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Poll: What are your favourite Canadian TV shows of 2015?

As the year winds down, it’s time to reflect back on 2015. What a year it was for Canadian TV. Yes, there was some sad news—the cancellation of Strange Empire, Remedy and Rookie Blue come immediately to mind—but there was plenty to celebrate as well.

Sci-fi in Canada is stronger than ever thanks to Orphan Black and newbies Killjoys and Dark Matter, we’re getting laughs from series like Still Standing, Sunnyside and Young Drunk Punk and dramas like This Life, The Romeo Section and Motive continue to entertain.

As we get ready to say hello to 2016, help us celebrate 2015 by voting for your favourite five (5) Canadian television shows of the year. (Vote by clicking the boxes to the left of your favourite shows, then click the shaded “Vote” button located just below and right of Young Drunk Punk.)

What are your five favourite Canadian TV shows of 2015?

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Rookie Blue’s Peter Mooney joins Saving Hope

Hope Zion has quickly become Rookie Blue reunion central. The past few weeks have seen Travis Milne and Charlotte Sullivan walk through the doors, and now it’s Peter Mooney’s turn. The former Nick Collins drops by Saving Hope for a recurring role as Jeremy Bishop, general surgeon and Charlie’s good friend.

His journey begins this week with “Waiting on a Friend” as Jeremy is plunged into the middle of a complicated surgical procedure that effects much of the team and we learn a bit about his backstory to boot. We spoke to Mooney on the phone as he walked home after having breakfast at Lady Marmalade.

Before we talk about Saving Hope, I have to ask you about Rookie Blue. I was sorry to see it get cancelled, but at least we got closure.
I think the way Tassie Cameron wrapped it all up was kind of perfect. As much as you hate to see something come to an end, I’m really happy with where it left off. There are no nagging, lingering feelings about anything.

That said, I would not be opposed to a spinoff web series following Nick and Juliet fighting crime in Vancouver.
Yeah, I wonder what they’re getting up to in Vancouver? I think that would be awesome. [Erin Karpluk] and I will do our own spinoff.

What do you take away from that set?
It was just such a good vibe on set. I know it sounds cheesy but it’s pretty rare to have that level of ease and comfort and familiarity with everyone. We’ve become really close friends throughout the process. It was a great period of life, like you might look back on high school. This little, self-contained time period that was so nice. It’s also something to bring onto future jobs; that attitude and how much fun work can be.

He’s there to complicate things that are going well for other people. High-stakes situations like this cause you to look at your co-workers a little differently and things can blossom.

If Rookie Blue was high school, is Saving Hope college?
It’s pre-med. [Laughs.] I think of it as pre-med because I’m sort of learning. We have amazing medical advisors on the show and yesterday I was learning how to do a one-handed, left-handed suture on a patient’s spleen. Now, the patient is just a dummy and I think I would have killed him if he had been real. We don’t have anywhere near the wealth of knowledge that actual doctors and surgeons have, but getting a taste of that has been really, really exciting.

You’re the perfect guy to have in an emergency. You know how to take someone down and to sew someone up.
Yeah, I’m the perfect person to have during a calamity on a plane.

Jeremy shows up in Thursday’s episode and makes an immediate impression with his three-day stubble and buttoned-down shirt. How did you get the gig? Did you audition or did they seek you out?
This one was kind of special and rare. Rookie Blue and Saving Hope share producers, so they were already familiar with me because we share a lot of the same directors. I’d known the cast because we’ve been in side-by-side studios and some of the cast are very good friends of mine. So when it looked like Rookie Blue was wrapping up, there was a perfect opening on Saving Hope so I jumped on over. It was a speedy transition and not a lot of time to learn all of the medical base I would have liked to.

Tell me a bit about Jeremy’s back story. We learn on Thursday that he’s a friend of Charlie’s and that he had some trouble in L.A.
He and Charlie go way back, and that’s rolled out during the season. He’s from Toronto but spent years in L.A. doing his residency. He had a house there and was really settled down. His return to Toronto is an abrupt, surprising shift for him and his head is still spinning when he arrives.

Jeremy seems to have a good bedside manner.
Yeah, he’s very off the cuff. He’s running on impulse and not very calculating and that comes in handy with his bedside manner because he’s able to read the situation and their need and he’s able to respond to that. He’s not a clinical or removed doctor.

Talk about his journey this season. Any love on the horizon?
He’s there to complicate things that are going well for other people. High-stakes situations like this cause you to look at your co-workers a little differently and things can blossom.

You’re filming Saving Hope until the middle of December. What’s next in the new year? Are you writing and developing your own projects?
I am. I have several projects in the early stages in development that I’ll go back and focus on. But I’ll be back to auditioning too, which is kind of exciting. It’s been such a long time since I’ve done that … I’m kind of excited to get back to it.

Saving Hope airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on CTV.

