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WGC Screenwriting Awards 2020 finalists announced

From a media release:

The WGC Screenwriting Awards are now in their 24th year of celebrating and acknowledging the best of the best in Canadian screenwriting and the all-important talent behind the creation of the most engaging and powerful Canadian-made series, films, documentaries and webseries.

In contention are scripts from JANN (Jann Arden & Jennica Harper, Mike McPhaden), Schitt’s Creek (Daniel Levy, David West Read), Killjoys (Vivian Lin & Derek Robertson), Murdoch Mysteries (Simon McNabb), Travelers (Ken Kabatoff), Coroner (Seneca Aaron, Noelle Carbone), American Hangman (Wilson Coneybeare), Sweetness in the Belly (Laura Phillips), Save Me (Fabrizio Filippo) and many others.

Please see the complete list of categories and finalists below.

The WGC Screenwriting Awards will recognize and celebrate Canadian screenwriters and their scripts at a gala ceremony on April 27, including the Showrunner of the Year — previous winners of this prestigious prize include Emily Andras (Wynonna Earp), Michael MacLennan (The Bletchley Circle: San Francisco) and Aaron Martin (Slasher). Gavin Crawford, writer, comedian, and host of CBC Radio’s Because News, returns as this year’s host along with his long-time collaborator, screenwriter Kyle Tingley, as awards show writer.


  • Corn & Peg, “To Taste or Not to Taste” | Written by Jennifer Daley
  • Cupcake & Dino: General Services, “Big City: The Documentary” | Written by Jeff Sager
  • Ghostwriter, “Ghost in Wonderland, Part 1” | Written by Andrew Orenstein
  • Hotel Transylvania: The Series, “Better Know Your Mavis” | Written by Mark Steinberg
  • The Most Magnificent Thing | Story by Ashley Spires and John van Bruggen. Teleplay by John van Bruggen
  • Odd Squad, “Who Is Agent Otis?” | Written by Tim McKeon


  • Corner Gas Animated, “Tag You’re I.T.” | Written by Diana Frances
  • JANN, “The Big House” | Story by Jann Arden & Jennica Harper, Teleplay by Jennica Harper
  • JANN, “Weeknd at Charley’s” | Written by Mike McPhaden
  • Schitt’s Creek, “Love Letters” | Written by David West Read
  • Schitt’s Creek, “Meet the Parents” | Written by Daniel Levy


  • Assholes: A Theory | Written by John Walker & Robert Sandler
  • Conviction | Written by Nance Ackerman & Ariella Pahlke & Teresa MacInnes
  • Pugly: A Pug’s Life | Written by Michael McNamara


  • Coroner, “All’s Well” | Written by Noelle Carbone
  • Coroner, “Confetti Heart” | Written by Seneca Aaron
  • Killjoys, “Three Killjoys and a Lady” | Written by Vivian Lin & Derek Robertson
  • Murdoch Mysteries, “Sins of the Father” | Written by Simon McNabb
  • Travelers, “Archive” | Written by Ken Kabatoff


  • American Hangman | Written by Wilson Coneybeare
  • Goalie | Written by Adriana Maggs & Jane Maggs
  • Justice Dot Net | Written by Thom Richardson
  • Riot Girls | Written by Katherine Collins
  • Sweetness in the Belly | Written by Laura Phillips


  • Christmas Jars | Written by Andrea Stevens
  • Thicker Than Water | Written by David Elver & Andrea Stevens


  • Abby Hatcher, “When Abby Met Bozzly” | Written by Rob Hoegee
  • Dino Dana, “Dino Flyer” | Written by J.J. Johnson
  • Dino Dana, “Dino Prints” | Written by J.J. Johnson & Christin Simms & Amish Patel
  • The Remarkable Mr. King, “Mr. King’s Quiet Time” | Written by Andrew Sabiston
  • Xavier Riddle and the Secret Museum, “I Am Johann Sebastian Bach” | Written by Jennifer Daley


  • The AfterLifetime of Colm Feore | Written by Hannah Cheesman
  • Detention Adventure, “The Catalyst” | Written by Joe Kicak & Carmen Albano
  • One Last Last Heist | Written by Darrin Rose
  • Save Me, “Birdie’s End” | Written by Fabrizio Filippo


  • Bajillionaires, “Corporate Retreat” | Written by Jesse Shamata
  • Creeped Out, “The Takedown” | Written by Emma Campbell
  • Holly Hobbie, “The Dauntless Daughter” | Written by Cole Bastedo
  • Holly Hobbie, “The Salty Songstress” | Written by Sarah Glinski
  • Holly Hobbie, “A Whole New Holly” | Written by Courtney Jane Walker

Canadian screenwriters and independent producers reach terms on new Independent Production Agreement

From a media release:

Today, the Canadian Media Producers Association and the Writers Guild of Canada jointly announced the successful conclusion of negotiations, resulting in an agreement in principle on the terms for a new Independent Production Agreement. The CMPA-WGC Independent Production Agreement establishes the terms, conditions and rates for writers, story editors, and story consultants.

