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Tonight: Package Deal, Lost Girl

Package Deal, City – “Breakup” two-part season finale
Part One – When Sheldon (Harland Williams) and Ryan (Jay Malone) learn of Danny’s (Randal Edwards) intentions to propose, they hijack a bachelor party to fulfill their own agenda to change his mind. Meanwhile, Kim (Julia Voth) accidentally learns of the forthcoming proposal, but – unsure of her feelings – tries to avoid it at all costs.
Part Two – When Danny (Randal Edwards) and Kim (Julia Voth) break up, Sheldon (Harland Williams) tries to get Danny to move on by picking up other girls. Meanwhile, Ryan (Jay Malone) accidentally sets Kim up with a new love interest, an eco-hippy who has everything in common with her. Later, a guilt-ridden Ryan, tries to undo what he has done.

Lost Girl, Showcase – “Big in Japan”
Bo and Tamsin protect a Japanese warrior with a hit on his head. Lauren deals with death threats of her own.

Results: Your favourite Canadian shows of 2014 were …

Well that was a nail-biter. In the last days of our poll for your top three Canadian shows of 2014, Lost Girl and Murdoch Mysteries took turns in the lead. Fans of several shows got in on the online action, with over 20,000 voters participating.

In the end, your top three shows of the year were:

  1. Lost Girl (41%, 8,279 Votes)
  2. Murdoch Mysteries (39%, 7,948 Votes)
  3. Orphan Black (18%, 3,654 Votes)

Thanks to everyone for voting and spreading the word about your favourite Canadian shows. See the full poll results (and comments on the poll for more thoughts and write-in votes):

What were your top 3 favourite Canadian shows of 2014?

  • Lost Girl (41%, 8,279 Votes)
  • Murdoch Mysteries (39%, 7,948 Votes)
  • Orphan Black (18%, 3,654 Votes)
  • Rookie Blue (15%, 2,993 Votes)
  • Bitten (9%, 1,926 Votes)
  • Rick Mercer Report (9%, 1,804 Votes)
  • Republic of Doyle (8%, 1,728 Votes)
  • Vikings (8%, 1,614 Votes)
  • Haven (8%, 1,571 Votes)
  • Continuum (6%, 1,287 Votes)
  • Heartland (6%, 1,233 Votes)
  • Saving Hope (5%, 1,002 Votes)
  • Amazing Race Canada (5%, 937 Votes)
  • Dragons' Den (4%, 855 Votes)
  • The Listener (4%, 836 Votes)
  • 22 Minutes (4%, 781 Votes)
  • Masterchef Canada (2%, 503 Votes)
  • Motive (2%, 488 Votes)
  • Top Chef Canada (2%, 465 Votes)
  • Degrassi (2%, 382 Votes)
  • Big Brother Canada (2%, 362 Votes)
  • Mr. D (2%, 341 Votes)
  • Remedy (1%, 287 Votes)
  • Strange Empire (1%, 274 Votes)
  • Mohawk Girls (1%, 257 Votes)
  • Some Assembly Required (1%, 197 Votes)
  • 19-2 (1%, 180 Votes)
  • Blackstone (1%, 173 Votes)
  • Bachelor Canada (1%, 159 Votes)
  • Spun Out (1%, 135 Votes)
  • Seed (1%, 123 Votes)
  • Canada's Smartest Person (0%, 91 Votes)
  • Package Deal (0%, 66 Votes)
  • Working the Engels (0%, 63 Votes)
  • Sensitive Skin (0%, 61 Votes)

Total Voters: 20,394

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Link: Kevin McGarry stars in Open Heart

From Troy Patterson of Kincardine News:

Kincardine’s Kevin McGarry stars as Dr. Timothy “Hud” Hudson in YTV series, “Open Heart”
The new show is shot by Degrassi producer Epitome Pictures in Toronto, where he now calls home. McGarry said the series is targeted at an older teen audience, but differs from others shows in both its mystery and hospital setting. “It gets pretty heavy,” he said. “They built a hospital hub, operating room, everyone’s wearing gowns, there’s a lot of ‘eye-acting’. It was really cool to go to work every day.” Continue reading.

Link: Edmonton SCTV statues closer to becoming a reality

From Stephanie Dubois:

SCTV statues mounted in Edmonton are getting closer to become a reality as volunteers spearheading the public art project are just waiting for charitable status.

While the community members are remaining tight-lipped on the design and precise location of the statues, the project is currently waiting on approval from Revenue Canada to become a society before it can build the statues of the popular sketch comedy television show that was filmed in Edmonton from 1980-1982. Continue reading.