Jason Priestley injured on set of Global’s The Code

We’re sending out well wishes to Jason Priestley, who suffered an injury while filming Global’s new 2016 drama The Code. The drama project has been shut down for at least three days after Priestley was bucked off a horse while filming in Toronto; he won’t return until given a clean bill of health from a neurologist.

We understand the precaution. Priestley suffered a serious head injury, fractured spine, broken nose and fractured feet in a 2002 car crash during the Indy Racing Infiniti Pro Series at Kentucky Speedway.

As previously announced, The Code stars Priestley as Matt “Shadow” Shade, an ex pro hockey player who uses his ability to read people and anticipate their next move to success as a crime-solving private investigator. The 10-part one-hour project also stars Cindy Sampson (Rookie Blue) as Angie Everett; Barry Flatman (Defiance) as Matt’s father, Don; and Jordyn Negri (Warehouse 13) as Matt’s daughter, Jules.

Based on the book of the same name by G.B. Joyce, The Code is executive-produced by John Morayniss and Rachel Fulford for eOne along with Shawn Piller, Lloyd Segan, Shelley Eriksen, Alan McCullough, Tassie Cameron, Kelly Makin and Priestley.

Priestley has become a staple of Canadian TV both in front of and behind the camera in the last couple of years, appearing on Haven, Package Deal and Spun Out, and directing episodes of Saving Hope, Rookie Blue and Working the Engels. He’s also set to star alongside Molly Ringwald in Family Channel’s original series The Wonderful Wayneys.

Comments and queries for the week of October 23

Is House of Bryan: The Last Straw for Bryan and Sarah Baeumler?

I need an address to mail Bryan Baeumler a letter (more of an impassioned plea) for his construction expertise. —Rebecca

Check out the contact information on Bryan’s website.

Rookie Blue cancelled by Global

I can’t believe they cancelled Rookie Blue, it was my favorite show. Why do all the good Canadian shows get cancelled, like Arctic Air and Flashpoint? Next you’re going to tell me Saving Hope, Remedy and Heartland are gone too. What is wrong with Canadian TV? —Donna

Unfortunately, Global pulled the plug on Remedy after two seasons.

Continuum‘s end … and new beginnings

I understand Kiera ‘s choice. Being a mom myself, I know for a fact that I would take the chance to return to my son. The sad part is that she was so focused on returning that she didn’t take into account that if changes that she helped Alec to make would also change her timeline. It was a bittersweet ending where she changed the future for the better but lost her son. I hope that she’s able to make life for herself or I’d like to think that Alec sends her back to 2015 where she can be amongst friends knowing her son is OK. —Fahima


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Rookie Blue cancelled by Global

From a media release:

Following an announcement made by the show’s producers today, Global says goodbye to the beloved series Rookie Blue after six incredible seasons that saw Canada’s favourite stars in blue grow from rocky rookies to fearless crime-fighters.

“The success of Rookie Blue is a testament not only to the extremely talented team of Ilana Frank, Tassie Cameron, David Wellington and studio Entertainment One (eOne), but the electrifying cast that has resonated with legions of fans that have followed the show since Season One,” said Christine Shipton, Senior Vice President and Chief Creative Officer, Shaw Media. “After six seasons the series reached a natural conclusion and this season’s finale was the perfect wrap up for both our rookies and for fans, especially with the marriage of our favourite couple, Sam and Andy.”

While Rookie Blue has come to a close, Shaw Media is embarking on a new venture with the team behind Rookie Blue, partnering with Ilana Frank’s ICF Films and eOne on a new project. More details on that venture to be announced at a later date.

The sixth season of Rookie Blue delivered emotional twists and turns, from the bombing that rocked 15 Division, to the pregnancy that rocked Sam and Andy, and the event that fans have been waiting for – the “McSwarek” wedding! There are so many Rookie Blue moments that live in the hearts and minds of everyone that the series touched, so Global looks back at the drama as it grew from the new kid on the block to the country’s #1 Canadian drama series of 2015* with its Top 10 Rookie Blue Moments.

Top 10 Rookie Blue Moments

  1. Finally! Sam and Andy “McSwarek” tie the knot!
  2. Handcuffed at the Penny…the Rookies try to get out of a sticky situation
  3. Gail and Holly’s budding romance
  4. The heartbreaking break-up of Chloe and Dov
  5. The love triangle that had fans choosing team Nick or team Sam
  6. Every sarcastic quip from Gail
  7. A blue time for 15 Division – the death of Detective Jerry Barber
  8. Oliver getting the white shirt…and trying to reject it (unsuccessfully!)
  9. Three’s company with Rookie roomies Chris, Dov and Gail
  10. Sam and Oliver’s epic bromance

Viewers can also catch up on the final season of Rookie Blue on GlobalTV.com and Global Go and Seasons 1 through 5 on shomi.

Rookie Blue’s award-winning executive producers include lana Frank, Tassie Cameron, Russ Cochrane, David Wellington and John Morayniss. Rookie Blue is a production of IFC Films and leading indie studio eOne, who also distributes the series internationally.