“We are proud to have come to terms on an agreement that truly values the important alliance that exists between Canadian screenwriters and independent producers,” said Warren Ross, the CMPA’s Vice-President of National Industrial Relations and Senior Counsel. “I want to thank the individuals on both sides of the bargaining table for their commitment to finding solutions that serve to benefit the future of our sector and Canadian storytelling on screen.”

“As the industry continues to evolve in Canada, we are pleased to have reached this agreement with the CMPA,” said Maureen Parker, WGC Executive Director. “We feel it will continue to both protect the interests of Canadian screenwriters and maintain a good relationship with our producer partners for several years to come.”

The terms for the new three-year Independent Production Agreement will be sent to the CMPA’s Board of Directors, and distributed by the WGC, for ratification. The current agreement expires on June 30, 2019.


The WGC announces new president, council

From a media release:

The Writers Guild of Canada is pleased to announce that showrunner Dennis Heaton is the WGC’s new president, elected by WGC council to serve the 2,200 members of the Guild from May 1, 2018 to April 30, 2020. Dennis is an award-winning screenwriter based in Vancouver; currently showrunner of the upcoming Netflix show, The Order.

“We’re very excited to work with Dennis,” says WGC Executive Director Maureen Parker. “His showrunning experience will hold us in good stead as we go into Independent Production Agreement bargaining within the next year.”

Dennis has been a member of the WGC since 2001 and has served on the Guild’s council since 2012. He was showrunner of the internationally renowned police procedural Motive (CTV/ABC seasons one and two), and has written for The Listener and Blood Ties, among other shows.

“It’s great to be the new WGC president,” says Heaton. “I’m looking forward to building on the Guild’s past successes, as well as facing the challenges ahead.”

In addition to electing a new president, the Guild also has a new council, responsible for setting policies and overseeing Guild activities. The 2018-20 WGC council is made up of experienced screenwriter members from across the country: Vice President Andrew Wreggitt (Mayerthorpe), Treasurer Mark Ellis (X Company), Marsha Greene (Mary Kills People), Alex Levine (Orphan Black), Anne-Marie Perrotta (Max & Ruby), and Michael Amo (Pure).

The WGC’s new council, along with Executive Director Maureen Parker, is ready to move ahead in a time of industry flux, and to continue the Guild’s ongoing work on behalf of Canadian screenwriters.


Spiral, Anne, Letterkenny and Cardinal top 22nd Annual WGC Screenwriting Awards

Writers for Spiral, Anne, Letterkenny and Cardinal were among the winners at the 22nd Annual Writers Guild of Canada Screenwriting Awards in Toronto on Monday night.

The event, held at the Telus Centre for Performance and Learning’s Koerner Hall, celebrated the country’s screenwriting talent in television, web series and film. Spiral writer Karen McClellan (pictured above) won in the Shorts & Webseries category for her script “The Girl in the Dream.”

“Writers don’t get here on their own,” McClellan said. “I want to say a special shout-out to some writers who have taken a chance on me in the past: Susin Nielsen, Shelley Eriksen, Bruce Smith and a dear friend who is not here tonight but always in my heart, Denis McGrath.”

Letterkenny‘s Jared Keeso and Jacob Tierney won the TV Comedy category for their Season 2 script, “Relationships,” while Cardinal‘s Aubrey Nealon took home the TV Drama trophy for the Season 1 episode, “John Cardinal.”

Gavin Crawford, comedian, writer and host of CBC Radio’s Because News hosted, starting the night off with a surprise appearance by Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne a.k.a. Crawford. As Wynne, Crawford extolled the virtues of Canadian television and film writers while taking a jab at recent adaptations of Anne of Green Gables and Alias Grace.

“I’m particularly excited about Kale & Prune, a six-hour CBC miniseries adapted from a Margaret Atwood’s Whole Foods receipt,” he joked.

Alison Lea Bingeman, Marsha Greene, Rachel Langer, Joseph Kay, Cynthia Knight, Adriana Maggs, Elize Morgan, Jiro Okada and Sugith Varughese presented the night’s categories.

Mark Ellis was the recipient of The Denis McGrath Award for his service to the Writers Guild of Canada, Michael MacLennan was given The WGC Showrunner Award, Sarah Dodd the Sondra Kelly Award and Sherry White the Alex Barris Mentorship Award. WGC president Jill Golick, whose term has ended after eight years, had the final say of the night with an impassioned plea to the group’s members.

