had left, putting them in last place.

Two people ice fish.The Leg’s next location was the Air Tindi Float Base where teams worked to locate 10 different rescue sites accessible by plane. Dave and Irina struggled with the task and began to bicker. Ultimately, they took a two-hour penalty, hoping the remaining teams would have issues too. Sam and Sarah had done their homework—by stopping at a store to Google “longitude and latitude,” but still had problems. Thinesh and Aarty, meanwhile, blew through it using their “Grade 3 geography.” Sam and Sarah left in their cab in search of someone who could explain what they needed to accomplish. They found it at Aurora Geosciences. Aarty and Thinesh, meanwhile, located the 10 rescue spots and hopped into a plane to the Pit Stop. Meaghan and Marie, Sarah and Sam and Lauren and Joanne.

In what I think was an Amazing Race Canada first, Sam and Sarah didn’t have enough money to pay for their cab. With no other option, they headed back to Aurora Geosciences and asked for a $90 loan. In true Canadian North fashion, they were given the money.

The Leg’s Pit Stop was located at the Dene First Nation Community Dettah, a float plane ride away. Dave and Irina checked in first, but had to wait two hours. Because of that, Aarthy and Thinesh landed in first, scoring a trip to Dublin.

For keen-eyed Amazing Race Canada fans, it’s just a matter of time until a non-Elimination Leg will come up. Luckily for last-place finishers Trish and Amy, it came this week and they were saved to race again. They pair will have to suffer through an extra challenge.

Here’s how the teams finished this Leg of the Race:

  1. Aarthy and Thinesh
  2. Meaghan and Marie
  3. Dave and Irina
  4. Sarah and Sam
  5. Lauren and Joanne
  6. Anthony and James
  7. Trish and Amy (non-Elimination Leg)

The Amazing Race Canada airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on CTV.

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Comments and queries for the week of July 19

I actually like the concept of the One Way and am glad they didn’t render it useless by having this be a non-elimination episode. The picture of John Lennon, the John Cena figure and the picture of Jon was funny. And that little leaf! Amy shouldn’t have said that out loud though I knew they could probably win a foot race against Sean and Gilles. Dave and Irina are really soaking up the villain role. —DanAmazing

I really liked the first season [of Diggstown] and I was surprised but pleased (because the ratings weren’t stellar) that it got renewed. —Alicia

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Preview: Killjoys takes its final ride in Season 5

This is it, Killjoys fans. The end of the road for Team Awesome Force. It’s been one hells of a ride watching the journey Dutch (Hannah John-Kamen), John (Aaron Ashmore), D’Avin (Luke MacFarlane) have been on, hasn’t it? And with the group the trio has assembled, including Pree (Thom Allison), Fancy (Sean Baek), Turin (Patrick Garrow) and Zeph (Kelly McCormack), these final 10 episodes are going to be amazing.

Season 5, returning Friday at 10 p.m. ET on Space, catches up after the Killjoys, with Aneela’s help, succeeded in killing the Green, the repository of living memories through which the Hullen lived eternally. But instead of helping Aneela escape it, they lead The Lady (Alanna Bale) into their world. She harnesses her ability to control their memories in hopes of finding Jaq (Jaeden Noel), the Hullen heir.

Here’s what Bell Media has revealed as the synopsis for “Run, Yala, Run,” written by show creator Michelle Lovretta and directed by Peter Stebbings:

A woman looks up.Dutch wakes up and realizes that The Lady has put Westerley under a collective delusion. With no memory comes a new reality. Dutch struggles to find a way to wake up her gang before it’s too late. But before she can, a new Killjoy comes into town looking for Jaq.

And here are more tasty tidbits I gleaned after watching a screener.

We kick off Season 5 with … jazz?
After the shocking Season 4 finale, Season 5 begins with a toe-tapping, finger-snapping tune and Johnny wearing workman’s coveralls. What the heck is happening here? And why doesn’t Dutch recognize D’Avin?

The sarcastic tone is still there
Listen, I didn’t expect the witty banter to abate, it just gave me immense joy to hear “Putting the ass in sass,” and “You put the dick in cocky,” being uttered in prime time.

The search for Jaq continues
And the group trying to find him is growing. And to get to him they’ll have to go through Delle Seyah.

Killjoys airs Fridays at 10 p.m. ET on Space.

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