“Stories are the best way to change hearts and minds,” Golick said. “Keep writing my friends. Keep finding ways to bring truth to light. ”

The category winners are:

Shorts & Webseries
Spiral, Episode 101 “The Girl in the Dream,” written by Karen McClellan

Mysticons, Season 1 “Sisters in Arms,” written by Sean Jara

Movie of the Week & Miniseries
Alias Grace, written by Sarah Polley

Best Script from Season 1
Anne, Season 1 “I Am No Bird, And No Net Ensnares Me,” written by Moira Walley-Beckett

TV Comedy
Letterkenny, Season 2 “Relationships,” written by Jared Keeso and Jacob Tierney

TV Drama
Cardinal, Season 1 “John Cardinal,” written by Aubrey Nealon

Tweens & Teens
The Stanley Dynamic, Season 2 “The Stanley Cheer,” written by Matt Kippen

Feature Film
Entanglement, written by Jason Filiatrault

The Hundred-Year-Old Whale, written by Mark Leiren-Young



Announcing the WGC Screenwriting Awards finalists celebrating Canada’s screenwriters

From a media release:

Every powerful show, movie or webseries comes from an equally powerful script — the work of talented screenwriters. The WGC Screenwriting Awards celebrate Canadian screenwriters and the scripts they write in a gala evening hosted this year by Gavin Crawford, writer, comedian, and host of CBC Radio’s Because News. Gavin’s long-time accomplice, screenwriter Kyle Tingley, is this year’s awards show writer.

In contention: scripts from shows, films, and webseries including Alias Grace (Sarah Polley), Cardinal (Aubrey Nealon), Mary Kills People (Tara Armstrong), Kim’s Convenience (Matt Kippen, Anita Kapila), Letterkenny (Jared Keeso & Jacob Tierney), Allure (Carlos & Jason Sanchez), The Hundred-Year-Old-Whale (Mark Leiren-Young), Spiral (Karen McClellan), The Bagel and Becky Show (Evan Thaler Hickey) and many others. Please see below for the complete list of categories and finalists.

The Bagel and Becky Show, Season 1 “The 12 Quadrillion Days of Christmas”
Written by Evan Thaler Hickey

Mysticons, Season 1 “Heart of Gold”
Written by Elize Morgan

Mysticons, Season 1 “Sisters in Arms”
Written by Sean Jara

The Hundred-Year-Old Whale
Written by Mark Leiren-Young

The Road Forward
Written by Marie Clements

The Taming of the Queue
Written by Josh Freed

Written by Carlos & Jason Sanchez

Written by Jason Filiatrault

Indian Horse
Written by Dennis Foon

The Man Who Invented Christmas
Written by Susan Coyne

Alias Grace “Part 5”
Written by Sarah Polley

Anne of Green Gables: Fire and Dew
Written by Susan Coyne

Bruno & Boots: This Can’t Be Happening at Macdonald Hall!
Written by Adam Barken & Mike McPhaden

Bruno & Boots: The Wizzle War
Written by Mike McPhaden

Anne, Season 1 “I Am No Bird, and No Net Ensnares Me”
Written by Moira Walley-Beckett

Bellevue, Season 1 “You Don’t Understand Me At All”
Written by Jane Maggs

Ghost Wars, Season 1 “Whatever Happened to Maggie Rennie”
Written by Rachel Langer

The Drop In
Written by Naledi Jackson

Hotel Transylvania: “Who’s the Boss?”
Written by Mike D’Ascenzo

Spiral, Episode 101 “The Girl in the Dream”
Written by Karen McClellan

Kim’s Convenience, Season 2 “Business Award”
Written by Matt Kippen

Kim’s Convenience, Season 2 “Resting Place”
Written by Anita Kapila

Letterkenny, Season 2 “Relationships”
Written by Jared Keeso & Jacob Tierney

Still Standing, Season 3 “Fort McMurray”
Written by Jonny Harris, Fraser Young, Graham Chittenden and Steve Dylan

Cardinal, Season 1 “John Cardinal”
Written by Aubrey Nealon

Mary Kills People, Season 1 “Bloody Mary”
Written by Tara Armstrong

Pure, Season 1 “Ordination”
Written by Michael Amo

X Company, Season 3 “Promises”
Written by Nicolas Billon

Degrassi: Next Class, Season 4 “#FactsOnly”
Written by Courtney Jane Walker

Degrassi: Next Class, Season 4 “#RollUpToTheClubLike”
Written by Matt Huether

Raising Expectations, Season 1 “Food Fight at the Algonquin”
Written by Barbara Haynes

The Stanley Dynamic, Season 2 “The Stanley Cheer”
Written by Matt Kippen